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ICS G33 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

20 Customer Reviews

by Jack G. on 12/15/2016
"I own 2 primary rifles. A VFC mk18, and an ICS G33. I don't know why, but i like this gun waaaaay more than the mk18.

Accurate af (pre installed tightbore barrel)
Better than any rifle i have ever used by far
Very Reliable
Rails are literally everywhere

Small battery compartment, but you get used to it

Please get this gun, you'll be happy with your decision
by Stephan K. on 11/25/2016
"I just received my ICS G33 in the mail, and If I would of known that ICS was going to bring the price down, I would of waited for Black Friday. So overall, the rifle is very well built, and I especially like the new stock along with the fact that there is a lot of rail space. I also like the fact that it takes M4 magazines. I have King arms magazines and a couple of Echo1 magazines and they fit fine. I haven't had any issues with feeding. Overall, this AEG is definitely worth purchasing if your a fan of Heckler and Koch models like the G36C and G36K. It's very well belt and the FPS is insane right out of the box. Good job at ICS and Evike for the fantastic deals.
by Cam J. on 10/03/2016
"This gun is just flat out awesome. Out of the box it is one of the best guns I've ever shot, and for its small size compared to assault rifles, the range, accuracy, and rate of fire will match them. And the best part is the price. You're getting twice the amount of quality than what it's worth for half the cost. And if down the road if something were to break, evike sells all the parts necessary to fix it. Having an m4 magazine comparability is probably my favorite feature because I didn't have to buy any special mags when I got it, I could just throw in the m4 midcaps I already had and I'm ready to go. The worst feature although is the annoyance of putting a battery in. But once it's in its not going anywhere, very firm construction. Another lack luster feature is the charging handle, it's just not satisfying is all, doesn't have the metallic noise to it, which has nothing to do with the performance as much as personal preferences. And I've been using an 11.1v lipo out of the box and it's been shooting phenomenally, and the battery fits perfectly. The rate of fire is crazy and with .28s with the hop up adjusted for long range shooting, it was shooting 340 fps. This gun is a great buy, and the best gun I've bought to date.
by Alexander M. on 04/04/2016
"The Gun I Never Knew I Wanted

This is a phenomenal gun, straight out of the box. It has a slightly tighter barrel than normal, though people keep posting that they are replacing theirs with tighter ones. Mine chronoed 399, which is exactly what you want to be under the 400 fps limit! The collapsible stock is indispensable because it allows for great mobility when you want it or steady shooting for when you see some jerk in the window. I didn't know I wanted it because it came in a BOA. I couldn't find a listing for it, so I thought it wasn't worth anything, until I learned it was just released. Apparently, it is very easy to upgrade, but come on; I bought the BOA to avoid paying for expensive things. I wouldn't know. IDK what the adjustable cheek riser is good for, considering most of us wear masks or never go face-to-stock, but it is proprietary (the stock as a whole; it also extends) and could be useful for you. Rails are nice; I can fit a flashlight, grip, and dot sight with space to spare. I haven't had big problems with battery installation and use 9.6V butterflies. Long story short, you will be able to compete with much more expensive guns than the one in your hands if you get it.

Shoots hard
Highly mobile
Cool stock
Rails where you need them
High bang:buck ratio

You didn't buy it sooner
by Brian H. on 03/04/2016
"Let me start out by saying I've had this gun for about a year and a half and its been on an 11.1 lipo since day one. It runs right at 400 fps out of the box with .2's. I added a fake suppressor and longer tight bore barrel and it has become a real nail driver. Fps went up to 410 with .25's after tbb upgrade.

Good almost hot fps out of the box

I didn't buy 2....
by Dalton H. on 01/12/2016
"I just received the g33 today and i must say its an amazing gun. I've shot sr25s, bolt action snipers, m4s of all price ranges and this seriously outdoes them all.

Fps is defiantly here, floating around 400-414
Range is better than expected. Can easily hit a target 150ft 4/5 times with .25s (it was a windy day)
Rof is the best I've ever seen stock with an 11.1 lipo. It's crazy fast.
Externals are very well build and feel like they will last. Stock is extremely comfortable
Trigger response
Excellent high cap
Epic free bonus is wonderful (basically a free lipo and charger set)
Rail system isn't sharp

Mag wiggles slightly but this doesn't mess with the feeding. Could be fixed easily with black tape if it bothers you
Battery space is different. Have to fool with it to get a 3 cell lipo in there

The cons are just tedious things. There is nothing wrong with this gun. Amazing buy. Would highly recommend.
by michael c. on 09/21/2015
"Best air soft gun i have ever owned supper reliable and customization i made mine into a sniper with a burst also light weight
by Tien N. on 01/18/2015
"Love this gun, very customizable with G36 parts available here. If you order the ICS barrel base, ICS G33 hopup, JG G36 handguard kit of your choice, inner barrel and bucking for the FPS. You're going to be able to make this gun fit your needs with a quick change capability. Just be aware that this gun shoots on the hot side for most fields. Mine clocks in stock at just over 410fps with Matrix .20gr bb's.
by Dylan G. on 09/23/2014
"This is a great platform for those of you who like G36's, but want to use M4 magazines, or already have them! It is my first gun, so I perhaps don't know all the ins and outs yet, but it works great!

Took it out to the field a few times and this is what I noticed.


Lightweight: Considering this is polymer, I would expect this.

M4 Mag Compatibility: Most of the people at the field use M4 platforms, so we can easily share mags if need be. Really good deal!

Stock: Extremely comfortable.

Rail Space: Plenty of rail space for all your attachments.

Range: Great for any mid to close range combat, I can't really seem to get much more reach beyond that. Although, it isn't supposed to be a sniper in the first place.


Battery Compartment: This thing can be a bit of a pain at first, you can fit a 9.6v butterfly, but there isn't that much room left.

Starting Mag: Decent high cap overall, but there can be feeding issues, especially with full auto.

Overall Score: 10/10, A must buy!
by Chris F. on 06/28/2014
"This is the second gun I bought and it's been my primary for awhile! Out of the box this thing is amazing! First off, it fires very smoothly and is very accurate. It shoots around 400 FPS which is perfect because I play on a private field. They rate of fire is good but I do want to do some upgrades to pick it up a bit. I'm very glad I went with the tan because it looks awesome! I plane on painting a few parts black to give it more of a two tone. I was worried about it being polymer but wow it's got a very solid feel to it. You full metal lovers won' be disappointed by the feel and weight of it. The stock is a cool feature and unique for those players who like having a unique looking gun on the field, but I actually took the stock completely of and made this thing a little cqb monster! This gun could easily be worth $350 - $400 range and it's only $230! Battery compartment isn't that small. I fit a [Matrix 11.1v 2000mAh 20C Airsoft Li-Poly Battery $35 on Evike] in it perfectlly! Just bunch up the 3 cells down by the fuse, feed the connector through the barrel and keep it to the side then just slide the handguard back over it. Took a bit to figure it out but now i got it down.

Internally it's a beast as a stock gun
Great accuracy, FPS, and RPS
Fires smoothly and has a good feel to it
Very well built and has good weight for being polymer
Looks awesome, especially in the Tan
The special butt stock is very cool and useful
No wobble on the gun at all
I use the G&P Evike High RPS 360rd Hi-Caps and has no mag wobble
Very easy to open up and work on especially for techs in training like myself
Price! This gun could well be in the $300+ range
Great battery space depending on what you want to use
Hop up works well

Didn't come in a two tone so I have to paint it myself... lol
Really can't think of any other cons

5/5 This gun just reeks of awesomeness lol. I can't say enough good things about it. Don't hesitate to buy it. It's worth the price!
by Daniel C. on 06/01/2014
"Had this gun for about a month. So far I love it, it's my baby and I don't let anyone else touch it. It shoots pretty accurate with .25s in CQB conditions, haven't been able to test it in the field yet. It has a great ROF with a 9.6. The polymer construction is solid, nothing feels cheap and the finish is excellent. Also, using a JT Flex 8 mask I can actually use the sights without folding the stock. It's not all roses, though.

The first night I had it the positive disconnected from the tamiya, so I had to rewire to deans sooner than I anticipated. Using a 9.6 nunchuck in the handguard is a test of patience. It's a struggle to get it in without swearing. I often fail this struggle. It shoots way too hot for most CQB with .20s, mine chronoed 420, but had only a few mags through it by that point.

Good weight
Solid build
Nice stock
Rail space for days

FPS (hot)
May be heavy for some
Proprietary stock
Putting in the battery can be a nightmare
by Micah M. on 04/23/2014
"As of right now (more like 2 years ago) I have to say for this price it is the best gun on the market, This gun is a must have for a collection, to show off to your friends, or make other people jealous. Because of the folding stock and it being based on the G36c Platform it makes it amazing in CQB (but you are shooting pretty hot at that point) I have had only 2 problems with the gun so far, both of which were easy fixes without needing to break open the gear box, the first was the red wire kept falling out and so I was able to fix it. The other was when I was playing a winter game (never a good idea) the anti-reversal latch froze up relatively fast, but it soon fixed itself.

Great customization possibilities (G36 platfrom)
Great performance
LiPo ready
High RoF
High FPS
Great looks
Amazing build quality
and great price

Anti-Reversal switch will freeze easy
Heavy for a polymer gun (doesn't bother me I have an M203 on it)
Orange tip it glued on (Break of the 4 bits that go over the outer barrel and then take some pliers and rotate clockwise, will be difficult but can be done, I have a suppressor)

All and all I give this gun Black Knight Airsofting's Seal of Approval!
by Camren M. on 04/06/2014
"First thing i must say i have had this gun for a year now. I can't stress enough how good this gun is. Stock it is very accurate for a small gun, probably due to the 6.04 tightbore that comes in it. One thing i have read a couple times on other reviews are that the barrel is plastic. NO ITS NOT. i recently replaced it with a new longer tightbore and the barrel is aluminum.

fire rate is 23 rps with 11.1 lipo.
hand guard has ample room
accurate, max range probably like 190 feet

Practically nothing
by David W. on 05/06/2013
"Used ICS G33 with Dean Connectors and Tenergy 7.4v LiPo battery nun-chuck style (equivalent to 9.6v NiMH)

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars (rounded to 5 for this review)

-Great internals out of the box. Got 350 fps with 0.28g BBs. Which means you don't need to do a lot of tweaking and spend too much money to get good performance
-Uses M4 mags (used Lonex flash hi-cap mags)
-Ambidextrous fire selector and charging handle
-Comfortable folding and crane stock with adjustable chin guard
-Easy access to hop-up
-Standard 9lbs.
-Barrel is 6.04, which is pretty tight
-Comfortable holding the gun

-M4 mag release is pretty stiff
-Adjustable front and rear sights = taking it off or move from side to side
-Rails are plastic and not removable
-Standard 9lbs (I personally find this odd for polymer body, but I guess the metal internals are heavy)
-Orange tip is glued on a....
-Plastic barrel, so be careful using any method requiring heat (may melt plastic)
-Folded stock "hangs" on the right side (no catch/slot to insert).

Great buy for $250 ($200 with 20% off code)
by Luis M. on 03/13/2013
"The pictures does not do it justice how cool the gun looks.

In real life the aeg looks more tactical, and the polymer finish is very realistic, not toyish at all. When I went to the field players just staring at the gun, nobody laughing. The feel of the gun is superbly solid, feels like one complete piece, not like other guns that feel like a bunch of parts put together. Its a little on the heavy side, very strong contruction. The only downside is the stock lock, it is not that big, where the latch is, if the gun is dropped and beat up the first thing to break will be the plastic latch, similar to the DBOYZ Scars that suffer from the same thing. I am very careful not to drop the gun at all. If someday it does break, will permanently bolt it in, as I rarely play with stock folded, even when CQB.

The good:

- Hot out of the box, 400, 395, 407, 392 (readings from a Chrony, real firearm fps scanner, not an airsoft scanners that work half the time)
- Very smooth semi-auto, and high rate full auto, stock form
- Polymer is very solid, gun feels as one complete piece
- Superbly accurate 100ft + for a assault rifle design
Can hit a Maxwell House coffee can from 110 feet away, back to back using red dot sights.
- The cool factor, and knowing that nobody else has it on the field


- front rail battery compartment does not have enough space for a battery. Some 9.6v batteries small type batteries do not feet.
- Stock lock mechanism is very hard to press in with gloves, small space area. Lock latching piece may (has not happened yet) if gun is abbused or let dropped on the floor.
- Some M4 magazines may not fit, for example I have a short type M4 and it will not lock in, other M4 magazines sometimes difficult to push in. Smaller young players may have difficulty locking the mag in place.
- Because it is polymer, has a sand finish and in tan color, if it gets shot by a bb it will leave a mark, mine has a few already. (I got a G36C in black, and it rarely gets any marks) I do think some of those marks is from players playing with hot guns of 450 fps or more.


This is one of those guns I have to think twice before opening to do mods because it shoots so smooth, and is extremely accurate that I dont want to mess it up. This gun with a 13:1, mosfet, lipo, shimmed, better barrel, tight seal hop-up, AoE, a Madbull amplifier on the right hands, and it will be one mean rifle to play with. I say all that, but not everything is rate of fire, the gun is fun as it is.

Of course I do recommend this item.