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Model: AEG-M016-RDL-B

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by Bryan J. on 2013-08-14 18:28:55
"I have had this gun for almost a year, fielded many times and still works great.

very accurate
shoots great

Flash hider is hard to get off.
by Thomas B. on 2013-06-27 16:47:02
"I got this gun a few days ago and I'm pretty impressed. The only issues is that the mag and stock are a little wobbly and the butt pad is hard to get off.

Nice solid gun
Full metal
Pretty good price

Butt pad was hard to remove
Mag wobble(problem for me)
Stock wobble

overall I would say this gun is perfect for me. I could just do some adjustments to correct the cons but once I get some accessories and stuff on it I'll be ready to go!
by Gabriel M. on 2013-05-16 20:29:53
"I just got this gun not to long ago and the first place I took it was SC and it did AMAZING! The fps was 380+ for me and its ROF is outstanding. I recommend this gun for whoever is looking for an affordable gun. Their is the problem with the stiff wiring but its not so much of a problem unless you did what I did and got the Matrix 9.6V 2300mAh NiMh high output Airsoft RC battery like I did. It gets to be pretty difficult when trying to put this battery in. Also the stock is a but difficult to take off but other than that this gun is great, sounds intimidating and works well in all areas.
by Sally H. on 2013-05-13 12:33:42
"I got this gun a week ago I've put 40,000 rounds through it and I have not had a single problem with it, but if you use a single point sling with the rear mount the stock comes loose and you just have to tighten the screw in the stock an its fine.

The mag that comes with the gun the screw it the bottom of the mag came out, but all you have o do is use some electrical tape on the top of the mag and its fine.

When I bought this gun I also bought an M4/M16 carrying handle and its very accurate, the sight that comes with it is very hard to see out of.

The battery goes in the stock the butt pad is hard to get off so you can get to the battery compartment.

I would recommend this gun to anyone how uses their airsoft gun often.
by Alec C. on 2013-03-11 20:12:08
"I've had this gun for a few months now and may I say I am IN LOVE With it! I would highly recommend it to an Beginning player and Experienced Players!
Full Metal
Perfect for CQB and Field!
Good Price
Rear Wiring is STIFF
Front Iron sight connected to Outer Barrel (Problem for me)
Over all Perfect gun.
by javier r. on 2013-02-09 00:08:18
"i will start saying that this gun is phenomenal its very accurate as heck. its very very light the only three tings that i dont like about it is that in the brown borring box it only comes with the mag it didnt come with the manual, cleaning rod and the front sight adjustment tool, the trademarks are a little fuzzy and the front post sight is part of the outer barrel.

but i give it a 10 of 10

good rofit looks cool
the tango down motor grip (best in the world)
the front post is part of the outer barrel
dont have the cleaning rod and the front adjustment tool
and the charging handle it doent work the dust coveer need to be open by hand (nails)

if you dont have too much money like me but you want a exelent gun and one that is full metal buy this gun 100% satisfied and it worth every penny. :)
by Kevin R. on 2013-02-05 19:38:15
"Okay, i purchased this rifle when it was on special for $130. So its hard to do a review on a gun with a different price than what i bought it for. However, disregarding price, the rifle is an amazing buy. Ive put about 15,000 rounds through this gun and it hasnt failed me once. Hasnt jammed once. Hasnt misfired. Another great product by g&g. Performance is great. Externals are extremely sturdy. Very good rails. The only thing im not sure about is the outer barrel. It says full metal but im not sure if its metal. Either way its very sturdy and it doesnt bother me.

Great fps:365
Great range
Great magwell

just the hop up is a little bi polar
and the outer barrel's material is questionable
by joanne d. on 2012-12-25 20:59:12
"To start off with this revew i have to say im impressed.
I got it today for cristmas and was amazed. This is a great gun for the price shoots great and is fairly accurit.Tho there is only one problem i see with it. The charging handle dosent function great (dosent release dust cover and spring stretches out so will have to buy nwe charging handle spring). Other than that i havent seen any problems with it. Rails are sturdy. Sights are good. All in all great gun.

Full metal
Metal Mag
Looks great
SCAR rear sight

Charging handle

Why pay 300+ for a full metal M4 when you could get this!
by scott s. on 2012-12-24 12:17:16
"This is my first quality airsoft gun and I could not be happier. I am amazed with G&G's quality. The gun is an absolute beast. It cronoed at about 350-360 so its good for CQB or field and I can't wait to see what this baby can do with a new spring. the gun is light, powerful, good rof, and sturdy.

good fps for CQB or field
good weight
good rod
accurate! up to about 150 feet

the only problem I found with this gun was the mags. At first they wobbled a bit but it didn't seem to affect the feeding. Once I put it on full auto (which I rarely do) then there were feeding issues. However a little black duct tape around the mag fixed it no problem and now it's absolutely amazing!

awesome gun
worth every penny
by Kevin D. on 2012-09-25 19:52:33
"This Gun is very... Light. I expected it to similar to my full metal G&P but it is very different in the weight department. It may just be me. It feels like Pot Metal.. But it is more durable. I have had the gun almost two weeks. The gun has a great rate of fire. It shoots fairly straight for about 30yds. then tends to veer off course. but some .28g bbs fixed that like a charm.

very durable
light(could be a con)
mag well is very solid
sights are pretty good
-14mm threads
good ROF

No battery
No charger(doesn't affect me much because i have a smart charger, but still)
non functioning bolt
Have to open dust cover with finger nail(just make sure your hop up is dialed in completely before playing){this may just be a con for me because i am used to G&G's blowbacks)
It comes with nothing in the box. Beside the gun 2 foam pieces and bubble wrap(PLEASE NOTE! Bubble wrap is an excellent source of entertainment!)
No manual. (that's how i started this review was because i was looking for a manual..)

Over all: Great Gun, looks fierce, nice ROF(w/ 9.6v of course) good for starters and expierenced.

Displaying 13 to 22 (of 22 reviews)

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