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Angel Custom SR-47 Type 170rd Mid-Cap Magazine for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG (Package: Single Magazine)

10 Customer Reviews

by Sam S. on 08/17/2015
"I bought a few of these mags awhile back and they fit in my Echo1 Genesis perfectly. it took me a little while to understand how to fit them in at first but after i figured it out they fit nice and snug without any wobble at all. Plus they looks pretty cool!
by William C. on 04/16/2013
"I bought 20 of these mags and they fit and feed well, ive used them on my Dboys Scar-L, kwa RIS m4, classic army m4, and my echo1 troy m4. I love the way these mags are made, very durable and still light
by Alex B. on 04/10/2013
"HA HA!! These mags are just AMAZING!!! I just got two of these mags about an hour ago, and they work PERFECTLY with my Echo1 XCR-L!! If you use an ICS G33 (or other G36 with M4 magwell), L85, F2000, or other NON-AR-15 weapon, don't expect these to work.

Just to add: These mags are VERY snug in the magwell, almost too snug (I have to slam them into the magwell). They also do not wobble.

Overall, if you have an M4/M16, XCR-C/XCR-L, or other gun with an AR-15 type magwell, BUY THESE MAGS!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!
by joshua s. on 02/01/2013
"Excellent and awesome looking. These mags are hard abs plastic don't be fooled these things are heavy duty. The hold 170 rds exactly, and no feeding problems. The one thing you have to look out for is that they are a little tight in the mag well so you might have to shave down the sides a bit. I plan on getting more!
by Britton P. on 11/17/2012
"Got these thinking they would be just some ordinary was I wrong! They come with a spare magazine shell to accomodate 2 types of M4 magazine catches. The other one, I use for practicing speed reloading. Feeds REALLY well, could keep up with my 45 round per second M4 easily, fit nice and tight up against the hopup in my gun at least, although i had to superglue some casing parts so they wouldn't push apart when it was fully loaded. All in all, get these magazines! they look beast, hold 200 rounds and really perform well!
by Cole W. on 12/22/2016
"Warning: Massive Head Turner

The one I got works fine and looks cool and gets everyone's attention the second they see it. My only problem is that it's tricky to get in and might not work with some guns.


Looks sick
Works nice
170 rounds
Fits my E&C M16 nicely (personal)


Might be a little loose but it won't fall out
Tricky to get in until you get used to it
Might not work with certain AR platforms

All in all, it is very nice, especially if you want to turn heads.
by mark f. on 09/11/2013
"I bought these #1...Because they fit AR15, M4, AND...L85 & L86 Magwells...and Primarily # 2....They were cheap as heck (part of a Father's Day promo). First impressions...Extremely Light...( TOO LIGHT)...Basic body appears sturdy hop up unit....CHEAPLY MADE....Worth the money if ur on a budget...OHH.. By the way...These DO fit the ICS L85 and L86's. Bottom of mag is Ugly close to the pistol grip of a bullpup.... but they fit. Sticking to flashmags is a good idea...unless u have an extremely limited budget and LOVE the AK look. it.
by Austin L. on 07/07/2013
"I used to hate these because they didn't work in any of my guns, but I figured out that when modified, they'll work in the Magpul PDR, so I'm okay with them now.

Will work in Magpul PDR with modification (file off half of the rectangle behind where the BBs feed on the top)
Will work in my worthless SRC that I could care less about (basically got it for free from a friend)

Works half the time with my and my friend's G&P
Don't fit into my friend's Matrix
Don't fit into my friend's AGM
by Gina C. on 12/02/2016
"I ordered 3 of these for my G&G combat machine, and I was quite disappointed.
The package was open in the box when they were ordered, but I ignored that and tested to see if they still were as cool as I thought they were when I ordered them. They only fed half the time I shot.
by Sean R. on 09/22/2013
"I bought four of these because they look awesome. In this case looks are deceiving. Two of my four mags came broken. The spring that holds the bb's in the mag are to week and after im done loading them more then half the mags bb's shoot out. Very disappointing, After talking with my team we came to the conclusion of filling the mag to its limit and placing tape over the top so the bbs cant come out and then leaving it like that for a while to compress the spring so it will actually work. I have only herd bad things about Angel Custom and this experience just proves it. So two out of four of my mags were broken fresh out of the box but the two mags that did work did a good job and look really awesome. The material they are made of feels sturdy but cheep so don't abuse them.

Cool Look
Light weight
170 rounds

May come broken
Cheep material

This was my experience, that doesn't mean if you buy them they wont work it just means their is a possibility of that happening.

For the mags that work I give them a 4/5
For the mags that are broken a 1/5