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by Joshua M. on 2015-12-06 15:06:40
"mine came with a scratch but WONDERFULL GUN
by Ethan M. on 2015-11-14 18:00:56
"I've had this gun for about 2 months before it broke down on me. It was a great gun for those 2 months, until one day in a game part of the hammer breaks off, I glued it back on then the next day when I was shooting in my yard the entire hammer breaks off! I was so mad! I tried to glue it back on again but it wouldn't, so I left it. That was the only pistol I had at the time so I kept on using it. The next game I played the entire gun kept failing, my Co2 cartridge was full, my team mate has the same gun and the mag worked perfectly in his gun! I ended up selling it.
by James P. on 2015-11-14 06:52:12
Looks amazing
Threaded barrel
Full metal
Accurate for a pistol
Hard kick

Paint chips of easily
Mags are expensive

I would recommend this gun to anyone who is looking for a good reliable pistol
by Ernie G. on 2015-11-13 18:02:20
"This gun is amazing! if you want this gun its perfect for you. the fps is perfect and today it was 35 degrees outside and it still kept a perfect fps.

Pros: full metal, threaded barrel, nice blowback, good fps, co2 powered.

cons: loose barrel, bb's curve up after the first mag,
and thats all.
by Logan Q. on 2015-10-14 15:30:16
"to anyone who wants to have the best airsoft pistol experience on the field,
BUY THIS GUN!!!! Ive had it for a month and its a showstopper! not only does it have incredibly fast slide kick, but if you have a fast trigger finger this can shoot at speeds of an AEG (my tests prove its true)
i completely recommend this gun to ANYONE
by Jeff M. on 2015-10-07 22:19:44
"When i picked this up it reminded me of the first gun i shot 1911 springfield TTT (credit to the manufacturing) the slide relase is not what id call smooth but its not sticky, its solid a hard lock that requires a solid push if your a right handed shooter the mag release an slide catch may be hard to reach if you have medium sized hands but im a lefty and believe me when i say it works better for southpaws. The barrel has the slightest wobble to it but shoots beautifully accurate even with hip fire. Now the magazine...if there ever was a harder mag to load ive never seen it not its not impossible and if you dont bite your nails you should be fine if not prepare for intense nail pain if you dont use a tool of some sort (i.e screwdriver mind rhe paint and metal dont gouge it) but she feeds flawless.

Full metal
Threaded barrel
Tac rail
Easy take down
Kicks like a mule
Loud slide relase (beautiful racking sound)SHLICK

Plastic air nozzel
Mag loading difficulty
Slight barrel wobble

All in all of 10 i give it 8-9.5 for the price you really cant get a better pistol
Excellent for beginners and pros alike
by Christian C. on 2015-10-04 17:09:28
"I had this gun over a year before deciding to sell it. Works okay but not very accurate. co2 consumption is good however could be better. I love elite force but this product is not there best design.

looks cool

by Mikey D. on 2015-08-10 23:35:30
"Very good gun recommend for airsoft starter players who want to get a pistol. I only had 3 problems. One what the paint job was getting ugly (Due to me using it many times). 2 BBs got jammed 2 or 3 times. 3 Its to awesome for me.
by ANTHONY R. on 2015-07-17 14:24:07
"THIS GUN IS Awesome! It's an awesome gbb pistol and i would recommend this pistol to everyone. If your looking for a pistol look no further then the Elite Force 1911 Tac.
Metal construction
Hard kick
Feels very balanced in your hands
Looks Great! The black and tan look sick together.
Takes Co2 and is under or around 350 fps
None that i can think of
by Edgar M. on 2015-07-16 21:10:36
"Amazing pistol. Highly recommended. only con is loading the mags. Its a pain in the butt. The small plastic piece to lower the spring guide is very thin aka it doesn't stick out much. when you do get to pull it down and lock it to load the bbs be careful not to go over the 14 max rounds or you can potentially get a bb stuck under the spring guide. Have fun and be safe with your awesome purchase.
by DJ S. on 2015-07-13 20:00:37
"I recomend this gun to anybody. I only got 1 jam. And I have had it for a couple mounths. It is worth $120. I can tell you that.
by Xing H. on 2015-07-04 00:46:55
"Don't get me wrong. This gun is awesome. Great feel, great kick, exceptional accuracy. I loved it! I bought 4 extra magazines for it. Cleaned it and oiled it after every match.

But everything vanishes once it breaks. Because you simply can not find any replacement part at any where, even on Umarex website. Furthermore, it does not fit any TM compatible part. In short, there's nothing you can do with it.

And to those who claim if you treat this gun properly it won't break. It's not true. It will break, and will break soon. Let me tell you the reason: the air nozzle stop is not strong enough to handle CO2. If you take apart the internals, you will find that the air nozzle is stopped by a small hump on the slide. The hump on the slide is metal, but the nozzle is plastic. It wears quickly. Once it wears completely, one single shot will push the air nozzle out of the blowback housing and then, jam. You can push it back manually, and fire another shot, jam again.

TL;DR: It is a great pistol. I wish I could give 5 stars to it but it broke, forever. It values 0 to me now.

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