Reviews: ProWin Hopup Chamber for AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles


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Model: HU-PW-AK

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by Louis A. on 2016-02-15 19:42:20
"NOTE: You are going to need your dremel (or a hack saw) and/or file to cut out a notch to clear the screw at the top front of your gearbox. It's actually much easier than explaining it.

Once done, I can't believe how much better my JG AK-74u performed. All the feeding problems were gone, and the trajectory seemed more consistent. Mind you, I coupled it with a 6.03 barrel and G&G green bucking.

Beautifully machines and finished, I totes recommend it.
by Anthony S. on 2014-10-21 14:23:32
"I am giving this a bad review because it does not fit on my cyma gearbox. There is a cut out on this hop up unit that goes around the top screw point of the V3 gear box and it doesnt. The cut out is not big enough. I wish i could post a picture to show what im talking about. I dont know how it performs so yeah... I dont know if it is just a problem with mine or not, buts its something to consider. Im really dissapointed by this.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)