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Matrix VSR10 MB-11 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle by WELL (with Scope & Bipod)

1 Customer Review

by Antonio P. on 03/31/2016
"TL;DR - An amazing gun right out of the box. DO NOT pass this up as your first sniper rifle, one destined for upgrading, or just another one to add to the collection!

24 y/o, Male, 6'2" 230lbs. Ohio, USA.

Squad Combat Medic
Primary: AK 47 Kalashnikov w/red dot sight, adjustable foregrip, folding stock, a one-point sling, and 3 Hi-Cap, 500 rd magazines
Secondary: M3 Tri-shot stockless, pump action shotgun with 12, 30 rd shells
Tertiary: 2 - H&K USP .45 CO2 Non-blowback pistols w/4, 16 rd magazines

Gear: Evike ACU MOLLE Chest Rig w/ Belt, Back mounted NcSTAR ACU Shotgun Scabbard, Rothco ACU Goggles, Phantom MOLLE ACU Magazine Dump Pouch, Phantom Gear Weapons Catch, Bates knee pads and Boots, Extreme Rage fingerless gloves, Gadsden & Culpeper ACU Tactical Apparel and Patches

Bought the rifle in Summer 2015. It's still in working order with no depreciation in performance whatsoever. The rifle is stock with the exception of the scope (see below). Upgrades to the barrel and spring on the way soon.
I use Madbull 0.28g 6.00mm BBs. and sighted the rifle to 50 yds on center. I have used the rifle in all weather conditions (rain, snow, high winds, etc.) and at varying distances to target. Longest hit from the rifle currently is at approx. 77 yds (stepped it off afterward haha) with most hits around the 45-50 yds mark and inside AEG range.

So, to begin,

1. As a stock gun, high FPS allows for ranges equal to or greater than most AEGs (I have confidence in the FPS estimates for 0.20g BBs)
2. Very durable. As a stock gun, with stock internals, I have used mine in over 20+ hrs of gameplay,firing upwards of 1000 total rds. through the gun and there has been almost no issues*** externally and absolutely NO misfires or mechanical failures
3. Consistent grouping. As a stock gun, routinely groups a 3 in. dia spread at approximately 50 yds
4. Hop-up works surprising well and as intended
5. Bolt has a smooth and quick draw
6. Ergonomics are spot on. Wouldn't change a thing with the stock or the cheek riser. The pistol grip is also perfect, allowing for better support of the rifle and ultimately more accurate shots
7. Great magazine size that consistently holds 30 rds. when full. As long as you count, you will never be a round short
8. Magazines easily and smoothly eject and load - even with gloves
9. Quiet in both firing and bolt function
10. Trigger draw is a few mm at best with very little resistance. A light touch is all you need
11. Trigger safety is sturdy. When the safety is on, it's on. There is no inbetween; it doesn't fail to engage or off of safety. Also the bolt won't pull back with the safety engaged. (I believe it should go without saying but a friendly reminder from someone wishing to keep their and others eyesight intact. TREAT EVERY GUN AS IF IT WERE LOADED, NEVER RELY ON A SAFETY, AND ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION WHEN USING THE RIFLE)

CONs (as all rifles have them)
1. ***Scope is definitely subpar. The stock scope leaves a lot to be desired in durability and function. It developed a haze and fogged easily from my breathing in the summer (_80F) and glossed over in a few late fall/early winter events (