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Matrix SR-2 MB13 Shadow Op Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ LE Stock by WELL (Package: Package B)

9 Customer Reviews

by Isaac J. on 09/17/2017
"Awesome gun for the price. Great for beginners or someone that wants to upgrade their gun themselves. Not a huge fan of the hop-up placement and functionality on the field, although the hop-up unit works pretty well. I didn't receive my bi-pod with my order but had an extra laying around so I never called Evike, although I feel from my experience with them that they would have gave me credit or sent one to me. Evike is great with customer service and was very helpful with my order and letting me know when it was on its way. Also, the scope is great. Thank you Evike for being awesome.
by Aidan S. on 04/23/2017
by Tonya T. on 02/28/2015
"I love this gun it's totally worth buying
by Trystan C. on 02/26/2015
"I love this gun. Once you get it sighted in its crazy accurate. I love how you can switch from righty to lefty (bad parts about being a lefty) it's totally worth it
by Tonya T. on 06/24/2014
i love it. it came with a lot of cool stuff great quality for the price
by Byron K. on 10/27/2013
"I have had this Rifle for about a month and half, used it for about 5-6 games and let some friends use it. It is a fairly well built gun for the price. I am pretty happy with it as my first bolt action Sniper rifle. Since I have bought it I have decided to upgrade it with the kit here on Evike the Airsoft Sniper Rifle Upgrade Kit for APS / Type96 / Shadow Op / MB01 MB05 / Snowwolf M99 / M24 & Comp. Sniper Rifles for $30 Ill let you know in a couple months what I think of the upgrade. The gun currently shoots quite accurate, well and pretty hard with the .25g ammo i have been using. No problems as of yet with the gun and hope it stays that way. :-)
by david w. on 12/30/2012
"I received this gun for Christmas and so far I have had no problems wit it. There are a few things you should know before you buy this though. First off the retractable stock is a bit tighter than a normal M-4 stock so you can't transfer it to another gun. It is made out of the nice plastic most M-4 stocks are made of but if it breaks, finding a replacement won't be easy. The scope and bi-pod it comes with are nice. The scope has multiple zoom levels so it's far better than what I was expecting to come with it. The bi-pod is made out of metal and the legs flip in both directions. The internals are metal as well as the rail for the scope. The outer body as well as the front handguard are made out of a tough ABS. For some reason the buffer tube is also made out of this material, but it shouldn't be a problem. I haven't had the opportunity to crono the gun, but I would say it's around 330-350ish with .25s.

All the crap it comes with
Nice weight
Magazine feeds well

Plastic buffer tube and weird stock.
by kathy d. on 01/12/2017
"A decent starter sniper, the hop-up needs to be adjusted right out of the box with an Allen wrench and isn't in the best place however it is acceptable. The scope is nice with good eye relief however adjusting it is annoying but also acceptable. The bolt is stiff pulling back at first but after awhile it is very smooth. The bi-pod is also good. For upgrading, get a tight-bore barrel, heavier spring, and piston guider.

Decent range
Shoots straight once hop up is adjusted
clear scope

Adjusting hop-up and scope is annoying
only single point sling mount
by Sean E. on 12/25/2014
"Great gun, I bought 10000 .32G BBs to go with this and they work great with it, I haven't taken it out into combat yet, just shot at some targets but it's nice.

For you leftys you can swift the bolt to the other side of the gun
High FPS
Mainly metal
Bipod is easy to deploy/put up and is really tall when extended
Nice Stock

Plastic Buffer Tube
Can't screw on a silencer
Hard to reload the magazine with a speedloader, consider getting spares
Grip is hollow