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Model: Vest-JAM01-B

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by Devin B. on 2015-12-30 11:44:22
"i love this plate carrier It fits well if your 13 and about 5,1 '' this will fit it

Pros: fits well
high quality

Cons: mag pouches suck!
I don't really like how the cummerbund is attached its just like tied on with something
by Seth C. on 2015-11-16 01:37:07
"I love this vest. I've got a tall and slender build so I have a tough time finding vest that fits tight enough to prevent gear from moving around. Not only was it tight enough but I had to loosen it a bit to get it just right. Adjusting it can be a bit time consuming but it's a great fit and it will not come loose during an engagement. The built in pouches are great. The admin pouch is big enough for my wallet, phone, and car keys. It also has 3 built in slots that fit my m4 mags very well.
by cheyenne l. on 2015-09-22 15:27:52
"I recently purchased this vest for airsoft and i have to say i absolutely love it. The vest is really comfortable although i did take out the plates and replace them with my own homemade cardboard plates for added flexibility and comfort.. I also may add that i'm a 5,7 female who is 120 lbs. I highly recommend this vest for people who are tall and skinny who are looking for a smaller vest that fits.
by Bethany P. on 2015-09-14 05:24:16
"I am a Female, 5'0 Flat and ~140lbs. This fits very snug on me but it might be because of my feminine parts bulging in the front. It's a little difficult to adjust but when you finally get it, it fits like a glove. I ended up taking the hard plates out of it and replaced it with my own rigged up padding which still works just as fine. Overall I'd rate this an 8/10.
by William C. on 2015-03-28 23:10:52
"This vest is excellent, I am 14 years old, male, 110 pounds, kinda skinny and 5'3. I am a short kid but it fits me like no other vest has.If you're a kid and you're looking for a small plate carrier that fits, this is it. You'll have to adjust the shoulder straps but that's it. It'll fit you nicely and it will feel firm.

-Fits smaller people when adjusted
-Has a decent amount of MOLLE
-Integrated mag pouches

-Might feel a little bulky and a little more immobilized due to the mock SAPI plates
-Can't fit a lot of gear on there unless you add more pouches
-Should only be used in pick up games unless you customize it more
by Bobby A. on 2014-10-24 14:02:08
"This plate carrier is great it can fit small and large players and looks great! You don't have to have a lot of things on this plate carrier for it to look good on you. DO NOT buy sappe plates it already comes with 2, do not listen to those who tell you otherwise.
by Nolan H. on 2014-05-12 16:17:57
"This Rig will fit ANYONE easy to put on and adjust if you want sapi plates get the medium size i have a vid on it
many people who have spent hundreds on their plate carriers admire this rig and I have not added anything!!!
by Ben W. on 2013-12-26 16:54:23
"This is a great Low Profile vest, it is pretty small and very tight fitting (I am about 5 feet tall and 115 lbs) I only have small problems with it's fitting.

Low Profile
3 integrated M4 style magazine pouches
Integrated Admin Panel

Shoulders are stupid hard to adjust
Lots of velcro (not necessarily a bad thing but its a little annoying)
The back gets scrunched up if it is tightly fitted (could be fixed with SAPI plates)

Not a bad plate carrier at all. I would highly reccomend buying this product.
by Nathan R. on 2013-09-02 05:11:40
"My order arrived to day within 4 to 5 days shipping which is acceptable. the vest is very good quality and weighs very little. although of its small frame, it still has allot of molle space to add on radios coms hydration bladders mag pouches you name it. i would reccomend this to someone looking for a light rig and is thinking of buying it. go ahead its worth it...
by nick d. on 2013-08-24 13:28:33
"good vest for 80$ if you have a smaller frame buy this vest. if you are making a high speed low drag kit its good good vest to get.
by ryan f. on 2013-03-31 18:49:17
"Great product. First off, it's a great vest for smaller frame players. I'm 5'4" at 140lbs and it fits me amazingly well. Still has plenty of adjustments up and down. I ordered two medium as sapi plates with it, but it actually comes with two already. The plates it came with are slightly larger than the ones evike sells and doesn't say "Toy Only" at the bottom. They also fit a lot better than the evike plates. There is just enough Molle across to place 3 stanag pouches, which I would prefer. The three integrated pouches are somewhat of a hassle. Because the vest has the nice covers for the shoulder adjustments, it makes it kind of a hassle to adjust it. The straps around the side are also Molle which is a nice touch. I ended up filling the supplied plates with fine metal shavings and stuffed them back in the vest. I estimate each plate to be about seven pounds and when put in the vest with 5 we stanag gas mags it weighed 18lbs. Felt super realistic.

Can be adjusted very small
Come with plates
Molle webbing is tight
Molle straps around the side
Velcro webbing on the top of the front
Pocket behind Velcro webbing
Distributes weight very well

Integrated pouches are a hassle
Included plates were somewhat smushed(fixable)
Kind of pricey
Shoulders were annoying to adjust

Overall, it was a great buy. Feels amazing with weighted plates.
by Thuytran N. on 2013-02-26 17:04:23
"Been using this plate carrier for a month now and I have to say that I am very impressed with it. At first I thought 80$ for a small plate carrier was a bit steep, however I can assure you that the cost is well worth it because of all the features you get along with it.

- Close to the body and allows for movement
- 3 Integrated Mag Pouches (I've used flashmags/plastic midcaps/metal hi caps, All M4 mags)
- Integrated Admin Pouch that can hold cell phones, wallets, dead rags, extra batteries/BBs
- Lots of molle space for the size

- When I mounted 3 pistol mag pouches with the mags in them it would kind of drag the part of the integrated mag pouch that is facing outside down, just a warning

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