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G&G CM16 R8-L Airsoft AEG Rifle Combo Package w/ Scope - Black (Package: Gun Only)

9 Customer Reviews

by Nathan C. on 04/27/2017
"I've personally had this gun for about a year and airsofted for at least 16 years and I've played at least 50 games with it and everyone I play with knows me in the field soley because of this gun. The range is amazing and I play mostly outdoors. The fps clocked in at little over 400 and I bought mine from a licensed g&g retailer in my area and he told me it was going to shoot at about that because I wanted something that shot a little hot because I play mainly outdoors and in that case your pretty far apart on your shots. I have only one con and it was the high cap mag it came with jammed up the first day I took it out in the middle of a game. But overall I would say it's the best I've ever owned never jammed or jams just a little silicone oil and your good.
by Richard W. on 02/02/2017
"I bought this beauty around Christmas time last year and finally took it out a week ago. This thing is a brute. I outgunned 4/5 people I engaged. Im a very agressive player but this thing kicks some tail. The sight isnt very reliable in very bright day light, but all you need to do is change the batteries often. Not too much to ask for a free sight though.

Free float rail system for optimal C-Clamp.
Free sight.
Free comfortable mag.
G&G-If it breaks, its gonna be something small unless you misuse it.
Easy tear down.
Great FPS - Not too much, not too little.
Lighter than anticipated.
Rails sharp enough to beyonet your enemies w/o a rubber knife
Tough polymer.
Sexually exciting to look at.

Stock mag has had a few feeding issues.
In bright day light, red dot is no where to be seen.
by Nathan S. on 03/26/2016
"I have had this gun for 2 and a half years and the thing still works like a charm. The FPS is very consistant and rarely if ever drops the bbs from the barrel. From what I ahve seen the other reviews are not right, because the battery space is plenty for a 9.6v battery. Since I bought this I have attached a different front assembly and Magpul MOE furniture and the thing is bad ass. The one con I have found is that the free float system tends to wobble some and you have to tighten the outer barrel after a full day of use. Other than thant this gun is awesome. I will deffinatly buy from G&G again.

Steady FPS
Highest quality polymer I have ever seen
Good Battery Space
Free Red Dot
Free $35 masada mag wth rubber grips
Great internals
Little to no jamming
Good hop up
relativly high ROF
Great motor grip

Front assembly wobble
Butt plate can be stiff

BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!
by Kyle C. on 06/27/2015
"I picked this gun up a couple months ago and i have played about 13 ish days total with it roughly 50 or so games, so this is no unboxing review. Firstly I will say this is an awesome starter platform. Now for the pros/cons

-High FPS (mine came out of the box shooting .20g @ a consistent 395 fps) evike has it listed at like 330-350 on my box it had "high FPS version" stamped on it.
-Accuracy for a stock gun this is way accurate.
-it comes with an optic (see cons)
-LONG pica-tinny rail "all the accessories"
-Semi auto feels very crisp
-Cool high cap (that it comes with)

- dust cover is a @%$# to get open while in game (hop-up location)
- Long for CQB (not a problem for me but for some it is)
- FPS was listed wrong on the site not the manufactures fault.
- The optic is garbage that it comes with unfortunately and believe me I tried to like it if you are playing during the day you won't see the dot if you play indoors it will work fine for you.

So for the magazine feeding problems I've seen people talking about. Fill your mid caps about 3/4 the way and you WILL NOT have feeding issues.
by atticus b. on 04/04/2015
"This gun is definitely one of the most upgradable guns on the market. For beginners or people on a budget looking for a M4, this gun is one of the best. I highly recommend a tight bore barrel and a new spring and motor. Starting out the gun is great for CQB. Some people say it is good for field too but I could only get about 60 feet of range with this, but putting in a better hop up and tight bore I was able to get about 150 feet+!
by John S. on 11/18/2012
"I did ALOT of research before buying this G&G R8-L. This gun has the best combined overall features that you would look for in an airsoft gun. This gun has an nylon ABS reinforced upper and lower receiver, and front stock. I attach externals to my gun so I prefer the saving of 2.5 pounds. Besides, these items will never fail. It shoots 350fps with .20g, and the rof is about 800. It comes with an excellent quality red dot scope (all aluminum) and a very good 9.6V 1600mah battery with a ac charger which has an indicator light for full charge and automatic cut off. This gun has a great overall feel and look with accuracy built in. I highly recommend this gun.

weight 5.5 lbs
power and accuracy
great look and feel
nice red dot scope (included-retails about $55)
Good battery and charger (included)
nice 450 hi cap mag
nothing loose or wobbly
G&G quality

by Jonny R. on 06/07/2015
"This gun is pretty good. I've had it for about 6 months and it's pretty solid. I've only had a few problems recently but I'm kinda new to airsoft and it seems like a easy fix.

Made out of polymer and it's super tough and durable

Is very accurate right out of the box. About 300 fps

not to bad on price


The battery compartment is pretty tight

Sometimes, I have to shoot about 3-5 shots before a bullet comes out. ( on all mags so the issue isn't the mag)

For some people, the fps is low
by Matt S. on 04/19/2015
"Bought this gun at a local store because the man said it was the best deal they had, and it was. It's accurate and durable, and the enhanced magazine included feels great. The barrel is a bit long to use indoors or in CQB fields, and I was getting around 400 fps, not the 350 they say on this site. I did have a few problems with the magazine not feeding after I fired around 200 BBs from it.

Strong construction
Nice sight included

Long barrel gets a tad annoying here and there
Magazine feeding problems occasionally
9.6v Nunchucks are a tight fit, almost a difficult one.
by Andrew S. on 02/10/2015
"This gun is pretty good. It has good fire right, its really light and it just looks really nice. But, it has some cons, and pros!

Light Weight
PLENTY of room for attachments

Sorta Flimsy
Battery a pain and if you manage to get it the stock won't work properly
It doesn't shoot well when firing semi-auto fast
Magazine Weird

Its an okay gun but get something different and I suggest full metal because you get the feel for the gun.