Reviews: ICS G33 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black


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Model: AEG-ICS-G33-B
Location: L4-920

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by Camren M. on 2014-04-06 21:10:55
"First thing i must say i have had this gun for a year now. I can't stress enough how good this gun is. Stock it is very accurate for a small gun, probably due to the 6.04 tightbore that comes in it. One thing i have read a couple times on other reviews are that the barrel is plastic. NO ITS NOT. i recently replaced it with a new longer tightbore and the barrel is aluminum.

fire rate is 23 rps with 11.1 lipo.
hand guard has ample room
accurate, max range probably like 190 feet

Practically nothing
by Rudy F. on 2013-09-19 18:30:47

good internals
accepts m4 magazines (I recommend magpul)
made by ICS
adjustable stock


A lot of polymer although I have not had any issues with it so far
rails are not detachable
brutally small battery compartment (cannot hold anything bigger than a 8.6v mini)
by Derek M. on 2013-05-07 19:11:16
"I rated this 4/5 stars because I feel like it isn't perfect, but is it a nice gun! The charging handle could use a stronger spring behind it, but it functions fine. Stock it shoots nice, and its easy to upgrade. Contrary to popular belief Ics is compatible with most TM upgrade parts. You just have to switch all your gears out or else it won't work. In another review someone said theirs weighed 9 pounds. Maybe that's with attachments? I weighed mine and it came out at around 6 pounds.
Good Fps for Field Stock
Stock is easy to adjust for anyone
Weight balanced fairly well
Can run a Lipo (Stock wiring is holding up)
Hop up is too sensitive with .25s
Orange tip is glued on
Plastic outer barrel
Compression is Bad (Cylinder head issue)
by David W. on 2013-05-06 10:26:07
"Used ICS G33 with Dean Connectors and Tenergy 7.4v LiPo battery nun-chuck style (equivalent to 9.6v NiMH)

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars (rounded to 5 for this review)

-Great internals out of the box. Got 350 fps with 0.28g BBs. Which means you don't need to do a lot of tweaking and spend too much money to get good performance
-Uses M4 mags (used Lonex flash hi-cap mags)
-Ambidextrous fire selector and charging handle
-Comfortable folding and crane stock with adjustable chin guard
-Easy access to hop-up
-Standard 9lbs.
-Barrel is 6.04, which is pretty tight
-Comfortable holding the gun

-M4 mag release is pretty stiff
-Adjustable front and rear sights = taking it off or move from side to side
-Rails are plastic and not removable
-Standard 9lbs (I personally find this odd for polymer body, but I guess the metal internals are heavy)
-Orange tip is glued on a....
-Plastic barrel, so be careful using any method requiring heat (may melt plastic)
-Folded stock "hangs" on the right side (no catch/slot to insert).

Great buy for $250 ($200 with 20% off code)
by Julian B. on 2013-04-30 21:30:03
"Pros: light weight, pretty good internals, high torque motor, uses m4 mags.
Cons: plastic rails, small space for battery yet can fit 11.1 short stick lipo, charging that exposes hop up is flimsy.
Didn't crono it yet so don't really know the fps ritght out the box but rof if petty good.I really got this just because it uses m4 mags and the stock was kool, I all ready have G36c........

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)