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by colden b. on 2016-03-09 16:03:58
"This is a very good gun that i would recommend to anyone. it is on the heavy side though but im 13 and can hold it just fine. only complaint is that there is a small chip on the bottom rail but it does not effect anything.
by Frank C. on 2016-03-09 16:03:24
"Great gun works smooth,very quiet, decent rate of fire and a very sturdy feel. It is a little heavy but then again it is a sniper rifle.

Full Metal
Great feel
Nice hand grip
Lots of Rail Space
Full Auto

After around 3 weeks of small use jammed up on occasion but was an easy fix.

by Damir J. on 2016-03-09 16:02:57
"After 3 months of looking and asking what rifle to get for dmr, this was recommended by all to go with.

- great accuracy
- shooting 40meters at stock
- nice rps
- look and feels powerfull
- Ver. 7 gearbox
- 400FPS

- a bit heavy but not much

Highly recommended!!!

If you wanna upgrade it like me, you can get more accuracy and range up to 90meters
by Lauren G. on 2016-03-09 16:02:32
"Great Gun! Super good accuracy for an aeg and also the range is really good. The only bad thing about this gun is the little bit of wobble in the pistol grip. All you have to do is tighten the screw though so its not that bad of a problem. Overall it is a great gun and would recommend buying it.
by wren c. on 2016-03-09 16:02:04
"this gun is AWESOME, its my best field gun so far, i use it in woodland as a dmr and it has yet to fail me.
oh, and just to clear this up SEMI-AUTO/SAFE means semi auto, auto, and safe
by Denton P. on 2015-07-18 19:44:52
"Well I'd like to say the aesthetics on this baby are awesome. The build is solid and the performance isn't too shabby either. It's the same thing as the M39 EMR in Battlefield 4, which also makes it that much cooler. I'm satisfied with this EBR.
-Looks so amazing
-Full metal
-Solid Build
-Rail space
-Charging handle noise is amazing!!
-Iron sights are nice
-Internals are decent out of the box
-hop up is easy to use
-Easy disassembly

-Its... so... heavy...
- stock wobbles
-mag can be a pain to wind
-mine came with a broken trigger so I sent it back to Evike and got it fixed, however they sent me back some loose screws so I had to manually fix it.

Overall this is a great gun just not the best starting weapon...
by Jiangcheng L. on 2015-04-29 19:50:21
"This is a very good gun, bought it few months ago, been in 3 games, shoots around 356fps out of box with 9.6v battery(it will be better if it can shoot 380fps). This gun is very accurate on semi, not so accurate on full-auto. There is only one screw holding the rear and the front, the screw came loose after every game, so I have to disassemble it to tight the screw. The mag and stock wiggles on the gun, stock is not my big problem, the mag is really annoying, feels like the mag is going to fell out the gun. The bottom rail came loose after the 2nd game. Sometime the trigger gets stuck on semi, so I have to change it to full auto and change it back.

Solid build
full metal
400rd hi cap

Very heavy( My arm was hurting for 2 days after the game, but a bipod and sling can help)
Wiggle mag
Some screws will loosing up.
by Mattrex O. on 2014-12-29 23:35:45
"Hey guys, Mattrex here.

let me tell you all about The CYMA M14 RIS EBR(Enhanced Battle Rifle) Evil Black Rifle... "Bah-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH"; first off, from me it get's a 4.7/5.

My Pros:

Number One! It looks total Flip'n Bad booty.
It feel very durable and it's made out of mostly metal except for the hand guard and pistol grip.
after at least firing 23,000 plus rounds... maybe more? it hasn't misfired on me once or jammed.
There is a lot of room to place any add-ons like optics, bi-pods, lasers, whatever you desire because of the modular body it comes with right out of the box.
For a stock gun(out of box) the M14 EBR fires pretty accurate and has a very easy to access hop- up module underneath the gun close to the magazine port.

My Miscellaneous Pros:

Cosmetically the paint-job is pretty durable but, I also wouldn't recommend mistreating it by careless use.
you look like a Sexy-Beast roaming around with this rifle... If, you are on the same team otherwise you look like a monster to opposing squads.
The fully automatic feature fires at a mid speed at 13 rounds a second out of box.

My Neutral:

I would not recommend this gun as a beginning weapon. (Was totally my beginning weapon...)

why? It is heavy.
Weighing at about 10.2-ish... by itself and no attachments; this gun will take some time to get used to running around with and with all attachments like I have.... yeah, my M14 weighs 14+ lbs.
Unless you mod this gun and use a less powerful spring, this gun kicks at about 391 average FPS... so, having that said you cannot play indoors with it. It's an outdoor weapon anyway.
The stock slightly wobbles. to me that isn't a really problem because when I lock it into my shoulder it becomes firm and gets very comfortable actually.

My Cons:

Taking care of this weapon can be time consuming; meaning, cleaning it, properly storing it, inspecting all the parts internally and externally.
The Battery is hard to take out.
the rubberized plate holding it in must be taken out in doing so... WHEN YOU PUT IT BACK IN YOU HAVE TO BE EXTREMELY ACCURATE OR IT WILL KINDA JAM!! otherwise, you just get used to it over time and nail it eventually.

My Miscellaneous Cons(Not The Gun Itself but the hardware):

I it can be hard to find upgrades for this gun either from Evike or other stores from online stores to sporting goods stores. I hate spending too much time looking for what can go with this weapon from making it better or making it look really awesome.

Okay, so You read my review.
I hope it helps make a difficult decision easier... or harder in your time of purchase.
Thanks and Good luck to you!
by Randall J. on 2014-07-25 11:04:45
"Upon receiving this gun, I was ecstatic to just look at it. It was heavy, realistic and well built. The body is full metal, except for the hand guard, grip and stock. As much as Inloved the looks, there were major issues with mine. First off, mine did not come with a battery and charger. Kind of pointless if there's no airsoft store near my location and I can't use my gun. Second, the bolt gets stuck every time I pull it back. Third, the grip was even looser than the stock. I fixed it easily though by tightening the screw. From what I can see, the CYMA EBR is a great gun for looks, but terrible with some parts of it. I don't know if anyone else has these problems with theirs, but I am just pointing out what is wrong with mine. Overall, I do not highly recommend this gun. Too many issues that I cannot fix.
by Dante W. on 2014-07-14 13:07:41

There are several things I would like to mention about this gun.

1: This gun is quite heavy, although not unbearably so. I know quite a few reviewers have remarked upon this already, but it never quite seems to get it across. I ran with this gun for four hours with no sling, and afterwards I was EXHAUSTED.

2: The EBR is almost completely metal, however, the stock and the pistol grip are polymer. This tends to make the gun seem rather front heavy, although it is slightly balanced by the fact that it has battery storage in the crane stock. I would recommend running this gun with a 9.6v battery, due to the fact that the stock battery is an 8.4v and will not maximize the performance of the gun.

3: I, unlike many of the other reviewers HAVE used this gun stock (airsoft lingo translation: without upgrades), and it preforms very well. It has decent range for a stock weapon, and chrono'd in at 360fps (average) wih a maximum deviation of 4fps. This is ideal for a dmr in the making, because constant and dependable power means the bb will constantly and dependably be going to the same distance.

4: I have a few upgrade ideas for experienced and inexperienced airsofters out there.

4a: The first thing that is essential to the making to a dmr is a scope(Available at evike!). It really doesn't matter what kind of scope you have, but I will tell that for your scope mounts, you will need risers to get your scope above the built-in iron sights. Next, I recommend a foregrip and a bipod (yes, both). Also, if you really want to, ou could put on a tactical light, although I really don't see the point in this (it's not like you're going to be using this to clear rooms).

4b: I recommend that next you get an m135 or an m140 spring(both available at evike!), to get a higher fps rating, and ultimately more range.

4c: My next recommendation is a stainless steel 6.03 or 6.02 500-550mm precision inner barrel (once again, available at evike). I do NOT recommend getting a 6.01 precision inner barrel due to the fact that bbs will jam if you fire too fast in semi-automatic. Another alternative, if you want to skip recommendation 4d, you can purchase a "miracle barrel". These barrels will run you pricey, and usually cost between $70 and $80 (sadly, these are unavailable at evike).

4d: If you do take my recommendation for step 4c, you will now have an inner barrel that is sticking out of the end of your gun. To cover this, you will need a barrel extension or mock suppressor. A good lightweight (although still metal), option is the 'spartan doctrine 200mm mock suppressor'.

6: The final and saddening thing you must now do is to remove the full-auto capability of your gun. Sorry guys, putting in a mosfet does NOT count in most fields. this has been a thorn in my side for quite a while. Three and Four-round burst are life when it comes to long-range assault rifles.

That has wrapped it up for my review and suggested upgrades for the CYMA M14 EBR. I hope you found it useful and informative.

~D. Williams
by Adam C. on 2014-06-12 10:07:51
"Upon purchasing my CYMA M14EBR I have been impressed. Solid metal railing and cage, outter barrel, upper...I bagan a search for plastic and was pleased at how little plastic is there (stock& handle). With only a few more screws,because of the cage, than the CYMA Field M14; this rifle has EEEEZZZZ internals to tech. I too "upgraded" ad found a huge improvement in range and accuracy(6.03innbar. , M90spring, 11.1v lipo). Sorry to the guy who got the lemmon, because this gun is feared and revered. GO CYMA, can't wait for the model without these negitaves:
1.Pistol grip comes loose often, kinda hard to tighten in field
2. Adjustable crane stock is cool, finding an 11.1 lipo with sufficiant mAh that fits, not cool.
3.A potmetal connection that holds under the barrel a crome rod to the bolt feature has broken on this and one of my field M14s. Fixing them was fun. They both broke at a point that was right where the rods come together and sheered all thread off inside.

by Matt Z. on 2014-03-14 10:14:59
"Have had this gun for almost a year and have had no issues with it. However, i modified it as soon as I received it, so i never really used to stock. MOSFET, 11.1v lipo, custom air seal job, and 6.01 barrel were all added by me. And it makes a huge improvement to an already amazing gun. The gun is rather heavy and a 2 or 3 point sling is almost need to haul it around comfortably (it is made to have slings to take advantage of the sling points).

solid build except for the grip, i needed to use locktite on the screws
lots of rail space
version 7 gearbox has minor tweaks from older models.
very quiet

like all cyma m14's, it needed a softer bucking.

being rear wired has its own pros and cons...

this guns HAS A LONG TYPE MOTOR. not a short type like usual ver. 7.

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