Reviews: IWI Licensed TAVOR TAR-21 Airsoft AEG Rifle by Umarex w/ Metal Gearbox (Black / Competition Series)


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Model: AEG-2278050

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by John L. on 2013-12-20 15:22:44
"So far this is a wonderful gun. a tad bit backheavy, but that is to be expected from a bullpup. Fun to shoot so far, still tweaking the hop a bit. The only problem I have run into so far is that the gun doesnt seem to want to take magazines other than the one it came with (the mag lock wont lock properly with echo 1 M4 mags). High ROF with a 9.6, but you get an electrical smell from the stock when you fire. havent skirmished with it yet, will most likely be an awesome skirmish gun.

Good weight
Nice solid composite body
The metal is solid
High ROF
looks crazy
near perfect match to the real weapon

Wont seem to take echo M4 mags
Electrical smell after short periods of firing
its "that gun" from call of duty.

So all around awesome, Good looking gun, unfortunately they put it into a modern warfare game so now its just "that gun from MWF2". still a very nice gun.
by Stella K. on 2013-12-20 15:18:24
"This gun a is an incredibley well made gun. The polymer that its made of feels unbreakable in your hands. The accuracy is simply amazing as the bulpup design allows a very long barrell. I can see myself being able to dominate in any scenario be it CQB or Field play.

The Good
Compact (for an assualt rifle)
Excellent external build
pretty good ROF
amazing accuracy
battery installation is realativley easy

The Bad
None so far
by Stella K. on 2013-12-20 15:17:34
"Ive owned this weapon for a few months now and I have to say it has held up incredibly well. Now the price tag may seem a bit unreasonable at first but I can with the utmost confidence that every dollar is well spent.

Short Story
I went to an outdoor airsoft skirmish sporting this weapon and was very impressed. The length of the barrel due to the bulpup design of the rifle allowed me to put up an accurate wall of bbs. And because the weapon itself is quite compact, I found it very easy to manuver in close quarters spaces. Near the beginning of the war the ever feared clouds rolled in and delivered upon the mass of airsoft players and unrelenting rain. However, not once was I worried as the Tar was easily able to cope with the strenious conditions and kept firing throughout the entire event. I can also say that the constant "Hey dude, nice Tar" was a nice benefit.

The overall construction of this weapon is incredibaly solid, Ive never felt as though it might break at any point during my use with it. Battery installation is a snap, as the butt plate easily opens up to reveal the compartment. One problem Ive had though is that some of the M4 mags Ive purchased do not fit into the magwell quite as snugly as I would have liked, but this is just my opinion.

Get this gun!!! It is awsome
by Patrick C. on 2013-12-20 15:14:26
"I have owned this model Tavor for close to a month now. The performance is pretty good, but does not have the same range as my Ares G36. The battery compartment is a tad small, but more than enough to fit my MadBull LiPo. The gun is indeed difficult to take apart, highly recommend that this be done by a pro if you are not very proficient. The Ares quick change spring feature lets you change the FPS of the rifle in as little as two minutes, allowing for incredible game flexibility.

I have decided to upgrade the internals, as the piston is not very sturdy and a want to juice as much performance as I can from this little big gun.

* rock solid externals
* awesome performance out of the box
* Ares quick change spring feature
* Unique looks on the field

* difficult to take apart
* small battery compartment
* gearbox and hop-up are one unit
* known for some problems with weak piston and air seal

One of my favorite rifles. I recommend it to anyone who has the skill to use it and the patience to tweak it right.
by JOSH W. on 2013-12-20 15:12:25
"i love my tar i cant put it down. i have alot of money into it that it didnt need it was already to good. now when a bring to the field ppl r scared of me and im 14. its excellent no problems shoots 370 out of the box

please answer: how do i put an m203 on my tar

high rof

perfict nothing wrong with mine
by Sheelone V. on 2013-12-20 15:09:39
"This is honestly the finest airsoft battle rifle I have ever owned, better than my Masada, better than my KWA SR10. Sleek, sturdy, rugged, reliable, simple, this is truly a one of a kind AEG. ARES have outdone themselves and brought to the table a fascinating airsoft gun thatís not only accurate but short in length.
- Nylon Fiber Body
- Tactical Rails
- Bullpup design
- Battery compartment fits 9.6v 1600 Butterfly or Nun chuck with ease
- The guard in front of the Pistol Grip protects your hand
- Completely Ambidextrous aside from fire selector
- Charging Handle and rail can be switched to either side
- QD spring Change
- Tight Bore Barrel comes standard but diameter is unknown (I switched the barrel for an Angel Custom 500mm 6.01)
- Simplistic Design
- Bolt catch button resets internals to a resting position kinda like VFCís M4s but not really.
- Black Flash hider included ( get a more aggressive one, the birdcage style is kinda lame)
- Great Rate of fire, very surprised with results from 9.6v
- Great range due to tight bore barrel
- Very accurate
- Those weird shapes and the circular thing behind the rear iron sight is used for real steel grade Tavor 21accessories and I have a 5x magnifier from IWI itself attached to help out the EOTech I have mounted
- Disassembly is a pain but when you disassemble the platform once you want to do it over and over again, now I know how the Tar 21ís firing mechanism, safety, trigger, charging handle, and most parts on the gearbox work, of course I know how Gearboxes work. (con for most) (visit redwolfairsoft for disassembly instructions)
- Trademarks All around
- Extremely Realistic (my uncle owns a Tar 21)
- Serial number
- Magazine catch irritates your hand because it constantly pokes your hand
- Might accidentally bump into the mag catch with trigger hand and eject mag causing you to probably lose a clip
- Iron sights are not adjustable for windage and elevation
- Trigger become squeaky after some time (just spray the springs with lubricant)
- Semi auto stops working but is an easy fix (idk how I did it but I did)
- The Nylon Fiber is kinda smooth so I recommend wearing gloves
- The QD sling mounts attached to the stock are NOT made to fit ANY QD sling adapter what so ever. I tried and because it didnít fit I had to make my own sling point on the stock. The rings that were supposed to be engraved inside the adapter were not present and even if they were my QD sling swivel wouldnít have fit
- Not enough rail space on top for an ACOG
- Outer Barrel is a bit wobbly, not too much but enoug
by Robert H. on 2013-07-15 17:37:47
"This is my first gun and I love it! If your looking for a cool bullpup airsoft gun I'd recommend this gun. At first I was nervous because it was plastic but it's pretty durable, I banged it around quite a bit this weekend and nothing broke or cracked.

I outfitted mine with metal rails a laser and a red dot sight and the weight feels pretty good, others have mention this but I want to point out the weight of this gun is all in the rear so pickup up a two-point sling aswell.

My only real compliant with the gun is that my safety selector broke during shipping.
by keith n. on 2013-07-01 16:32:29
"Update, I did wrong last time


Stock gun 365fps (8.4v 15 round per second)
Qucik charge spring
(short M130=400) (short M140=500)
Metal gear box


The gun very no Balacne all the weight in the rear

I put the red dot scope & sclincer in my gun still not Balance. I think need to put some fishing lead in this gun make this gun Balance.
by keith n. on 2013-06-28 14:50:25
"Stock gun (metal gear box ver.) have 365 fps. very good Rof when I use 8.4V ,

con :
stock gun have 365 fps
very fast Rate of fire
Quick change spring


this gun no balance all the weight to rear
I put on the Red dot scope & Silencer already still not enough.

4/5 star
by Logan G. on 2013-06-23 12:12:31
"This is a very good gun. Don't believe what these other guys are saying when they say its bad. The only thing wrong with this gun is there is a little to much plastic. Other than that the gun is a CQB beast as well as a field beast. I would indeed recommend this gun to all who are looking into airsoft.

M4 Mags!
Hop up is easy to get to.
Metal Gearbox unlike the old ones.
Its at the fps limit for CQB at my field.
Cheap price for performance.
Its bullpup my favorite.

Plastic Flip up sights. Suggest buying some kind of Red Dot
Its not that heavy. I prefer a heavy weapon. You may not thats just my opinon.
by Steve Y. on 2013-04-27 13:17:19
"This gun is great! It's very reliable, accurate, and fits comfortably. Great for CQB. It's got good power and really high rate of fire. Only thing about it is the ABS, but that isn't even a big problem. Recommended!
by Aaron J. on 2013-01-22 18:50:05
"amazing gun i will go straight to the pros and cons

pros:very accurate
fast rate of fire
very comfortable
great fps and is perfect for CQB

cons:iron sights are a little weird (i purchased a red dot and it makes the gun nearly perfect)
mag is a little wobbly when its in the gun (not that much of a con just somewhat doesn't agree with my OCD :P)

It performs great in battle. heads turned when i shot this beastly gun. people were testing it out and getting jealous. 2 friends actually got the gun about a week after i did.

overall the gun deserves the 5/5 considering how measly the cons are

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 25 reviews)

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