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Pre-Order ETA August 2017 G&G Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Crane Stock - Black (Package: Gun Only)

10 Customer Reviews

by Timothy S. on 06/08/2014
"Very good rifle, out of the box average accuracy (Not great or bad), Great for beginners with a higher budget or for more experienced players for a base gun
by Elvis H. on 10/07/2013
"i have owned many AEG's and this is overall the best gun i have ever owned!
super accurate, sexy looking, durable, amazing paint job and metal, shoots fast-hard and straight.
worth the price, you will never find one like it.
its is pretty much unbreakable.
and that is if you take care of it!
it can handle strong batteries, and shoots fast! even with a 8.4volt.

its a amazing gun.
i am a very happy airsofter because if it :D
by John R. on 10/07/2013
"I purchased this weapon and Iím glad I did. This weapon is simply amazing. This blows TM and CA and ICS out of the water. These are truly top of the line. You canít go wrong with G&G.
This review will broken down into five parts.

Externals- This M4 has some of the best externals Iíve seen. Definitely the best on a weapon I have owned. The metal is very nice. The gun isnít as heavy as I expected, this can be good and bad. This is a very nice looking weapon. The nylon is very tough and feels very comfortable. The hand guard is of very high quality. G&G also put in a very nice looking logo. G&G defiantly put time into designing and making their externals; they did the same with there internals.

Internals- G&G also put time into designing there internals. The stock gears and motor can take up to an m130 spring. The weapon is pretty loud. The GR16 comes with a stock 6.4mm tight bore barrel. The barrel measurements are 363mm by 6.04mm on the m4 and 509mm by 6.04mm on the m16. The motor is capable of 25000 rpm. It cant shoot 25000 rpm but the motor can turn 25000 times per minute. These internals are the best Iíve seen on a stock gun. I donít have any complaints about the internals.

Performance- This weapon is an amazing performer. The fps is around 370 with .20.
The tight bore makes the weapon have great range and phenomenal accuracy along with the hop up. This weapon can defiantly compete with upgraded guns. The ROF is very high. Itís sometimes faster than the magazine. The range where its accurate is up to 150-160ft. groups were around 1.5 inches at 30ft, 3 inches at 60ft, 5.5 inches at 90ft, and around 11 inches at 120 ft. this is including the bb the furthest from the group.

Upgrades-for you upgrade whores out there. This is a very good platform. The motor and gears can take up to m130 making it a DMR. It is 100% TM compatible inside and out.

Externals- 25/25
Internals- 24/25
Performance- 22/25
I definitely recommend this gun to anyone.
by Chuck M. on 10/07/2013
"First AEG ever. Recommended by an experienced player.
Shot 335fps out of the box, straight and level with no hopup dialed in.
3 evenings of shooting @1000bbs through it so far.

Pros: Good solid feel
Cons: no battery or charger included with it.
by Shirlene M. on 08/20/2013
"First of all I couldn't find a review for this gun but when I did it was an unboxing. But all in all this gun is great really sturdy nice 6 position crane stock and the battery placement keeps the gun balanced. Nice 450rd hi cap mag a little bit of mag wobble but electrical tape will fix that. Shoots 395fps out of the box which is high for my local arena but ill swap out the spring in the future. The only problem is that the price will most likely take up all your budget for the rest of your loadout. But that's the price you pay for a full metal gun.

Full metal
395 FPS
6 position crane stock
450rd hi cap
Battery placement

Mag wobble(fixable w/ electrical tape)
by Max S. on 06/07/2013
"This rifle is great, better than my ACR that i spent over 200$ in upgrades (and 200$+ for the rifle) its FPS is 395 (.20) goes as far as 60 yards very accurate the barrel is shorter than the outer barrel (about 1 inch before it would meet the base of the orange tip) and looks like a tight bore barrel and Elite Force 140rd mid-caps fit great
by Daniel C. on 01/14/2013
good accuracy right out the box
good ROF for CQB
full metal
simple (personal opinion)
nice finish
good range

mag wobble (electrical tape, easy fix)
delta ring a bit stiff out the box
battery needs time to get use to in and out (not a crane stock fan)

great gun! very well worth it.
go G&G!
by adam b. on 09/04/2016
"I've had this gun for a month now and I will keep it short

∑good construction
∑Consistant fps
∑G&g quality

∑I did not receive what is pictured. (I got the tan model with a basic motor grip not the one pictured here)
∑Cheap inner barrel (swapped with a madbull tightbore barrel)
∑Sluggish motor (swapped with a krytac 30k motor)

Overall opinion: solid m4 platform at a decent price, great performance after very minor tweaks and upgrades!

Would buy G&G guns in the future!
by michael t. on 08/12/2013
"I just got this gun last week from the m4 box of awesomeness and had a chance to field test it this weekend. I have to say that i really like this gun. Chronographs at 395 with .2g bbs out of the box which is my local fields limit for cqb. So i was a little sad that its shooting so hot that i couldn't drop a tightbore in it to increase the accuracy because that would just bump me over the 400 fps limit. so i bought some .25g bbs and ran them through this gun and it really increased the accuracy and still kept a respectable 370 fps. this gun also has a great ROF stock.

Full metal and very solid overall construction
battery in the crane stock
good out of box fps and rof
very accurate with .25g bbs

wobbly crane stock (i think this is nearly unavoidable with crane stocks)
very stiff delta ring
mags a tiny bit wobbly but imo not so much of a con because id rather have fast out mags than stuck in mags.
the lovely glued on G&G orange flash hider that im not looking forward to cutting off

on another note after 4 hours of back to back quick paced cqb games i did manage to drain a 9.6v 1600 mah battery. not a con just something to keep in mind if you plan on playing all day with this get a second battery. and i suggest upgrading the hop up bucking and nub to increase accuracy without pushing up the fps.
by Nicolas F. on 02/07/2013
"Good: Nice build quality
Very accurate
Good ROF
Beautiful Hi cap mag 400round
small connector tam.
Minimal barrel wobble
No stock wobble.
BAD: Easy scratch surface
3 or 4 retractions of the stock scratches it up
slight mag wobble
Horrid orange tip

I received my lovely and first G&G M4 on the 6th of February. It has impressed me thus far and has quickly made the top of my favorite brands list. It works well with Elite Force mid cap mags which also have found themselves as my top favorite. Even works with the first gen dboys magazines.