Reviews: Airsoft Innovations "Tornado" Airsoft Gas Powered BB Grenade - Impact / Orange

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Model: GNDE-Impact-OR

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by JOSEPH M. on 2015-06-07 18:38:02
"I am very satisfied with my purchase of this impact grenade. It's so much fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who is addicted to Airsoft, like myself. The quality control is quite good but not the best, although it is very durable. As long as you screw all the parts correctly, you shouldn't experience what the guy below me has experienced.
Pros: fun, easy to assemble, lightweight and compact, no parts to lose after throwing (assuming you put the pin in a safe place), orange color is very easy to find in the dark (especially with a flashlight), easy to access the internals in case the o-rings get twisted (it will happen! Don't freak out, your grenade isn't broken!) NOT MADE IN CHINA
Con's: you don't have it, the o-rings will get twisted every few throws (very easy fix)

Overall I could not be more satisfied with my purchase, $75 seems a little pricey but is definitely worth it!
by Jacob G. on 2014-12-27 18:15:32
"Bought this as a reusable option for the CQB games I play. Threw it once and it broke. The grenade hit the ground and the bottom cap blew off and took the thread lip off with it. Don't believe the line "Tough design survives gazillions of throws! We don't know how many blasts to failure, but we'll keep counting". Really upset that I now need to spend MORE MONEY on replacement parts.
by michael c. on 2013-12-09 14:17:21
"Yes, I know why buy an almost 100 dollar grenade just to through it and take the change of losing it or having it stolen by another player, because clearing a room without exposing yourself from the opposition is so sweet. I have two of this bad boyz and I /team enjoy the hell out of them when used. So yeah the negative; very expansive and chance of lose or theft. Positive; good tool in clearing rooms and lots of fun.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)