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Pre-Order ETA August 2018 G&G FN Herstal FN2000 Hunter Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Dark Earth / Gun Only)

5 Customer Reviews

by Glendon C. on 09/27/2015
"I purchased this gun as a red tagged item from the walk in store. It came with a minor cosmetic scratch on the serial number off to the side of the gun. That being said, because it was a red tagged item, the price I payed for it was significantly discounted (230). Considering this gun is not in production anymore, I consider myself very lucky to have my hands on this. That being said, I will try to be as critical as possible.

The gun itself is almost entirely polymer aside from the internals. It does not creak at all, so the polymer is definitely nice. Do not be fooled, the gun looks small, but it's pretty damn big. Compact, but big. Especially with the 400 round hi cap that comes with the gun, it is not small by any means. The mechbox is a version 6 full metal gearbox. It's surprisingly quiet and the trigger is surprisingly responsive. I do run an 11.1 lipo in the gun, however, so this is a big factor in terms of trigger response. The pull of the trigger isn't particularly light, but it does feature a dual stage trigger on the full auto setting (half pull for semi, full pull for full auto)

As this is the hunter version, it has the integrated optic in the upper receiver. This is actually removable, as the entire upper housing for the sight can be popped off with the press of a button. The integrated scope itself has the unique f2000 sight picture, but the optic itself isn't that amazing. It is adjustable for windage and elevation, but adjusting these knobs requires a flat head screw driver. It is not field adjustable without it. Beneath the optic is a standard rail segment, but it's polymer. You could mount a different optic if the hunter sight isn't to your liking. Another note for the optic is that the eye relief and sight picture are again, fairly small. Using the optic with a mesh lower mask or full face mask is actually very difficult due to how low the scope sits on the gun.

Other than that, the gun seems to perform very well. Shots are very consistent after zeroing and the hop up tunes nicely, albeit being rather stiff and difficult to turn (both a pro and a con). Flash hider is removable (14mm negative)

Great out of the box performance
Easily disassembled
takes m4 mags (90% if not all hi-caps will work)
Uses G&G's adjustable fps gearbox

Battery changes are a nightmare
Battery space is very very small
optic height is low on the gun
requires modifications to fit most midcaps

If you're looking for a gun that isn't an M4 or an AK, and you're considering this gun, I will definitely say that it's a good gun. That being said, however, you could definitely get a similarly performing gun for a far better price point. Also, this gun isn't even in production anymore, even though Evike has it listed as "ETA November 2015" If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one for the pricepoint I found it at, I would definitely take the chance.
by asas a. on 07/10/2013
"I ordered one of these a few months ago and it has worked pretty well.

-Feels Great
-Lots of range
-Very Sturdy
-High Rate of fire
-Fairly Easy to service
-Takes M4 mags (Only high caps, but it is very easy to modify a mid cap to fit)

-Butt plate breaks easy
-Heavy (pro or con)
-The semi auto stopped working for me all together in about 3 months. Easy fix if your lucky, but it looks like i might need a new gearbox. This is a somewhat common issue from what i have read.
by Joseph H. on 04/09/2013
"I just got this gun and I have only had it for around three weeks and I can say that Im I'm pressed with everything but the two stage trigger.

Decent ROF (about 12 a second with 9.6)
Feels amazing to hold
Nice balance
M4/M16 magazine
Long inner barel in a short gun
Comes with a nice scope
Nylon fiber body (not cheep plastic)
super easy FPS adjustment
SUPPER EASY dissasembly
Impresses everyone
Fairly quiet Motor

2 stage trigger busts very fast (easy field strip so easy fix)
No midcaps (without modification or it's G&G)
Heavy and no decent sling points
Near impossible to replace gearbox
by isaac s. on 01/14/2013
"I gave the gun a 4 star because mine doesnt shoot when I turn the FPS tuner (when you turn it the FPS slightly changes) the gun stops shooting.
-shoots accuratly
-shoots far
-hits hard
-sturdy build
-will not break on you because i fell on it and it still shoots fine
-about 900 RPM could be pro or con

-heavy, could be pro or con
-cannot be used in the rain because on both sides there are holes that lead straight to the gearbos and motor
-cannot use other mags because the gun will jam
so overall this gun is amazing other than its small cons list and the gun is made of very thick ABS plastic
by John U. on 06/03/2013
"It's a pretty good gun right out of the box.

Great Scope
M4 mags
High rof
adjustable fps

Adjustment system for fps breaks
dual stage trigger