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G&P M14 DMR Custom Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle w/ Red Dot Scope (Package: Desert / Gun Only)

33 Customer Reviews

by Barry W. on 02/22/2018
"Sure you might find a m14 cheaper but you get what you pay for don't expect the results to be same as the G&P M14
by Ezequiel A. on 05/08/2017
"I've had this gun for a few months now and I'm very impressed.

The gun preforms like a champ, even after tumbling off a utv pull behind trailer during a game. Though I must warn, this gun IS heavy, if you are out of shape (like me) you will have trouble. Another problem is the length, at ~3'9" maneuvering is gonna be difficult (especially if you only have 1'9" on your own gun). Still I would greatly recommend this gun to anyone as the reliability and compatibility make up for this. I have heard people complain that the red dot doesn't work but mine worked just fine, at least once I figured out it needs 2 button cell batteries. I ain't the sharpest crayon in the bread box, but I can tell that this gun is well worth the money.

red dot
rate of fire (careful you WILL empty your mag stupid fast...not fun having to refill during a match)

length (unless you're tall... I guess)

(You're still here? It's over. Go home... Go.)
by Conner S. on 02/04/2017
"Gun looks great but way overpriced I could buy the same somewhere else
by Jon K. on 07/28/2015
"I been using this airsoft rifle for about 6 months now, and I'm very impressed by it's performance. I run it with a 1600 MaH 9.6 Volt G&P battery (Buy a couple extra batteries) and .28g Elite Force BBs. I'm easily getting many long range kills and it out ranges even highly upgraded spring snipers.

-Gearbox is well shimmed
-Very Accurate
-Solid Range (Effective range is about 175-200ft)
-High ROF (~18bb/s with 9.6v)
-Deans Connector
-Great Red Dot Sight included
-Mock bolt is fun to pull back and let slide forward(Don't let it slam forward)
-Pistol grip gives M14 a modern unique look

-Plastic is solid, but kind of creaky
-Upper receiver is made of kinda cheap plastic
-FPS is a little low for my standards for a DMR

A great airsoft rifle especially if you can get it on sale. This gun is a performer and expect to get some long range kills with it. Really the only thing bad about it is some of the cosmetics like the plastic on the upper receiver, but then again, you will never hold the rifle there. If you are looking for a M14, then I would recommend checking this one out! :D
by Tyler W. on 07/27/2015
"Alright so, i bought this a few weeks back and when i first took it out of the box my first impression was of the weight and how solid the build feels. this m14 has some quality heavy metal construction weighing in at an even 9lb same as the real steel M14, it is in my opinion a little front heavy due to the hollow polymer stock but that's typical of metal barreled air soft guns. the battery compartment is tall but not very long, small type batteries fit nicely but have a lot of wiggle room. When it comes to shooting this gun shows its true quality, with a little adjustment to the hop-up i was able to consistently hit a 10x10 target out at 200 feet in semi auto, switching to full auto will unleash the beast. the rate of fire this gun has will put a lot of gas smg's to shame. it will empty it's included 160 round mid-cap in all of 4-5 seconds of sustained fire.

PROS: unholy rate of fire
incredibly accurate
very solid and well built
cheek riser and adjustable butt pad(layers can be removed or added)
very responsive trigger
powerful motor
it's an M14

pro/con by user: Realistic weight, can become tiring to carry in a long game

cons: the battery compartment has a lot of dead space
the heat sheild over the top of the barrel is a bit flimsy
needing a screwdriver to acess the battery compartment is a bit tedious.
by Brandon I. on 07/13/2015
"Great gun. I got it a few days ago and took it out for a spin. The accuracy surprised the heck out of me. I was hitting people before they thought they were in my range. I recommend this gun to anyone but short people will have a problem handling it as it is a very long gun. If your a person that likes small guns I would recommend the g&p recon m14 as it is a bit smaller. Overall an awesome DMR. Worth the money
by Andrew M. on 06/14/2015
"I just finished my first day of gaming with this gun and, out of my four guns, it's by far my favorite. It has some weight to it and can be tiring to lug around and hold up for long, but the accuracy and range are great. I was out-shooting all other AEGs that were used for the game and easily putting aimed shots through slotted pallets at 100ft ranges and getting hits (ie: not spraying and hoping some go through).

My recommendation is to put a 4x scope on it and play from the rear of the action. The length of the gun is very ineffective in close quarters. While it's nice that it comes with a 1x dot-sight, the additional magnification of 2-4x really helps target acquisition at long distances.

Comments regarding the rail-space are accurate; there is very little rail-space on this gun out of the box (just a small rail very far forward that is approximately 3-4 inches long). I definitely would suggest getting an additional M14 mount that you can install over the iron-sight (I purchased

The trigger is extremely responsive and has an easy pull. I had to constantly re-wind my hi-cap mag as I was burning through BBs very quickly even using just semi-auto. While I didn't play with full-auto, I did test fire it and the rate of fire is quite high. If you use mid-caps, stick with semi-auto; full-auto will use up your rounds at a ridiculous rate.
by Chris a. on 08/31/2014
"So I got this gun the other day and today I went to Zulu 24 Airsoft & Mil-Sim Tactical Park and the gun did excellent. It is built tough so as long as you take care of it, it will treat you right. The gun chrono in at 350-390 with .20 grams matrix bb's. The gun is a little heavy but with a sling and the right fighting style it is not a problem. The ROF of this gun is scary. I manage to get a lot of triple kills with this gun. It will leave your enemy scared. It also did well in CQB. The red dot is helps a lot in the woods but for CQB I preferred iron sights, The only down side about the gun which I'm not sure if it didn't charge correctly on my smart charger but it died with in 3 hours in the middle of combat. Here are some pros/cons
Great ROF
FPS 350-390
Built well and sturdy.
Very accurate.
Great quality red dot scope.

battery life.
with a high ROF you need lots of ammo. (I prefer semi unless I really need auto)
a little heavier then the average gun.
you have to screw out the butt of the stock to access battery.

Overall: I had a blast today with this gun. I believe I ended the day with a 35 kills and 10 deaths. This gun is great for sniping and suppressing fire. Defiantly worth the investment. This gun will not let you down. I recommend buying extra mags and a extra battery, I had G&P Intellect 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH V-Shape Battery (Deans Connector). Hopefully this review helped you out on your decision if this gun is right for you!
by trent a. on 07/28/2014
"this gun is the best for a sniper, just slap a ghille, bipods, maybe a scope and youre set. it is heavy but it is a sniper so im not sure why people complain about weight.

high fps
easy to find parts
high mag capacity
quiet for an aeg
integrated scope rail
nice paint
cheek riser
very solid(no wobble)

little heavy in the back
battery hard a little hard to get to

definately get it if you got the budget
by Josh F. on 06/26/2014
"Overall a great gun. I was really excited to receive this weapon and preformed beautifully for a while. Something messed up with the internals of the gun and it stopped working. Ive came to the conclusion that it is a faulty model so I returned it and got a new one.

-Very accurate to about 250ft
-Great quality scope that comes with it
-Very durable
-Very high quality metal
-~1200 bb's per minute (Could be a pro or con)
-Need a flat head to access the battery compartment
-Battery compartment is so big that the battery moves around alot
-Needs a deans to tamiya converter
-Little on the heavy side, but for the performance, the weight doesn't matter

In the end a really great gun with some small flaws, but despite those its really awesome and worth the money
by Patrick C. on 04/25/2014
"UPDATE: The gun was sent back for replacement at NO EXTRA COST. Thanks Evike :)

Overall, I would give it a 4/5. It would deserve higher if it weren't for the insanely slow RMA process (took a month before I got my gun back). I realized I couldn't edit my previous review, so here's a new one.

-Accurate (even with the stock barrel)
-Quiet (a bit quieter than a G&G CM)
-Magazines are realistic. One of my friends who has served in 'nam told me that the G&P M14 mags look more realistic than the CYMA flat black one.
-Everything is STEEL. It's solid as a rock. I could probably bash this against a tree and it still won't break.
-Comes with a RDS... which isn't bad at all. Very much usable.
-TM compatible which makes after market parts readily available.

-HEAVY! Even I have trouble running around with this. Weighs a good 9-10 lbs with scope and battery
-Small battery space. It could barely fit a large 3300 mAh plus the deans to tamiya connector. I would highly advise to get a stick type, not a PEQ configuration (like I did) as it is a tight fit.
-ROF is a bit too high. Sometimes my midcaps misfeed due to the high ROF.
-FPS a tad too high for CQB. Mine was shooting in the high 380s with 0.23g.
-Stock plastic is a bit flimsy... Not as solid as my KWA MP7.
-LITTLE RAIL SPACE! I couldn't fit my scope on (too large), so I had to stick to the RDS that came with it. If you want attachments (like a Magpul AFG), I would recommend just drilling holes in the stock and installing Magpul rails.

It might look like there are more cons than pros, but trust me, I was not disappointed when I took it to the field. With the RDS calibrated, I was easily picking off enemies at 150+ feet. As long as you have a 2 point sling, the weight shouldn't bother you that much. You won't regret this M14!
by Bryan E. on 08/07/2013
"I bought this gun a few weeks ago and it is by far the best m14 on the market. The other m14's may be cheaper but you do get what you pay for. It shoots 410 fps consistently and has a solid range. Its a little bulky and has limited external work that can be done but you get the amazing working internals that make up for it.

One issue is that after 3 weeks of use the motor did fail. Evike is replacing the motor and trigger contacts though so I just lose use of it for a few weeks. Overall, best m14 I have found on the market!
by Ethan B. on 06/17/2013
"This is an awesome gun, fully upgrade-able has an awesome rate of fire and good trigger response. It is very accurate and gets almost 200 ft of range. This is a good buy for any one looking for a high quality DMR for low cost.
Good Accuracy
Long Range
High ROF
Large Battery compartment
The magwell tends to only accept G&P mags
by Michael C. on 04/09/2013
"Very solid shooting aeg, accurate at 150+feet, mags fit very well, great hopup chamber. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone who's looking for a good assault / DMR build. The only con that I have with this gun is that its a little on the heavy side, but don't let it discourage you the performance and quality of this AEG will not dissapoint
by Michael C. on 04/09/2013
"Very solid shooting aeg, accurate at 150+feet, mags fit very well, great hopup chamber. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone who's looking for a good assault / DMR build. The only con that I have with this gun is that its a little on the heavy side, but don't let it discourage you the performance and quality of this AEG will not dissapoint