Reviews: Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M16 SPR Navy Airsoft AEG (400~460 FPS)

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Model: AEG-MTX-EG408

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by Samuel M. on 2015-11-05 06:01:49
"This is a amazing gun I used this gun for over a year and never it let me down this gun kept its fps the whole time I used it the 9.6 was great but I had a 11.1 Firefox Lipo on it and a mosfit bc the gun was a bit slow from just torque the Lipo picked it up a lot more and it was all stock I would always recommend this gun
by Tahj C. on 2014-11-15 16:20:49
"This was my 3rd airsoft gun i've purchased, first from Evike. And i'm certain to say this is the worst gun i've bought.

Selector switch clicks whenever its on a fire mode

Terrible feeding
Fps is bogus. Out of the box it shot less than 200 fps. Less than
half the "actual" fps. I even used a 9.6v battery.
Selector switch can slide off the slightest and the trigger will be locked until i mive in back in place.

Alot of cons, just not expectable at all. I'll probably end up buying another from someplace else that is HAND-TESTED before shipped out.
by Chris R. on 2014-09-09 10:08:01
"A great setup for a player beginning to get into the role of dmr or even support.
Good fps right out of the box
Quality externals
Great gearbox and motor
Cool looking
Lipo ready
Rail system not free float(doesn't really matter)
Hop up is useless causing misfeeds
Front heavy
Mine can't shoot semi auto, I put it into the semi setting but it still shoots full
by Ew F. on 2014-06-22 15:33:56
"Great Gun for Starter and Intermediate Air Soft Players!

I've had this gun for about a year and its still running like new.
Like I said this is more of a starter gun because of the fact that it will need a lot of upgrades to different things if for example you just want to upgrade the fps with a new spring.

If your looking for a first gun get this one. I recommend a VFC if you want to jump into the top guns and be able to easily upgrade.
Fps is good out of the box for outside skirmishes
Selector switch is sold and not wobbly
Rof is good

Might be heavy for a smaller player(not really a con)
Hop-up is not the best.(recommend making that your first upgrade!)Not really a con.

Hard to think of things to say because its a very well preforming gun.

Overall its a solid gun and I would recommend it to any starter or intermediate player!
by raul a. on 2014-04-24 19:11:46
"Too good to be true Best out there. The barrel length is amazing. Say No More. lol
by sage m. on 2014-02-08 09:45:27
"this gun is long and i can make sniper shots with this gun 175 feet no problem
this gun has nice weight
plastic hop up i don't know y

this gun shoots very good
and will sometime scare people. i put a mosfet and lipo on mine
9.6 doesn't do the job it drains the battery quicker

pros: nice weight

long rial space

shoots hard

long range obviously

price for gun is about right

hard metal

very good internals as well as externals

cons: weight for some

buffer tube comes loose
not that often tho

the wiring in crane stock a little to short

be easy on it

brake in new spring

over all no trouble with it yet

i recommend this gun!!! for anyone who wants a nice longer than a m4
by taylor p. on 2014-01-10 01:26:29
great internals
full metal
with the right suppressor u can have the longest AEG barrel making for the best shots


very bad externals

stock can not fit my magpul stock

RIS has trouble fitting items that slide on like my MBUIS or my handguards

stock is not very flexible with other items like i cant fit a G&P stock on it

magwel is VERY big i understand wanted to be able to use all mags but little over done

id recommend if u want great internals. i plan on replacing all the externals due to quailty
by Ramiro C. on 2013-08-07 21:46:30
"Good gun the only problem I had was the crane stock wobbling but that's a easy fix. FPS is great real sturdy made of metal except the crane stock. Heres a note it dose not come with a battery I recommend a 11.1v BUT OVER ALL a good price for a great gun

Good FPS
Good price

Wobbly stock( easy fix)
No battery
by Ew F. on 2013-04-23 19:31:45
"Amazing Gun!!!! I received this gun and right out of the box i could tell it was a very heavy duty strong gun that would disappoint me when i first tried it and it didnt. I havent had a chance to crno it yet but i can tell when i shoot it has a lot of power and if upgraded to a m130 spring it would make the other team wish they went when they get shot buy it any ware in a 50ft+ range. To get to the point its a great mid to high lv gun with even greater potential if upgradeed.

FULL METAL(except for crain stock AND the caryhandle/removable sight is metal)
Full RIS
High FPS
Easy to upgrade
Good Price
Solid build

JG mags dont fit...they will just fall out(i guess its my fault for not buying a better brand mag)
Thats it for the cons so far...
by Jodi J. on 2013-04-10 11:51:52
Rate of fire

No close combat

( some m4/m16 mags dont work with it idk if its the mags or the gun)

Overall i highly reccomend this gun
by JAMES F. on 2013-01-23 19:32:41
"First off this gun is powerful, with the stock spring youl push 420 fps with .20 g bbs and the internals are very strong ive upgraded this gun with a M130 spring and a G&P Devil Jet M170 motor and a 11.1v lipo firing at over 20 RPS and the gears still look like new, ive also put over 15,000 rounds thru it. This is an amazing long range AEG, but if ur playing on a field with fps limits you might whant to break in the spring first.
by Ryan H. on 2013-01-17 17:40:13
"Hey guys! This gun will meet all of your expectations and then some! Worth every penny I put into it! This gun is truly a full metal gun! Almost every part with the exception of the crane stock and the pistol grip is made of metal!!! The other parts are made of high-quality high-impact polymer, and are very sturdy! It has a very high FPS rate in Semi-auto mode, and slightly drops when switched to full-auto. Itís rate of fire (ROF) is also very high in excess of 800 rounds per minute. It also has a very long range up to 200 feet! And these observations were made with a 9.6V 1600mAh Matrix battery. It is extremely responsive to the pull of the trigger in semi-auto mode and full auto modes alike, with a strong and full piston cycle each round. No stuck pistons with this beast! Itís a perfect all around field weapon with the capabilities of a sniper rifle and a SAW (Squad Assault Weapon). The only problems I had with this gun were that in order to use another optic, I had to install a riser rail above the iron sights because the front iron sight is not removable! And you obviously canít use this gun for CQB because the FPS is just too hot! This gun is truly built to last! Itís also truly LiPo battery ready, but the use of LiPo batteries is only recommended for expert players only because of the effects it can have on your gun.

So hereís the breakdown!
Excellent ROF
Excellent FPS
Excellent Range
Great versatility
Many accessories and add ons

Needs Riser rail for optics
Canít use for CQB

This gun is built rock solid and is a great value for those who want a great gun for a low price with pre upgraded internals. So jump in and get one while the deal is hot!!!!

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