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CAA Airsoft Roni Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit for G-Series Airsoft GBB Pistols - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Jake R. on 06/13/2017
"Bought mine on june and this is an awesome accesory, very real and a little heavy, came in a nice box not generic, I would recommend it, for people wondering is made in taiwan
by Brian R. on 05/10/2016
"Just got mine in the mail yesterday, and I am blown away with it already. It has a ton of aluminum: muzzle compensator, all three rails, button for folding grip, the entire stock adjustment system (adjustment stop, rails, latch, which all attaches to an aluminum block that bolts into the clam-shell), its a beefy unit. Even has thread-serts in the plastic by the ejection port, so it looks like you could even attach a brass catcher, although I dont have one to try.

My G19 fits nice and snug, but there is a pretty big gap in the clam-shell when it folds together, right at the back of the pistol where the two halves meet by the beavertail on the pistol. I noticed in the "real steel" version G2 that they put a bolt in there, but this is a G1 and it never had that. I can squeeze it together with minimal pressure, so I will probably put a bolt there myself, but it still holds it tight, I just want it for looks. It doesn't show it in the picture, but on mine the rails all have white T-marks, which are crisp and painted well. Also, the muzzle compensator does have a blaze orange ring glued to it, although it doesn't show it in the pictures. Its overall a very solid, well built unit with lots of real metal, which is a plus.
by andre d. on 02/21/2013
"i just got this kit today ive been wanting this kit for some time now. And finally someone has it in stock very pleased with it. I wasn't expecting it to be that heavy even with out the gun installed. its a great kit very nice matte black finish feels great in your hand

matte black finish
very durable
weight is perfect
don't have to pull the pins out all the way
easy installation
spare mag holder

i have no cons for this kit its really great if you love your g-series pistol

over all this kit is awesome cant wait till my local field opens up for 2013 season
by Kristian B. on 02/10/2013
"Awesome kit right here! totally worth every penny!
Greatly increased accuracy with the stock and aiming is faster with the integrated foregrip!
Added a holo sight and its the perfect sidearm!
Fragged more running around with these than with my aeg!

Ready to rock right here!

Overall 10/10!

Thanks evike!
by Matt V. on 02/06/2013
"This is a great product. This is a very good airsoft version of this. I highly recommend this product to any airsofter. I love this thing so much I'm barely going to use me aeg. The kit is so customizable and the flip up sights flip up with a push of a button. Very comfortable and very user friendly.TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Sage B. on 02/02/2013
"This conversion kit is fantastic. If you are a fan of the glock I highly recommend getting this kit or at least test firing.
Feels great
Greatly reduces recoil
Magazine holder on back stock
Super customizeable
only possible problem(if you can call it that) is that you have to pull back the slide to be able to change full auto to semi.
by DENIRO E. on 09/30/2016
"Buyers Beware!!! Very good but not the same as the original Airsoft Roni. The Airsoft Roni in the Pictures is the made in Hong Kong version Roni, which is not the same as the Taiwan made version Airsoft Roni that they will send you if you should buy. This is some what false advertising from the pictures. The big difference is, that the made in Hong Kong Airsoft Roni is an exact Replica of the Real Deal Steel *Roni. While the made in Taiwan version Airsoft Roni is not an exact replica of the real steel Roni. There is a quality difference between the Hong Kong made version and the Taiwan made version of the Airsoft Roni. But All in all I am happy with the Taiwan version Airsoft Roni, but I would have been more happy with the Original Hong Kong Airsoft Version of Roni. I feel the Hong Kong Made version is more collectable and I am somewhat of a RONI collector. I have almost every version of the Roni made. I feel that Evike should update the pictures of the current version of Roni they are currently selling.