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Model: GP-UREX-2279068
Location: U13-127 WO8-19

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by Charlie B. on 2014-05-22 19:14:51
"This is a great gun for anyone looking for an airsoft pistol.

Looks good
Good kick
Great gas efficiency (I get 4 and 1/2 magazines almost all of the time)
Threaded barrel
Good weight

Not too accurate
I got 2 extra magazines and one of them doesn't feed at all, and on the other one uses all the co2 once you put it in the magazine
by Ryan M. on 2014-05-22 04:19:11
"Just an update on my gun, in my previous review i said some things that were not true
The spring guide is metal not plastic
The hopup screws can be tightened so that it is so right it is hard to adjust (good thing)
by Ryan M. on 2014-04-14 09:28:24
"GREAT GUN!!! I like almost everything about it, there are some cons but not very many. This is better than the WE hi capa that I have by a lot. This is way more accurate,efficient, and lighter. (The hi capa weighed about 3.5 pounds and this is only 2)here are my pros and cons
Metal everywhere except for grips and a few unimportant internals like the spring guide
Looks cool
Threaded barrel
Good weight
Great efficiency (4-5 mags in 60)
Good mag size(says it can hold 14 but can hold 19, 1 in the chamber and if you put the lock on the mag down far enough it can hold 4 more, 14+4+1)
Good kick
Great sights, rail and trigger/hammer
Co2 works in cold weather
Co2 is cheap
Paint wears off a little fast
Can not add a longer barrel without modifying the hopup
Has an issue with the hammer where the blowback only goes halfway and the slide gets stuck but can be quickly fixed by pulling back the slide
Hopup moves a little when shooting
I have 3 mags and all of them leak a little with a new Co2 cartridge

Overall I think this is the best pistol you will ever find
by michael r. on 2014-03-31 13:43:56
"This is a great gun for anyone looking for a good pistol. Also if you are from colder places in the US this will help. This gun does have a small mag but then again all 1911s do (except the KWAs) but one Co2 capsule will last 2-4 mags depending on the weather. For me I go to school in AZ so I was able to get about 3.5 mags out of it in 80 degree weather and my hometown is in IL so I was able to get about 2 in 35-40 degree weather. Overall this is a great pistol and is one of the best I have ever owned.

Great kick
very gas efficient
good weight
good externals

no aftermarket parts
small mag
by Andrew B. on 2014-03-15 22:45:56
"I have had this pistol for a while and have used it on the field several times, I am insanely impressed by its performance and overall toughness. My first time I used this pistol on a field, I didn't have a very good holster. while I was sprinting it fell out and landed on packed dirt when I picked it up it was smothered in dirt, so I tried to fire a round, AND IT FIRED! it shot through the whole clip! and when I opened it up to clean it later, it had so much dirt inside it wasn't even funny. but it still worked fine aside from some scratches. And that's why I love this gun!

really nice kick.
two tone is awesome.
mags are awesome.
nice feel to it.
very durable.
14rnd mags, nice for milsim

not sure if its just mine, but it doesn't work with .25bbs. they shoot way up, but .20bbs work fine..... its weird.
cant figure out how to remove the inner barrel, maybe its just me, but I can figure it out.

Overall the best pistol I have ever spent my money on! BUY IT NOW!!!!!
by Andy G. on 2014-03-02 09:36:50
"I have two of these pistols. one for each hand. its so I can cover more than one door at a time in a building, plus its really fun to go that route. I absolutely love this pistol. its accurate, hard hitting, the range is amazing for a pistol.
I've taken dissent care of mine. I strip it down n clean everywhere I can reach, co2 is a horribly dirty gas. to these day it is still very reliable. I only had one problem with.
when I bought it, the spring back beside the gas nozzle. the stop for it broke. easy fix though, new gas nozzle...if your good, use JB wield and mold a piece.

full metal
hard hitting
the sound it makes when you rack a round, makes everyone say " oh crap"

NO aftermarket parts, you have to send in the gun and they send you a new one.

I know, your thinking whats wrong with that. shipping n handling charges, the wait for a new the new one to get there and you have to wear it back in to your hand. i'm very attached to mine and the aint getting my gun....
Over all I highly recommend this gun, for beginners and experts alike.
by mark a. on 2014-02-13 18:09:00
"This gun is great! let me just list out some of the details

Nice weight (can be pro or con)
nice kick
all metal but the handgrip
c02 mags are awesome
threaded barrel
that signature 1911 safety!!

Not a huge fan of the giant orange tip but eh

overall a great gun
by Thomas R. on 2014-01-30 16:00:18
"Reliable. I've had it about a year now and to be honest I think I lubed it once, maybe. Every time I put the mag in and rack the slide, it fires, every time. I don't take care of this gun at all, I've used it numerous time indoors a few outside, and do nothing but load the magazines and have fun. Obviously there is now signs of wear, mostly the hammer, though the nozzle and mag lip still look new and the slide/frame has minimal wear considering. Take care of it and it will last forever. Accurate and consistent an amazing 1911 for the price.
by Garrett K. on 2014-01-01 18:48:06
"This 1911 is made from high quality aluminum alloy. There is absolutely NO wobble. One very bad con is that the mag are not cross compatible. This means that YOOU HAVE TOO buy the 30 dollar mags if you wan't more than one mag.

Lube your gun because this is not a green gas gun.

Do not use the C02 that Evike sells because they leak in the mags.

Only use high quality bb's like KWA perfect or Elite Fore bb's because the spring in the mag will break low quality bb's or bios.
by Jason D. on 2013-09-18 01:32:02
"I purchased my Elite Force 1911 Tac right at my local Airsoft field's Proshop. I absolutely love this gun. Normally I use SAW-type guns, but I run to every building I can get into and pull this baby out start clearing. The CO2 usage is very low, FPS is great, and maintenance on the gun is simple. (Especially if you're well acquainted with the real steel.) I would absolutely recommend this to anyone as their sidearm.

by Jake R. on 2013-07-06 17:39:07
"This gun is great for its price!

It is not a gas hog, as i can get 4 mags for one Co2. The gun is very reliable and has yet to have any problems for the few months i have owned it. For a Co2 pistol it has great kick and a high FPS. I would recommend you oil the parts often so that you don't get a lot of wear and tear though.

5/5 I suggest to everyone looking for a reliable sidearm in a game.
by Mark c. on 2013-03-02 09:01:57
"This gus is very nice. it has a very nice kick to it and it is not a gas hog.


very nice kick

Two tone

threaded tip

nice fps


you only get like one mag out of it in cold weather before the fps drops alot

i bought two extra mags and they both started to leak

lot of wear and tear.

Other wise this is a great gun and is very very good for the price overall 5/5

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