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Matrix Shadow Ops MB05 SR-22 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Adjustable Stock - Black (Package: Add 3-9x40 Scope + Bipod)

8 Customer Reviews

by eric d. on 12/11/2016
"i bought one of these 5 years ago, i have upgraded it many times, i now has a tight bore inner barrel, metal trigger box, upgraded spring, piston, and guide. it is incredibly hard hitting and accurate, all my friends fear going up against me in our wars, they know i can hit them from a long ways off. i have never had a problem with the gun, it is the most reliable rifle i have ever used. if i could rate 6 stars i would
by Isaac C. on 04/16/2016
"This was my first airsoft sniper I bought. I love it, it is fairly powerful, it will make you bleed on bare skin. Shoots around 500 fps. I would prefer this gun to most people
by Louis R. on 01/20/2013
"Very good sniper for it's price !

Very accurate and powerfull sniper rifle, at a very good price, I use 30g bb's and it go 500+ fps.

A must for every one who want to have serious ''sniper rifling''.
by Evan M. on 08/19/2012
"I have owned this gun for 3 years and would buy it again and again. Out of every gun i've owned (Evike Aug/JG MP5 and other sniper rifles) this one topped them all. It has always been reliable, hard hitting and dead accurate.

-FPS, i've measured its more around 500+
-Accuracy, I use .25/.30s and I get around 150-200ft
-Reliability, i've used it in the rain, snow, heat, dropped it and it has not broken
-Adjustable hop up
-Quietness!!, This is the biggest advantage in my book. You can shoot at someone from 30ft away and they will not know where it is coming from
-Adjustable stock

-Heavy (i'm 6ft 165 so for me its not a problem but for some it might)
-The adjustable stock gets lose and jiggles if you don't constantly tighten it.

Overall a 5 star gun for any level of sniper
by Ryan H. on 06/27/2017
"This was the first bolt action rifle that I bought and I've owned and upgraded it for a year. I bought the package that includes a scope and bipod--WARNING-- it does not include the tri rail adapter at the front of the gun. Pick one up from EVIKE for $10 or you'll have no way to mount the bipod. If you do your research, you'll discover that no stock sniper rifle will be able to out-perform AEGs. Be prepared for that and don't be discouraged when you take this gun out for its first game. That being said, this is an excellent base gun to modify.

-Competitive Price
-Accepts Standard Maruzen L96 magazines (very common)
-Uses Maruzen and UTG L96 and some APS 2 parts that are easy to find
-Longer inner barrel (509mm) than VSR-10 and M-24s
-One of kind look
-Sturdy externals with adjustable cheek rest and butt pad and ambidextrous sling points
-Higher FPS than bolt actions of the same price
-Made in China
-Cheap Plastic Parts (Piston, Spring Guide, and Trigger box)
-Bad trigger sears that won't allow the spring to lock back (result: no pew-pew)
-HEAVY. Approx. 15lbs. Mine is 20lbs with a scope, bipod, and mock suppressor.
-Pretty loud for a spring rifle
-Subpar accuracy using .32g BBs
-Ineffective, foam barrel spacers

Since the purchase, I've upgraded to a Matrix metal trigger box, 650mm 6.03 tight-bore barrel, PPS piston and spring guide set (Matrix distributor), PPS Hop up unit for L96, Action Army barrel spacers, and a REAPS Devil A+ hop up bucking. It shoots around 500 fps with .20 g BBS, but I use Novritsch .36g sniper BBs. FYI, high grade BBs are the cheapest improvement to any gun so don't go cheap on them.

Happy Sniping
by Peter B. on 07/11/2014
"Not bad.

List of stuff you need to replace to make it combat worthy against aegs.

Buy the power up kit for about $30. It has a
spring guide
and one other piece.

Also you need a full length TBB and the angel custom hop up unit also get a new bucking.

After that shoot nothing lighter than .32g bbs out of it.

It'll be nice!
by Randy F. on 04/21/2013
"This is an amazing sniper. It is extremely accurate and hard hitting. I do have some complaints though. First off, I can't find what was upgraded on this model. The trigger-box and internals are all still plastic. Maybe they upgraded the spring, but it is not worth a scope and $10. If have only has this for 5 months, and the trigger-box has already broken, if it had not, then the piston would have gone soon too. I suggest buying the scoped version of this and metal internal are a must have. This is a great sniper, but the spring is just too powerful for plastic internals in this version. Once you get metal internals though, this sniper should last you for years.
by Agustin D. on 07/15/2017
"An excellent gun, if you upgrade it. My main gripes with it is that the stock hop up is trash, the lever is plastic and it moves in the barrel, making your shots very inconsistent, but when it shoots right it is great. A new hop and barrel, and this is a good sniper.