Reviews: G&P M4CQB WOC "SR16 M4" GBB Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle Challenge Kit (9.5" Barrel)

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Model: Kit-GP-WOK001-WP04-S
Location: AA-01

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by Richard P. on 2014-03-12 20:58:34
"I'd like to say this was my first time assembling a wa style m4 gbb platform.
I am a proficient gbb pistol as a well as aeg tech
I had ordered all steel internals and an npas prior to receiving this kit.

This is a fairly sturdy rifle when assembled and modified properly.
Things you'll have to modify:
Bolt catch, bolt assembly (plastic nozzle), magazine catch, trigger sear, possibly fire selector, magwell.
Will you need steel internals eventually ? That is an affirmative.
You will need to modify steel internals if you decide on them

I had problems with my trigger resetting when I installed my sear into my trigger and I had to reference to an actual ar forum to correct the reset problem which involved dremmeling and sanding.
You have to sand the magwell. Also either the mag catch or the plastic nozzle where the gas feed is because of King Arms magazines not being very compatible in the wa platform
Had to dremmel the plastic nozzle to fit npas
**Recommend getting a G&P gbb magazine

Nice LE/Military style handguard and stock
100m backup sight
Comes with both metal and orange flashider
Full metal receivers
Steel pins
handguard has heatshields for authenticity and realisim
functioning bolt/trigger assembly/charging handle identical to the real steel
trademarks are laser engraved with sr16 knights armament logo
comes with gas tube
***I feel like I'm the first customer that wasn't missing parts from my kit (except maybe a bb adapter :/ )
Came with metal buffer tube
Full auto capability
Recoil is like a .22lr in all honesty (I have fired from 5.56 .223 7.62 9mm 45acp 32acp)

Receiver snapped when installing trigger guard (used green loctite to glue back on)
Pot aluminum internals (trigger, trigger sear, buffer lock, hammer, selector switch, full auto sear)
The metal buffer is a con because of the stress and wear on the bolt carrier
**Threading of the barrel is 14+ not the standard 14mm- on aeg's (also bought an adapter prior)
Delta ring spring and lock ring a pain to install

Asides from the modifications sanding dremmeling and buying steel parts, this will be a reliable rifle if you spend the money for it.
If you're looking for a budget gbbr build I'd recommend this kit.
Although, I'd have to say if you have no plans of upgrading to steel prepare for your internals to fail on you.
There are plenty of online guides for building the kit but the included manual is self explanatory

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)