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G&G CM16 R8-L Airsoft AEG Rifle Combo Package w/ Scope - Tan (Package: Gun Only)

11 Customer Reviews

by Ethan A. on 12/18/2015
"Well, this is my first AEG. Ive been doing airsoft for about 7 months now, and have not had the money for a new gun. I got a 15 buck springer with 220 fps with 20 grams. Then I got this gun. MAP sales got me the charger for free. That is great. Anyhow, the gun is sturdy, heavy, and long. The red dot is a 30mm AP that works great.

Heavy (For those who like heavy)
Mostly metal
Great for CQB and outdoors

Shoots 380-390 FPS, website says 340-350~ (Using for CQB)
Nothing else
by david B. on 08/29/2015
"Been playing airsoft off and on for 13 years. I have had some pretty high end stuff, and I have to say this gun is on par with it all. I got mine for a steal (previous owner bought it, 9.6v 1600 mah battery, and smart charger only to find there was no where near him to play so I bought it all for $50 on ebay). This is my favorite gun I have ever owned so far and I have had a lot. The red dot sight is good, leaves leaves a little to be wanted but still good enough to keep for a while. It is accurate pretty far out even with .20 bbs, and super accurate with .25 bbs. It's not ideal for CQB but I love it as field gun.
by Garrett W. on 02/15/2015
"I have owned this gun for nearly a year. In that time I have been through dozens of airsoft skirmishes with this weapon. Overall I have not been disappointed at all with it. It has seen me through many battles and has got its share of takedowns.
Pros of the gun
High rate of fire
Accurate to a reasonable distance (iv hit people at about 90-120 feet away)
Looks great my friends and I all love how the rail looks especially
Hardy I threw this thing into a manure spreader then jumped onto it during one war out one round through to clear the barrel and whacked a guy with the next.
Well put together(still probably under Hardy) in my near year of ownership only one screw on the tale came loose. All it took was one half turn to tighten down.
Low enough fps for indoor fields (could be a con)
The only cons that can come up is that the rifle is a little slow in fps for outdoor wars people have time to get out of the way on some long shots.
The red dot is difficult to sight in when I adjust elevation sometimes the left and right moves in the gun as well(could just be a bad optic on mine)
Sometimes the gun has difficulty feeding on full auto with some magazines and can have some difficulty with the mag it came with however it isn't very often at all a little tape on the back of the mag fixes it quite handily.

Overall this gun is amazing for indoors and is adequate easily for outdoors. If you will be using it outside a lot I might recommend either a higher fps g&g or a heavier spring in the gun say an m120
Overall I love my gun and have yet to be truly disappointed.
by Cade S. on 12/14/2014
"I think this gun is amazing. I don't mean to hate but if you are going to talk trash about an airsoft gun get your facts straight there is no Delta the IRS is bolted on thats why there is no wiggle. This gun is amazing thnx evike.
by sam r. on 06/19/2013
"A very quality gun from g&g. Nylon reinforced abs body is extremely durable. Full metal is nice but I prefer the plastic body as it makes carrying and shouldering the rifle a breeze. A good gun for new or old players. I've been playing 11 years and I find myself using this over my 4 AK's.
by Zarl S. on 01/15/2013
"This is an amazing gun overall. I have alraedy used it in a couple games and it performs great. There is only a couple things that I don't like about it. The first thing is the gun doesn't come with any iron sights and the scope randomly shuts off if you run with it.


-Great ROF
-Great accuracy(even without good sights)
-The tan color looks cool
-The fact that the battery goes in the stock makes the gun feel ten times lighter than if it went in the hand guard
-Convenient that it comes with a battery and charger


-No iron isights
-Scope randomly shuts off(might just be mine)

This is a great gun. I highly reccomend it to people who are just starting airsoft. It looks great, performs great, and I love it.
by Logan h. on 10/25/2012
"I got this gun 2 days ago and it is amazing. It feel very high quality the rails, upper and lower receiver, stock, and pistol grip are made out of high quality plastic. It is very durable. The red dot is full medal. The outer barrel is metal. The inner barrel seems to be made out of aluminum (very nice for standard barrel). The inner barrels is the standard 363mm but the outer barrel isn't so the inner barrel doesn't go to the end of the outer barrel it doesn't seem to effect the accuracy at all. (could be pro or con) The gun is still very accurate. The battery is a good battery not a crappy one you get with other guns. Great ROF with a 9.6v. The charger has and indication light so you know when its charged.

light weight
great ROF
comes with a good red dot
great trigger response

some may say it being mostly plastic would be a con but i don't think so.
doesn't come with iron sights (not really a con).
other then that i cant think of any other cons except maybe the barrel thing.

Over all 5 out of 5 great gun and a great price.
comes with good battery, red dot, and a semi smart charger so great deal.
by Ethan G. on 06/15/2017
"First off, I have this gun but it came with a barrel that was flush with the rails rather then extending beyond the rails. This gun has endless upgrades. I have an hpa system in it and added a few upgrades and I'm currently hitting people from 300 ft away and head shot accuracy at 250 no problem. A 6.05x509mm inner barrel , 6on barrel extension, foot long suppressor and some trigger upgrades turns this basic to something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Only problem is that the polymer is a little to flexible for my liking. Other then that a 9/10 gun
by Zach H. on 08/15/2015
"First of all, don't take every detail of a review as fact: Cons can come from personal error or manufacturing error, and pros can come from personal experience as well. I've had this gun for 1/2 a year now and it is outstanding overall. I will give a list of pros and cons, as well as some tips:

Long rail system, perfect for if you want to rewire to a peq box battery holder, or just want to keep flashlights out of the way of your hand.

Long barrel, doesn't improve range too much since it is an airsoft gun, but definitly gives it a decent range.

Great stock internals, keeps the fps at a rate where it is not too high for cqb, but high enough to pack a punch.

The Nylon-Fiber construction is very well done, and keeps this rifle light to compensate for its length.

Very good rate of fire even with a 9.6v 1600mA battery.

Included scope is high quality.

Overall, looks amazing.

Just a note, but more to the side of being bad: The stock magazine does wobble a bit more than standard magazines, but it is not too bad, at least in my experience.

Battery spacer (the piece of plastic in the stock that prevents battery wobble) can prevent changing the stock to shortest setting, fix for that below.

Orange tip is harder to remove than most.

Stock is very tight to buffer tube, which is good when you want the stock on but makes it harder to take the stock off and put it back on, but not a major issue. I want to clarify that it is loose enough to easily change stock positions, only touble is removing stock.


Battery spacer: Take the spacer out, and wrap 5 layers of electrical tape around the battery.

Removing rail system and barrel completely, to be able to put on a new railsystem or barrel: People everywhere say it is impossible on this gun. That is false, this gun does have a delta ring it is just hidden well. You should be fine using standard barrels or rail systems on this gun once removed. Unscrew both hex screws on the rail system, and pull off, then unscrew both screws in the outer barrel and pull that off. Use a flashlight if you need to, and look into the circular gap. See the tan (Or black) piece with 4 notches around it? That, my friends, is the delta ring this gun supposedly doesn't have. Uncrew it like a normal d-ring, either with a d-ring tool or just 2 small screwdrivers. The rest is self-explanatory.

Overall, this gun is amazing for beginners and pro's alike, since it is fully upgradable, and is the middle ground between long range and cqb. If you are looking for a low-budget airsoft gun, definitly get a combat machine. Plus, you get any item you want under 37 bucks (If I remember right) for free! Also, a word to beginners: $190 seems like a lot, but don't make the mistake of buying an AEG for under $130. You will end up spending a lot more than that by buying cheap plastic guns that are not good for anything :D I probably spent $160 just buying crappy guns before i bought this. Also sorry for long review.
by chris c. on 02/15/2014
"honestly G&G were lazy on the build quality of these. there are so many short comings of this rifle its ridiculous

-plastic RIS and receiver combo is terrible. the thing warped on me just sitting in my room from being lent up against a wall for a week. now my RIS is angled off the the left. horrible build quality
-Delta ring cant be removed so there is really no way to install a metal upper receiver on this.
-Comes with a crap spring. honestly a G&G gearbox can easily handle an M120. this is suppose to be a long range rifle but they put in a really cheap spring so it only shoots around 320 FPS stock. laziness on their part,

-wired to the rear
- classically reliable G&G gearbox (just needs a real spring put in)
- Comes with a red dot sight (personally I prefer running a scope or iron sights so not much help to me)

overall, this rifle is not worth the money. the build quality is cheap on everything from the upper receiver forward. you would be better off buying a G&G "m4 challenge kit" and buying a barrel and RIS separately.
by Theodore C. on 05/06/2017
"I bought this gun off another site and it sucks! This gun worked for 1 week then giving up, we replaced batteries and even sent it to G&G to get it fixed. We get it back and then when we try it out when firing in automatic it will double feed and it won't work until you fire it a few times in semi. After putting up with this for another 3 days! It finally stops and now only makes a buzzing noise. Maybe it's just mine but in my mind don't get it!