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ProWin Hopup Chamber for G36 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles

7 Customer Reviews

by shengfu w. on 11/04/2015
"i use a H&K g36c W/ mosfet, and this fits. it was inconsistent after it was installed, but after a 400rd hicap, it seems to be broken in, and its performance has improved.
by Bjørn V. on 01/15/2014
"This chamber does NOT fit my ARES/Umarex G36CV. The "ring" for adjusting the hop-up simply will not fit onto this chamber. It goes on up to a certain point, but not far enough to actually cover the hop-up.
The chamber itself seems to be of excellent quality, so I give it a 5. Hopefully this will save someone from buying it and not having it fit like I did.
by Marek P. on 09/29/2013
"I have an Ares/Umarex G36CV and this is fully compatible. And ofcourse, its way much better then the plastic stock hopup chamber! For me, new barrel, new bucking, and new cnc hopup chamber are the first think to replace on a new gun. You will definately feel the difference.
by Frank B. on 04/19/2010
"This hop up is great. I didn’t really install it into my gun; because I found out that my SRC Gen. 3 Mk36 already comes with a metal hop-up. In any case, it’s one of the best, if not ‘the best’ G36 hop-ups on the market.


It’s metal

Comes with everything you need


Might need to modify it a bit for other type of Mk36, but nothing a little elbow grease shouldn’t fix.
by Dennis C. on 09/06/2008
"I also put this in an Echo 1. A fantastic unit, though I didn't like having to cut the magwell (cut it nearly flush to the top of the magwell).
by Elliot S. on 06/08/2008
"Good unit. Put this is my Echo1. I had to cut the feed tube on my magwell because this unit already has a tube.
by Brett T. on 08/14/2014
"Hey all. I've recently purchased this for my JG(Jing Gong) G36(plain) "Long-Barrel"; Not to be confused with a G36C, G36KV, or G36CV.

The Good:
1. This thing fits very well into the chamber, and secures tightly to the gearbox/airnozzle.
2. It's pretty and cut like a diamond! That is some serious quality.

The Bad:
1. Unfortunately, the space between where the feeding lip(where the bbs feed into the hopup chamber) and the tip of the air nozzle sits, is too small for the bbs to actually feed into place. I think literally by 1mm or less.
2. The gun dry fires, because there are no bbs sitting in front of the air nozzle(or for that matter, being pushed into the inner barrel by the air nozzle). The air compression feels to be 100% though, judging by the amount of air coming out.
3. The stock plastic hopup adjustment ring/dial, fits around the hopup unit but is too tight to allow it to turn without serious and potentially hazardous force involved. Thankfully, I had an extra Ring/Dial that was made out of some cheap metal that actually came from an R36 model hopup. That one surprisingly fit very well, but was a little loose when it came to adjusting.

The Ugly:
1. It won't work without other proper parts to go with it. I may have had my hopes too high. Make sure you get an Air Nozzle that's short enough, but not too short, and an adjustment ring/dial that fits snug around the hopup and can turn with ease.

I give this a 4 out of 5, taking off one star only because you need to purchase a shorter air nozzle and adjustment ring/dial with this in order for it to function properly. Without a doubt I am sure this pristine cut HopUp will work like a dream with the air nozzle and ring/dial.