Reviews: CYMA M14 RIS EBR (Evil Black Rifle) Custom Full Metal Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle - Black

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Model: AEG-CM032EBR-B
Location: A3-023

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by Matt Z. on 2014-03-14 10:14:59
"Have had this gun for almost a year and have had no issues with it. However, i modified it as soon as I received it, so i never really used to stock. MOSFET, 11.1v lipo, custom air seal job, and 6.01 barrel were all added by me. And it makes a huge improvement to an already amazing gun. The gun is rather heavy and a 2 or 3 point sling is almost need to haul it around comfortably (it is made to have slings to take advantage of the sling points).

solid build except for the grip, i needed to use locktite on the screws
lots of rail space
version 7 gearbox has minor tweaks from older models.
very quiet

like all cyma m14's, it needed a softer bucking.

being rear wired has its own pros and cons...

this guns HAS A LONG TYPE MOTOR. not a short type like usual ver. 7.
by Rory I. on 2014-03-03 09:53:45
"I love and hate this gun. I love how it looks, how it feels an how it shoots when it is up to it's potential. What I do not love is how it came broke and it has broken on me three different occasions. I think I could have possibly received a lemon but I'm tired of dumping more $ into it and not being able to full enjoy it.

I have had to replace

Hop up unit
Air nozzle
Cylinder head
Piston head

and it still isn't working right.... maybe I received a bad one but I haven't enjoyed it so far.
by Sean P. on 2014-02-09 13:59:16
Iron sights

by Milton M. on 2013-12-11 13:18:27
"I have had this gun for a year now and i really love it! It works really great, i have used it in many operations and have never had a problem with it, Because it is pretty much full metal some people say it's heavy (it's 9 pounds), but for me it's no problem carrying it around all day. And i have actually used it in CQB!

The gun has pretty good range usually reaches out about 130-150ft. FPS is okay, I chronoed mine at about 380fps.


Pretty good internals!

Awesome look, sturdy construction

Nice range, good fps

Comes with an cool looking flash hider.

good weight

Crane stock for this larger batteries


by Nick S. on 2013-09-20 09:40:22
"This is a gun that I have mixed feelings for. When I first received it in the middle of last summer, the accuracy, fps and overall performance of the gun was fantastic, but there was one problem. The gear box started to act up and the gun made a low thumping sound. The fps dropped to about 50 fps and I was sure it was a fluke, so I sent it back and I am waiting for them to send it to me, hopefully fixed, but anyway just to be aware that can happen, but it is a great machine gun or full auto sniper.
Here are some pros and cons:

semi auto firing cycles nicely
weight is realistic, but not cumbersome
rails everywhere!
rails readily available by the rear sight for a sniper scope, but it is a little loose
sights are very nice and easily adjustable
mock charging handle makes you feel pretty cool

my minor mishap
orange tip is a little too much
need a crane stock type battery for this gun and it does not come with a battery of its own make sure you buy one!

All in all this gun is very nice and I am excited to get it back it is a good buy and if you like to have long-range capabilities, while maintaining a constant rate of fire, this gun is for you.
by Shawn H. on 2013-08-01 11:37:04
"Fantastic gun! I love this thing, this is my primary. Heavy, very accurate weight and feel to the real thing, a very solid and smooth shooting gun.

Only has a few downsides like any other gun: Wobbly stock, easily fixed with some electrical tape around the buffer tube. The small rear rail at the aft end is useless unless you are connecting your sight/riser mount to the front as well. If you don't plan on using a crane stock, you will have to re-wire the battery to the front as it is wired for crane stock batteries only. A small length of wire and two simple splices will fix that. V7 gearboxes are not too difficult to work on, but there is much more to it than a regular V2 M4 gearbox. If you plan to upgrade the gearbox like I did, do everything all at once. The last thing you want to go is dive in and out of that gearbox multiple times. Stock internals are good, but not the best, esp since you probably want to make this a DMR or sniper. The orange cap comes off easily from the front, but I could not remove the front muzzle at all. Tried every trick in the book. I ended up adding a tight bore and HALO mock suppressor to it, which did fit with a little electrical tape luckily. can be found here:

Looks sexy
Full metal, solid and sturdy
rail space a-plenty
can put any extendable stock on there
Decent stock internals

wired for rear batteries
Rear sight rail is garbage
Extremely difficult to remove front muzzle
V7 gearboxes are great, but difficult to work on
Very few mock suppressors available
by David G. on 2013-06-03 17:44:09
"Great Rifle, my Primary, my Baby.

It does have a wobbly stock, and butterfly battery, but I replaced the stock with a MagPull Stock, need heavy modifications to it, also I put about 3 layers of electrical tape to the buffer tube, then put the stock back on, now there is no wobble.
I really with the AEG Kart M14 was in stock, I hate the stock this gun has.

Full Metal, heavy.
Tons of rail space
Very accurate.

A bit low on power
by Tyler C. on 2013-05-01 17:11:43
"I recieved this rifle back in January. it is truely a beautifull peice of equipment. The rifle has a decent rate of fire and a good accurate range. now the problems. This is a cast alluminum rifle, it may be metal but the body is weak. first the compensator broke off. (wich in turn breaking the orange tip therefore killing my warrenty) next one of the nobs on the battery cover on the crane stock broke off. about two months ago some of the guys on my team were fooling around and was pushed into me resulting in my rifle falling on the ground. Its belived this resulted in a craked frame by the rear swing mount. and finaly I ended up biffing it in an airsoft game resulting in the stock breaking clean off the weapon.(note: I am not a noob and I protected my rifle first during the fall) all in all the internals for this M14 EBR are amazing, the body to this is VERY weak. I am very disapointed in the quality of the externals on this product.

long rang
hefty weight (con if your in long games)
good look

weak body
weak polymer
loose grip
wobbly stock(more of an annoyance)
by Ben S. on 2013-01-16 15:21:55
"This gun is very good, I can hit enemys from 200+ with .28s and no upgrades.

Common mag
iron sights
battery in stock for esy change, unlike g&g or ca
functioning bolt
nice pistol grip
sling mounts
easy hop adjustment
fully customizleable

by Adam L. on 2013-01-15 16:32:30
"Got this gun for Christmas, and I am pretty pleased. Externals seem to be in good shape. The metal is high quality and has a solid feel. The only parts that are not metal are the stock, the removable handguard pieces, and the pistol grip. This leads to the gun being fairly front heavy, but not so bad that you cant deal with it. Internals are solid, and after a good cleaning and lubing my gun was shooting pretty well. Nothing amazing, but good. This gun will definitely need some upgrading if you want a DMR or something of the sort. But it is a sexy looking gun and pretty easily upgrade-able if you know how to deal with a Version 7 gearbox.

-Solid construction
-Oh so good looking
-decent performance
-stock tightbore barrell (not the greatest quality though)
-easily customized
-I love the magazine

-slight stock wobble
-decent performance
-Doesn't always fully cycle if you pull the trigger too fast in Semi-auto (full auto works fine)

All in all the gun isn't amazing
your more paying for the externals than the internals on this gun but thats what I wanted so I'm happy.
by Juan C. on 2012-12-12 14:13:10
"just got mine, everything looks solid, feels solid, and almost zero wobble on the stock.
This is a HEAVY rifle,but to some that may be a con, personally its a plus. Battery goes inside the stock, lift up on the lever and pull the stock back and off. However, mine did not come with a battery or charger but it wasn't guaranteed. So far so good, buying smart charger and battery as soon as I can.
by Daniel O. on 2012-10-10 13:13:11
"hello all. I just received this by UPS today. I opened the box about 5 minutes ago. The only thing I noticed straight away is that the buffer tube is a bit loose. Also, the orange barrel cover seems glued on very tight. That is a pro an a con, depending from which way you approach it.

It is heavy, which is very nice. The rail is solid, no wobble, (which is expected since the frame is all 1 piece).

I will have to come back and give a better review after I fire some rounds, tighten some screws, and lube some parts.


Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 reviews)