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Model: SR-APM40B

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by Paul H. on 2015-01-30 18:04:35
"This a good gun. I found out that you can use vsr10 hop up bucking, barrel, spring, and piston guide. Everything else is proprietary to the gun. It does its job as a sniper rifle for an intermediate player. Good accuracy and fps. Bolt pullback is also very smooth.
by Bob L. on 2014-09-24 16:09:08
"I been waiting for a M40 replica and I was very excited to receive mine! The rifle is build very authentic and to scale to my M40A3, good weight, and finish.

I took it out to a few skirmishes, it is not your ordinal AEG run and gun gaming, but the rifle is powerful, accurate and has very good range.

All and all, it is a great replica of the M40 and fun to shoot! I love it!
by caleb n. on 2014-09-14 12:41:35
"I have to inform you that this gun is not in any shape or form a high performing gun. First thing first is that, as stated below, the loading mechanism for this gun is horrid and I have encountered jam after jam after jam. This gun is also internal proprietary meaning that the internal cannot be upgraded so you basically are screwed once the gun slam fires. I was really disappointed, having spent almost $200 on a toy that will never be used again. But, this gun can still be used if very, very careful with. Really it isn't skirmish ready because the only way to not get a jam is to point the barrel at the ground and cock the bolt back slowly. I learned my lesson the hard way, maybe it was karma for my previous behavior. Don't follow my footsteps and try a D.M.R. rifle or if you are dead set on getting a bolt action, get the Jg Bar 10.

Build quality
Metal Mag/
Mag Location
Loading mechanism/
Feeding Problems
Bolt handle is tiny
Plastic internal
by Anthony S. on 2014-04-21 21:51:28
"While the performance of this gun is no doubt excellent, the problems with this gun out weigh the positives. The Range is excellent, and the build of the externals is pretty good for a Chinese gun. Unfortunately the realism of the mag placement is exactly where you run into problems with this gun, the feeding ramp and the flange that pushes the BB along the ramp are made out of the worst plastic I've ever encountered in a gun. This wouldn't be that bad if there were metal replacement parts, or even just more of the same stock pieces, at the time of writing this review the replacement feeding ramp is out of stock, and a replacement flange is nowhere to be seen.

Do yourself a favor and buy a rifle that has VSR-10 parts, then you'll always be able to fix it.
by Jason S. on 2013-08-19 19:09:55
"Mine came in today and I absolutely loved it.

the nice sleek design
larger mag
nice and powerful
strait pull is good for when on the ground
excellent range

Orange flashhider
by Luke P. on 2013-08-19 19:07:00
"A very solid and nice rifle. I am waiting for the gas power conversion kit to release!
by Ryan L. on 2013-06-25 11:29:58
"I received this gun a a few days ago and upon unboxing it, the feed ramp was cracked but still appeared stable. Before changing anything on the gun I try to get a baseline. It was able to hit a 1' wide tree at 170', which isn't bad for stock. Because of the cracked feed ramp however, every three or four shots I had to drop the mag and unjam it because of feeding issues. I contacted APS about replacement parts, and if possible future upgrade parts. Lets just put it this way, they were less than helpful.

Realistic weight.
Decent for a stock gun of its price range.

Received broken.
Poor customer service from APS.
According to APS, the only thing upgradeable is the spring.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)