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JG Full Metal AK AMD-65 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Lipo Ready Gearbox (Package: Black - Gun Only)

8 Customer Reviews

by Chase W. on 01/05/2018
"Got this gun with the 9.6V stick type battery package, awesome deal, full metal everything and my favorite part of the gun is the steel folding stock. There's slight wobble in the folding stock but that's to be expected with most guns, it's notice even noticeable unless you're very observant. No magazine wobble and the internals are amazing. I decided to take the vertical grip off of the gun just because I didn't like the position it was in, just my preference though. There is an opening on the bottom of the grip where you can unscrew it off, however you will need to take the gun apart to get the spare piece that holds the bolt and the grip in place or else it will be wiggling all inside of the gun, that doesn't matter though because I got a good look at the inside of my gun and put it all back together with no problem at all. 10/10 no regrets at all.
by Pat R. on 06/03/2016
"This ak was probably the best value for the money when it came out a few years ago. I've had thus gun for about 3 and a half years and not one bit of me regrets buying it. However, there are some things to know about it when you get it.

First off, wobbly sight. Force some aeg shims on the pins until it is snug.
Second of all, ABSOLUTE GARBAGE HOP UNIT. Replace asap. Barrel is fine. I bought an shs cnc unit and rounded it to fit inside the outer barrel.
THIS IS A VFC STYLE AK. This is good and bad. The good thing is that it's the strongest built ak on the market and ridiculously easy to takr apart. Bad part? Aftermarket externals...ehhh....good luck finding what you need. It's easier to put real steel handguard on, but....airsoft specific stuff is going to be harder to find. Luckily it's tough as hell, so don't worry.

Also, there is no plate in the mag well that keeps the mags from getting rocked in to aggressively. So train with this thing to keep from fumbling on reloads.

The wire stock is potmetal. Still remarkably tough. Did a cartwheel down a hill on it in a firefight, seemed fine. The notch rounded over eventually though, so it just sort of sticks in place.

Other than that it's a great platform to learn how to work on aegs, and is overall a really great gun to boot. Will never let you down as long as you keep it maintained and run good bbs in it.
by Greg A. on 11/16/2015
"I originally bought this gun because it was my favorite gun in a game called Alliance of Valiant Arms. Ok so this gun has given me no problem at all i love easy to use. GET THIS GUN PLS. Great for the price. Looks and feels amazing and is super accurate.
by Nathan I. on 11/24/2013
"This gun is amazing out of the box both internally and externally. Ran about 2500 rounds through it in one day and it performed well and consistently. The ROF is decent and the range is phenomenal with the pre-installed Madbull bucking. Only qualms I have against it externally is the wobbly rear sight, other than that it is a great buy for the price.

- Tight mag fit (no noticeable wobble)
- Internals are very good straight out of the box
- Unique look

- Only con is the wobbly rear sight, but it isn't really a big deal if you adjust to 3 or higher

If you are an AK style enthusiast I highly recommend this, it is unique.
by nick p. on 04/01/2013
"Ok, right off the bat I'm going to say this gun is incredible. I've had it for a couple of months now, and I've been more than impressed, especially for the price. You might think $225 seems like a large chunk of money, but trust me, it's worth every penny. The one thing that, above all, has stood out about this gun, however, is the noise. This is by far the LOUDEST airsoft gun I've ever fired. It's loud to the point that I've often considered wearing ear protection when firing it indoors. Not necessarily bad or good, it certainly makes it quite intimidating but might give away your position.

Now, pros and cons:

- full metal
- great price
- good FPS (I've clocked it in around 375)
- excellent range (the madbull hopup is really quite good, I've fired at around 175-200 feet no problem)
- the whole gun is steel, with a few exceptions: the pistol and vertical grips are both polymer, and the stock bar is pot metal. Don't let this put you off, however - the stock is extremely strong and can easily support the entire weight of the gun.
- The battery that comes with the gun is a 9.6v, and is quite good - don't just throw it away!
- the gun comes with 2 (yes, 2) 600 round metal high-caps

However, there is one major downside:
- atrocious accuracy. While the madbull hopup gives it range past the 200 foot mark, the short barrel has a major effect on the gun's actual grouping. While the bbs will travel that distance, at that range you'll be seeing a 5-7 foot spread. This makes the gun an excellent support or suppression weapon, it's definitely not suitable for any sort of marksman role. However, the AMD IS a vehicle crew / paratrooper weapon, so the short barrel is to be expected.
- the only other con I can think of is that the stock bar is quite low. If you want to rest your cheek on the stock, I would recommend an aftermarket stock riser - real steel AMD cheek risers should fit on this no problem. It is possible to rest your chin on the stock, which seems to work quite well, and if you've had problems with aiming down sights because of a full face mask, this stock would be ideal.
by Lucas B. on 12/25/2012
"I'm going to start this review by saying that THIS GUN IS AMAZING. I'll go through all of the pros and the cons (although there are almost no cons).

- Full metal (mostly steel, just a few non-steel parts)
- Very solidly built and there is nearly no wobble (Just a little in the stock)
- Very nice upgrades pre-installed
- Comes with 2 steel magazines that hold 600 rounds each
- Folding stock locks nicely into position and is very strong. I doubt that it will ever break.
- Easy to take apart
- No magazine wobble
- Insane hop-up; I was hitting a 200 ft target nearly every single time using Matrix .25g bb's and with the hop-up turned all the way off, aiming the sights straight on the target.
- Comes with a 9.6v battery which gives it a ROF that's around 14 bb's per second. Very nice for a stock gun.
- Fantastic accuracy
- No mis-feeding
- Amazingly crisp trigger response. The gun will fire flawlessly on semi every time you pull the trigger. No hiccups on full-auto
- Motor sounds great

- Stock release button rubs against your hand when gripping the pistol grip (just wear some gloves to fix this problem)
- Paint rubs off easily (This could be a pro or a con, I kinda like it cause it gives the gun a nice, worn look)
- There is a metal pin in the orange tip that prevents you from screwing it off. I'm just going to use a power saw to saw the tip in half.
- Magazines that come with the gun are hi-caps (Just me, I prefer mid-caps)

This gun is fantastic. Although there are a few cons, the pros greatly out-way them. I am very, very impressed with this gun. I'm going to go as far as to say that I like it more than my ARES Tar-21. I would recommend this gun to any airsoft player, from beginner to advanced. In short, GET THIS GUN.
by Kenneth S. on 10/14/2012
"This AMD-65 is a Fantastic gun. the gun is mostly metal (except for the vertical grip and the pistol grip), and is Amazingly accurate. The gun is very unique and pretty looking, you won't find to many other AMDs on the field. I have Tested this gun in both small and large skirmishes, and it is quite impressive.

Good weight
Nice length
Comes with some nice upgrades
2 mags
9.6 battery
Fantastic Accuracy
Folding stock
Beautiful externals
Tons of upgrades

Fps (my field has a 350fps limit)
Big and Orange flash hider
Not as short as expected
by Juliet B. on 10/04/2016
"Got this for $85 on sale 4 Oct 2016. Probably the best value for an AEG I have ever seen. Included:
-Cardboard box branded "Golden Eagle" plus lots of polystyrene foam packaging.
-Gun plus blue SB199 tape for Cali residents
-ONE 600-round AKM type magazine. Come on Evike, TWO (2) mags were advertised. Going to knock off one point but for $85 who am I to complain?
-Standard cleaning rod.
-9.6v 1100 mAh stick-type small-tamiya connected battery.
-100 or so .2g Goldenball-brand biodegradable BBs.
-Standard dumb charger. 10V at 300 mAh. Just under a 4 hour charge time for a fully empty stock battery.
-Magazine winding wheel and front sight adjustment tool

It is relatively heavy. Balanced slightly towards the front but the mass is nothing to complain about considering my next point. Full metal, can't tell if normal stamped steel or a ferrous pot metal but it is fairly thick and durable enough. Only plastic parts are the motor grip and the vertical foregrip, which are fairly smooth to the touch. Stock side-folds to the right, resting just under the ejection port and it is locked with an incredibly stiff button located on its hinge. Despite what it may seem, you can get a good cheek weld on the wire stock. However, it is very slippery on your shoulder and not ideal.

Clocked around 385 and 900 RPM with the stock battery and BBs. It has an M4-length (363mm) brass barrel and basic hopup, a classic "functional" AK design philosophy. Speaking of shooting characteristics it is very smooth. Does not whine or bark super loud, evident of a decent shim job from the factory. Full auto spits BBs everywhere, no big surprise.

Sights are not wobbly on my example, contrary to what other reviewers have said. However I will say that as with pretty much all soviet style sights they are pretty bad for accuracy, especially in comparison to an AR15 or just about any scope/red dot.

Stock muzzle brake is big, fat, orange, and metal. Gun is threaded 14mm CCW. Go figure. That hideous foregrip can also be removed but without it you'll have a hard time grabbing the slim, all-metal handguard.

Overall this was an absolute steal at $85. Even at the base price of $165 this would be a good gun, but I would stay away from it at full MSRP as many of the CYMA-type AKs are on sale for about $40-$60 cheaper and provide similar features.