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Matrix Mosquito NRS2 "No Reset" CNC Aluminum 120rd 40mm Airsoft Gas Launcher Grenade - One

8 Customer Reviews

by David A. on 12/26/2017
"Sturdy grenades, I bought 2 of them. I will say the o ring that holds the bbs is very thin and will let a few of your bbs fall out. The no reset works 8/10 and if it doesnít reset I simply push the firing button down so it gets uncuaght. All in all I think itís a very nice no hassle grenade and definitely does the job.
by Dirty Y. on 11/02/2016
"I am a full time grenadier and i ran 12 of these at Phoenix Tactical in MI with very little issues. i was blasting kids away with these things. 120 BB's straight to the dome. A couple issues that i want to address that they dont tell you is that you do have to reset them once in awhile. they do not always reset automatically but this is dealt with by simply pressing in the bottom primer until it gets unstuck. The other issue i was having was that some of the shells would not hold the BB's inside the grenade without them spilling out or blowing out as soon as gas was hooked up to them for filling. this is due to the large O-ring that sits in the center of the shell being relocated once in awhile as an effect of such high pressure from the gas. These shells are very low maintenance and require very little attention other than a periodic systems check. always check the primer before loading with BB's and gas and always check the ball bearings and O-rings inside the shell to make sure things are in proper order. Doing this will save you a headache in the long run and keep you out on the field longer to give others headaches when you are giving 120 BB's worth of dome shots! Now get out there and have fun boys and girls!
by Cole M. on 08/02/2016
"this thing is amazing

the no reset is not true tho but it is not difficult to reset
by shadi b. on 11/27/2013
"these grenades are amazing they have great range and power and are very high quality and the price is great you will not be disappointed
by austin s. on 07/30/2013
"these are amazing!!!!buy them you wont rerget it at all!!
by Kasey C. on 06/24/2013
"These grenades are fantastic. I was a little skeptical about the quality because of the price but I can now strongly say that these are very durable grenades. Ive had them for about 5 months still not a single issue. Ive even happen to drop one of them about 3 times now and still not a single leak. Now this grenade sometimes requires a reset but you barely need to touch the reset button; a simple tap on the reset button and your ready go as compared to the mad bull ones (which are very annoying and sometimes requires you to take apart the madbull shell). The only con I found was that the O-rings on the top of the grenade are barely in the valve of the grenade and will probably shot out on the first fill. They all poped out on me but I can still get full fills BUT I just have to use a good can of gas and not one that is a quarter filled.

- Durability, will last you awhile
- SIMPLE reset
- Quality, CNC looks pretty damn good!

- Just the O-rings coming out after filling but just use newer cans to fill them and problem solved!
by andrew w. on 04/07/2013
"These are the first grenades Ive used and I have to say they are exactly what you want. I have shot each grenade about 10 times and I havnt had to reset them yet. They hold 120 so very hicapacity.

pros: no reset
holds 120
very reliable
by Daniel P. on 03/17/2013
"To start, these are buy no means "No reset" grenades. They do have to be reset, like any other airsoft grenade. However, they are MUCH easier to reset than say, a madbull grenade, which are junk in my opinion, having owned 5 of them, I can say that with relative ease. These can be reset, no problem with your pinky or just by smacking the bottom. for those wondering, the OEM of these are SHS/ PPS and they are fantastic grenades.

Solid construction
Holds a fair amount of gas for launching rockets or balls, what have you
holds gas well, no leaks or anything
easy reset
low price point

Not a "no reset" as advertised.