Reviews: FN Herstal Licensed SCAR Airsoft AEG Rifle by Dboy - Black


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Model: AEG-SA-200912

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by Caleb C. on 2014-01-08 16:50:25
"I'm surprised with Dboys from this gun the gun has realistic weight and is dead on accurate from a great distance and I had no problem hitting my target in the head from over a 100 ft not even joking. When I first fired this thing I was like mother of god!(I said something else). This thing was shattering my bbs on impact this gun is powerful really! Overall great gun! It's to bad that they are discontinued but they are having a deal right now to buy a tan one and it comes with a holo sight all for $180 great for beginners and intermediate players.

Realistic weight
Super accurate
Good rate of fire
Hits hard
Has a Socom look

So so internals(Motor)

NeutralHeavy weight (for small kids)
by Pat P. on 2013-09-22 05:19:28
"When I first I got this gun I thought wow this is amazing! It broke about 6 times on me I had to buy a Matrix Turbo Motor and a typebore barrel. I upgraded the gun exterenaly by adding an EGLM Grenade Launcher. Black Dimand Rail Covers. Extra Magpul EMags. a QD Mock Suppressor (Im Probably Changing It To A Long Barrel). And a Red Dot Scope.

Pros: Shoots Amazingingly Accuritely
Very Light (At First)

Cons: When buying the gun be prepared to get new internalls just a warning that happend to me.
To put a 9.6 battery you needa dremel the back peice off for room
Gets very heavy externally for me 35 pounds.
by Jarrett B. on 2013-02-14 13:06:36
"This is a great gun I just got it in the mail today. If you get a battery for this DON'T get a 1600 milla amp battery if you do it will not fit.

-comes with vertical grip
-Adjustable stock

-wobbly mag (not to bad though)
-rather small battery compartment

-Hits hard
by Derek L. on 2013-01-20 20:16:41
"The gun is well worth the $210. It nearly full metal and is fun to use. This gun is one of the most accurate I have shot and has solid fps.

come with fore grip
solid fps
full metal
looks/feels great
fold-able stock
battery easy to insert

wobbly mag (common with most g&g compatible mags)
weight (for younger kids)

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)