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Matrix / WELL VSR10 MB09 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Color: Black - Package C)

17 Customer Reviews

by Clarence R. on 09/07/2017
"This looks EXACTLY like the VSR10 MB10 (And since I can't find that, I'm going to assume this is the same thing for the most part)

Anyway, this is a good rifle and the scope/bi-pod it comes with are great as well.

Don't know of any cons as of yet and I have owned the MB09 *cough* mb10 *cough* for over a year.
by Rayce R. on 05/25/2017
"I've had this gun for almost a year now, and i can honestly say this sniper is amazing! after adjust the hop-up and scope it will consistently be hitting targets over and over again. The sling that goes with it isn't great so i would highly recommend you get a different one.

-Lightwieght(can be a con depending on the person, which most VSR-10s are lightwieght)
-consistent precision
-FPS is great out of the box, im getting 400+ FPS with .30 bbs without any upgrades
-honestly the price for the performance is worth it. It out guns my friends sniper that he spent $200+ on

-definitely the Sling, other than that i haven't had any issues with it
by Nate M. on 02/19/2017
"This gun is great! Amazing accuracy, amazing price it's all you could want in a sniper! I only have one complaint, the bolt is very hard to pull back. But otherwise a great gun!
by Samantha R. on 01/20/2017
"I love this rifle, but the sling mounts are very loud and it doesn't always shoot BB's. But that could just be me because I am a newbie and don't know a lot about airsoft yet. It has a super comfortable hold and it's very simple to put together, very happy with this purchase!
by Tanner H. on 10/06/2016
This rifle is on point! The perfect gun for anyone looking to snipe. From the second I saw the box on my doorstep I knew I would love it. It is packaged with an inner and outer box to help with handling during shipping, and the box is small enough you could potentially use it as carrying case. This rifle does come in two pieces and is simple to assemble. The first thing I noticed after putting the rifle together is its weight. The comfortable stock perfectly evens out the weight of the full metal barrel, and it doesn't feel like you're carrying a brick. This rifle simply feels good sitting in your hand, and the added bipod does nothing but make it feel better. The scope that comes with the rifle is metal, adjustable, and fits nicely on the rail. I would have loved to see a metal magazine come with this rifle, but the plastic one feels strong and fits comfortably in the rifle. The bolt is a bit difficult to pull back the first few times, but after taking about twenty shots it loosens up and can be pulled without much hassle. I had some difficulties trying to zero in the scope because shots were inconsistent with .2 bbs. After loading up the magazine with .28 bbs, and making a few adjustments to the scope and hopup my shots became very consistent. I was able to easily hit a target from 150 feet. Overall, if you want a great sniper at a great price, then this is the gun for you!
by Shane M. on 05/28/2016
"When I added this to my cart it said it would come with a scope and bipod, but before I ordered it evike changed it so it doesn't come with a scope anymore. I am still very happy with this rifle.

Great Accuracy, I hit a light pole from 150 feet away with .30g bbs
Good Fps, This already comes with the restrictor removed
Good weight, it is not front heavy like most snipers
Bolt is easy to pull back, it is hard to pull back the first 5 times
Doesn't shoot very loud

BBs, don't use the bbs that come with the gun, mine had dents in them and I found a rock in the bag
Sling mounts make a lot of noise
by Clarence R. on 04/28/2016
"Got this gun the other day and it is just amazing! Shoots really well and the scope is really good! It is very good for being completely stock. This is the first airsoft gun I bought (I have used airsoft guns alot before just bought my first one AKA this sniper)

Amazing price, I'd say its a steal.
Realistic Weight
Comes with good scope & bipod
Strong bolt
Shoots hard & far
High accuracy

You haven't bought this awesome sniper yet.
by Dillon M. on 12/27/2014
"Just bought the gun today. High FPS, bi-pod, scope, for only $117?! It's a steal, cant wait to get it in my hands and use it in some games, if it's as good as it says to be (which I think it will be) then you should definitely get this rifle.
by Kevin B. on 10/21/2014
"Great sniper rifle. The mag holds 30 rounds which for a sniper is only second to L96 mags which hold eight more. It shoots REALLY accurate with .25-.28 gram bbs, but .30+ would make it even more deadly. I got the version with no scope or bipod and purchased them separately, but I've heard good things about the ones Evike sells with the gun. It shoots about 410 FPS with .20s and is still pretty accurate, but I prefer .25s. It still chrono's about 370 FPS with .25s, great power. The only issue is the mag won't feed unless my hand is resting beneath it, but it's my fault because my friend dropped it off a concrete ledge. To think the gun has no really big issues after falling at least 6 feet onto solid concrete is amazing. Great gun. Go buy it.
by William K. on 09/12/2013
"A decent gun out of the box, but after purchasing upgraded internals an optics this gun out shoots mostly any AEGs. I'm happy with the gun and it's upgrade potential. A reviewer commented on the magazines sticking at times, just file a big of the end of the magazine and this problem is fixed instantly. As far as upgrades go, it's very easy to take apart and upgrade (if you're familiar with the VSR-10 you'll have no issues) and to this day I haven't had any qualms about it. The price is right so go buy one!
by Korey J. on 02/26/2013
"Great gun. Solid hits, and far shots. Very light gun. I was expecting it to be front heavy, but i guessed wrong! The weight is balanced well. Also very, very, very, quite!!
-OD Green (in my opinion) blends in better in wooded areas
-Hits far
-Hits hard
-Very quiet
-Light weight, evenly balanced
-Also, very simple assembly
-Hop-Up is also a breeze to change. A tiny little tab on the barrel. Slide towards body makes hop-up go high. Slide away, towards barrel makes hop-up none.

-Besides the bi-pod getting in the way of the sling mount (I don't use bi-pods anyways). NOTHING AT ALL.
Happy airsofting!
by Bayley d. on 01/24/2013
"An excellent sniper, after sighting in the scope, very accurate.The included bi pod has a slight wobble when extended but very minor. Scope has great magnification and is of fairly high quality. Bolt is a challenge at first but is nice and broken in by your second mag. I highly suggest this sniper.

Strong plastic body, metal internals
Very Comfortable hold
High fps

A few seams on the body
Bolt is a bit hard at first
Magazines get stuck sometimes

An Excellent sniper! get this gun!
by Mike N. on 09/28/2009
"this is an amazing gun!
this thing can hit right when you pull the trigger if you dont belive me go to youtube and watch the guys shoot all the cans with it.
this is a amazing gun for a great price i rate this gun 1million out of 5!
by Steven M. on 11/05/2016
"I like the feel and functionality of this gun is is very comfortable for me to shoot. Does not have the rated fps "out of the box"I upgraded the internals and barrel and now shoots 500+ fps and is a little more accurate (although out of the box accuracy was not bad). The wood stock is a very soft wood, it looks nice but front sling mount pulled out during the very 1st game I used the gun. The scope is decent but the bi-pod is cheep. If you are seriously considering this gun it is a nice sniper but I would recommend the plastic stock instead of the wood.
by jonathon r. on 07/19/2016
"Love this rifle. Beautiful looking rifle, the stock is unique and I like the way the fluted barrel looks.

Now the only problem which is very big for me is that this gun is NOT VSR-10 compatible. The spring
Does not fit properly or really any of the upgraded parts. I recently just purchased a new magazine and it
Does not fit where I have to use pliers to remove the magazine. If you are looking to upgrade this sniper rifle
I highly advise you to spend the extra hundred bucks for a Tokyo mauri vsr-10