Reviews: Smith & Wesson Springfield Licensed M&P 40 Airsoft CO2 Gas Pistol (400 FPS)

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Model: GP-SA-320300

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by bryce m. on 2015-05-18 13:39:43
"Solid beginner pistol, not for players looking for realism. PROS: great fps, good magazine capacity, respectable accuracy, good co2 efficiency. CONS: feels cheap, magazines are rare and expensive, there in fact is no adjustable hop-up, and is essentially impossible to take apart/ clean. The trigger is stiff at first too.
by Adam B. on 2014-12-08 22:42:15
"S&W M&P 40

Overveiw: i am very satisfied with this gun. It is my first gun and has served me well so far. Great for beginners. Can fire just as fast as you can pull the tripper.

Co2-this is because it is cheap and easy to get you hands on.
Fps- satisfying due to relatively high it has good range
weight- it is a nice weight, it feels good in your hands
sights- they don't move so they aren't able to be bumped out of place (may be con so due to the fact you must guess the wind in fields)

small Co2 cartridge- so you can only fire ~100-150 bbs before replacing Co2
non blowback- makes it practically impossible to clean

final thoughts: it is a great gun for the price. The entire gun has a good feel to it. When the mag is taken out the gun is a bit top heavy. When a new Co2 cartridge is placed in the mag and the first three to five shots are fired the gun is blown back slightly in addition to a white puff coming out the barrel (i like the look/ feel of it)

If you are a beginner or sniper looking for a cheap secondary get it you wont be disapointed.
by Matt C. on 2012-11-01 10:41:37
"I have owned this gun for four years and it is still going strong! I believe that it's the best valued C02 gun. Be sure to keep your magazine lubed, and clean your inner barrel. My brother and friend bought one after they fired mine. Both of them are very happy as well. This gun is worth it!

-Looks sweet, and very comfortable to hold
-Nice weight
-Full magazine
-Shoots hard- Chrono around 360 fps with .20s. 4 years later it is shooting ~345 fps
-I dropped my magazine in a field during while it was raining, filled with C02 and BBs. Found it the next evening. Still fired! All I needed to do was clean it out. Since then, There is a very, very small leak.
-Can shoot 8 (x15 rounds) mags on one canister
-Can easily tell when you are low on C02, is sort of comical
-Makes an awesome click- sound as you slide the magazine in!

-Extra mags are hard to find and expensive ($30)
-No take down
-Need a hex key to load the C02 canister (not a big deal, but just gets a little old after awhile)
-Paint job scratches easily
by fred c. on 2012-08-10 18:08:02
"i have had this pistol for about 4 years now and no problems until i dropped the clip and a piece fell out


clip is fragile

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)