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The Box of Super Awesomeness Celebration - "Warm Up For Airsoftcon 2012!" (Edition: 2012-10)

72 Customer Reviews

by Kaya E. on 07/20/2013
"2012 Airsoftcon edition
Amazing! I got over $300 worth of gear and I wasn't even the lucky one. AirsoftCon 2012 was a blast. I tented out on Friday and won the MW3 tournament. On the next day I received my BioHazard M9 because I won the tournament and got my box of awesomeness. Thanks Evike for loving and treating your airsoft crazed customers :)

By Kaya Evrenos
by Glen S. on 07/20/2013
"2012 New Year Edition
I received the G&P custom tactical AK and the Matrix/Snowwolf M9. Roughly a $325 value and the box only cost roughly $150 after the 20% off coupon and the cost of shipping. Very happy with the box, will deffinately buy another.
by Ryan B. on 07/20/2013
"90K Deadly Combo Edition:

Just opened mine...

Tar-21 and a tan G&G GR16 Commando Raider.

Have a Tar-21 from another BOA and no complaints about it. Waiting to field the Raider, think I'll be happy with it as well.
by Stephen M. on 07/20/2013
"I just opened mine too! WE m14 GBB and WE m4 awesome deal!
by Richard P. on 07/20/2013
"Just got my box in today. One of the few times I'd been rooting for one of the 'basic' kits, the sniper package... Instead I got the Alien Pulse rifle! Awesome! It's a heavy bugger though, and sadly will end up just as a show piece, as reloading would be a pain in any game setting.
Still, awesome Rifle and the pistol is really nice as well! Zombies beware!

Pros: Awesome package, came FAST!
Incredible guns!

Cons: While the Pulse rifle is awesome to look at, in games it might be hard to use due to the way you have to change the magazine.
by Amy G. on 07/20/2013
"90K Deadly Combo Edition:
Got the basic sniper package. Wasn't what i was hoping for but can't complain. The GBB sniper is cool and seems very well built. But the mp5 on the other hand is not at all what expected. It is NOT FULL METAL it has some metal parts but seems to be mostly polymer (i know the bottom recievers on mp5s are plastic). Im hoping it will shine internally though.

I really bought it for the spork though which is amazing quality!!!!!!!

Overall great bang for the buck!!!!!!! Thank you EVIKE!!!!!!!!
by kyle h. on 12/04/2012
"This was awesome im happy i got one! My box of awesomeness was a KWA HK Licensed G36C, a nice rifle bag, and an evike patch! What a steal for 50 bucks!
by Toney M. on 12/01/2012
"Got the ARES Elite Force M4A1, the rubber EVIKE patch and one of nicest gun bags I have ever seen !!!--$200 value
To top everything off I have a 13yr old boy with the biggest smile you have ever laid your eyes on!!!--- $PRICELESS
Thank You Evike. May God bless you and the USA.
by Richard R. on 10/25/2012
"Facebook 200K Fan $99 edition: i was hoping for at least a "one only" gun, but sadly i got a p90, and that was a tad disappointing, but i did also got the WE Hi Cappa 7 inch, and boy is it nice. i just cant see myself using it in a game lol. i think i will be selling both and waiting for the next mystery box to come out so i can buy it too. the waiting was fun enough for me! that grin on my face was ear to ear as the UPS man arrived! do your self a favor and buy a box next time they go on sale, you will not be disappointed. well at least not much...
by Aaron H. on 10/25/2012
"I got the WE Full Metal Matt Black Bio-Hazard Custom Airsoft Gas Blowback. It is my first side arm and I feel that it could be a primary the way it shoots! Awesome!!! Thank you evike, its a wonderful surprise!
by Gregory V. on 10/25/2012
"UPS just left and I goti got an Exclusvie WE Full Metal Matt Black Bio-Hazard Custom Airsoft Gas Blowback +spare mag. I also got a bunch of assorted goodies. I own over a dozen pistols and this one fit's my hand perfectly . This may quickly become my favorite Evike you Rock !!!!!!
by Mitchell G. on 10/25/2012
"Facebook 240k $75 edition:
I got the Matrix Li-poly ready M4. I like it. Since I am just starting out, it is a nice gun to use. Shoots pretty well too. It can fit the same battery as my G36 so that saved me from having to buy another. The only really bummer about this, is that I didn't get any bonus things. I didn't even get the spare mag like it said. I got the Evike stuff like the calender, necklace thing and wrist band. That is it though. Still, I won't complain. I got one heck of a deal as it is. a $140 for $65 with a coupon code? Thats 50+% off. So all in all, Thank you Evike, just make sure you give me my extra mag next time!!! Awesome level: 100%
by Derek Y. on 10/25/2012
"I got the $500 gift card! Can't wait to finish picking out what I'm going to get!
by Ramona E. on 10/25/2012
"Facebook 240K $75 edition:
I received the Shadow Op Bolt Action MK96 / Type96 / L96 Sniper Rifle. Very nice!
by kyle K. on 10/25/2012
"Facebook 240K $75 edition:
woot got mine in today!! i got an Exclusvie WE Full Metal Matt Black Bio-Hazard Custom Airsoft Gas Blowback +spare mag.

and a ton of other stuff!! definitely worth it!!!!