Reviews: FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG

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Model: AEG-200934

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by Cory W. on 2016-06-19 23:08:49
"I recently purchased this gun and went to a war with it and it surpassed my expectations I love this gun to death defiance purchase this gun

Rate of Fire

Hop up unit kinda unusual
by Donald C. on 2016-05-29 18:16:53
"Overall this gun is great, especially if you plan on putting in upgrades. Out of the box it actually shoots 400+ fps which is odd but a m100 or a m95 spring should lower that down to a cqb fps. This does come with sight albeit none adjustable. It's integrated into the rail and very easy to miss. Performance wise it's nothing great but not bad. You essentially get what you pay for and I believe it is worth it. One problem is that the cut off lever seems to wear down pretty fast seeing as for me its already wearing down (only used in 10 games).

-Metal upper receiver
-Alright performance
-Easily upgradable

-mags suck
-cut off lever is weak
-shoots too hot out of the box
by Dominic F. on 2016-04-26 18:53:01
"Very good little gun, and I agree, slap a red dot on it and a few extra mags (not hi-caps) and rock it all day. This thing is accurate, hard hitting, and awesome! The claim that it shoots at ~350 fps is false. The box says that it shoots 522 fps with .12 gram bbs and 436 with .20 and I believe it. I play CQB and I bought a 320-350 fps spring and it shot at 378, consistently, so buy a spring a bit under. If you get a 320-350 fps spring, clip it about 3/4 of an inch shorter, I did and mine is now shooting at 351, on the dot. Anyways, I love this gun. It'll shoot as fast as you pull the trigger and is surprisingly heavy, about 5 pounds according to it's box. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to stand out at the range.
by Matthew R. on 2016-04-22 19:22:44
"this gun is AMAZING my friends have like $150-$300 guns and I anihilated them with this if u buy a high cap or the drum mag for this gun and go to CQB ( you will have to buy a CQB legal spring, have t put in professionally unless you are able to do so yourself because it's NOT quick change AT ALL) let me go into the pros and cons

-hits hard
-accurate I put a sniper scope on mine and ran it as a DMR for a little bit, was amazing
-great CQB gun
- with a lipo on full auto it's unstoppable

- hop up is in a weird spot so u will have to get used to it
-mags wear down after a while ( I mean a WHILE but still they wear down)
-I sold mine and I'm getting this one again because I miss it so much

Definitely get this gun and when u do hold onto it and upgrade it, absolutely amazing gun couldn't have been happier with it
by Darryl C. on 2016-03-23 23:03:37
"Fantastic little gun. Very solid feel, good weight, never missfires. Slap on a red-dot, grab a couple of spare mags and go to town.
by Ben M. on 2015-09-24 13:42:13
"Amazing gun, however it shoots over 350 fps which I was a bit bummed about because now i have to do extra work to get it CQB ready but no big deal. Also the gun comes with a 68 round mid cap and speed loader not a 300 round high cap but this gun is so awesome that i think I am willing too drop a few more bucks for something that was included.
-Shoots fast
-Shoots hard (kind of a con but whatever)
-Great quality ABS
-Fully Ambidextrous (for all you lefties out there)
-Weight (its light weight without feeling floppy or flimsy)
-Not exactly what was promised (don't really care but others might)
-Mags are either hard too find or relatively expensive compared to others
-Thats it
Final words: It's a P90, nuff said
by Geoff G. on 2015-09-24 09:59:37
"Recently acquired this gun and I have to say I'm really liking it for the limited time I've been able to use it. The gun came with a 70 round mid cap magazine along with battery and charger. Took it to my local indoor field to crono and the gun was shooting hot at 400 fps which is too high for local fields.

Gun shoots straight and the magazine feeds really well. The gun has a plastic body, but has good feel and weight to it. This would be a good gun for someone who wants to try a p90 out, or is planning on turning it into a HPA gun. May not be the best beginner gun because of the high FPS and no quick change spring system.

Other than higher than advertised FPS limit this is a great budget gun.
by Luke J. on 2015-09-17 14:31:56
"this was my first "official" airsoft gun for the cqb field near me. THE FPS IS WAY ABOVE ~350 MAYBE 370 - 400 please buy a M90 spring with this for cqb. it might have only been me but i got a 70 round midcap and speed loader as well as a 9.6v 1100 mah battery and basic wall changer (not a smart charger) overall this is a really great, no excellent aeg. and to put any questions away its made by cybergun with softair

-great and fast rpm
-field fps (could be a con)(get a spring)
-good weight (about 5 pounds)
-metal gearbox and upper receiver
-good quality polymer body (i like polymer)(could be a con for not full metal)
-MIDCAP and speedloader
-FN Herstal trademarks

-above 350 fps, evike please fix
-no quick spring change function
-people will get jealous
-nothing else
by Bill w. on 2015-08-03 22:50:11
"Great gun! Love the FN markings and how compact it is. Don't be fooled by it's length, it has range and will be your most versatile CQB weapon!
by Ryan L. on 2013-10-06 18:32:17
"I got this gun a few weeks ago and its great!

-high rate of fire
-nice weight
-looks amazing
-great price
-the hicap it comes with doesn't feed very well
-nothing else

Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 reviews)