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Matrix TF3 High Speed Future Soldier Body Armor - Desert

5 Customer Reviews

by Keoric E. on 05/13/2018
"So I bought this vest to take place of my JPC that I have Alotta pouches on for MilSim, that way I'd have a good pickup game vest with a Futuristic look. I wear this in part to a custom BUMP helmet fit to look like a republic commando. I weathered it and added a white spray with gray accents to better help it blend withy helmet paint scheme. This vest takes VERY well to paint. It's made of vinyl, but seems to take a hit pretty well. My only big con is the lack of Molle realestate, but that's also why I bought it. I don't need much for a pickup game. Wearing this badboy to operation REV:9. Overall suits it's need.
by Eric Z. on 12/13/2013
"Let's start with the overall. This is a great vest and definitely fulfills and exceeds its purpose as either a movie prop or as protection on the airsoft field. Super lightweight and very easy to adjust it to fit your own body type. The panels aren't a hard plastic like in the photos but instead a softer foam composite that has a weird smell(very minor, smells kinda like rubber) but is actually fairly durable and looks nice. One thing is that the foam panels are cut into the shapes from bigger pieces and at the edge of the panels there are white lines showing exactly where and how they cut it. Very minor but noticeable if you were to look closely at them. Overall a good vest and worth the price that you pay.
tldr: Good vest, lightweight, foam panels, maneuverable, does exactly what it says it does
-lightweight and maneuverable
-good for the price
-easy to use/put on
-pretty comfortable if you adjust it correctly
-protects you from bbs(I couldn't even feel them, had to call hits based on sound!)
-Very little molle space
-no back molle and wearing a backpack is a pain
-poking or scratching the panels will leave a permanent imprint(not noticeable though)
by mathew u. on 09/19/2012
"This vest is a good idea for anyone who plays on multi camo feilds. you can use camo form or wrap to change your vest colors for any field. The vest is vary comfortable and not meant for any little people "will hang a little lower on you if your a kid but for adults unless ur 80lbs and 5 foot tall your good"

amazing and sexi
good fear factor
easy to camo

no molle
could be added tho

by Nathaniel S. on 04/09/2016
"My brother and I picked up 4 of these for our team to use. For two smaller guys like us (5'6" 140 lbs) these fit perfectly. They are light and very easy to move around in at high speed while still providing a lot of protection. The armor plates are made of some kind of really tough foam (it doesn't tear or wear easily at all). The plastic parts of the straps are not strong at all and are the biggest problem, but if they break they can easily be replaced. The fast mag pouches are terrible. They aren't at all useful. The only other problem is that there is no molle on the back, but this can be fixed with some pretty easy modification. This thing is also fun to paint on.
Fits smaller players (while still being adjustable)
good protection
feels durable
easily modified

cheap buckles
fast mags are useless
not much molle
by Timothy C. on 08/20/2014
"I purchased two of these for myself and my Squad leader for use in Paintball Scenario games. Upon receiving these I am glad they were on sale for 56 bucks instead of the usual 70.
Build Quality:
The "Armor Plates" which make up this vest are EVA foam with a brown vinyl coating on the top. All of the edges have grey cut lines from where they were die cut from a large sheet, but that's not really that annoying to me seeing as if it really starts to bug me I'll run a brush with coyote brown testors enamel on it along the edges. The MOLLE loops are pretty uneven but thankfully none on mine were too small to pass a strap through. 3/5

Donning and doffing:
It's a major pain without a mirror because of just how easy it is to get straps crossed. I would suggest having your battle buddy/teammate help you. 3/5

It is extremely light weight compared to the Condor MOPC I usually run with, in fact compared to my usual load out I'd say it's about 1/3 to 1/2 the weight of a standard plate carrier minus the plates of course. 5/5

This vest has almost nothing to it. Though for you lovers of the brush this thing is perfect for custom hand painted logo's and graffiti, it also lends itself well to weathering effects. There's really no MOLLE to attach anything more useful then maybe a double mag pouch and admin panel. The back panel has 4 useless buckles which are apparently for a Hydration carrier to somehow attach to. Don't ask me how cause I have yet to see one that attaches in this manner. If you run a battle belt you're fine but aside from that look elsewhere if you need to pack your entire house minus the kitchen sink. 2/5

It's a little on the small size as far as coverage goes on a big guy like me (5'8"/250lbs) but aside from that it does have quite a bit of adjustability where it counts. I'd definitely suggest it more for thinner players. 3/5

Final thoughts:
The vest looks cool no doubt. In fact that's the main reason I purchased them as soon as they went on sale. And even though I'm a bigger guy it still looks pretty awesome on me in my multicam. But as far as value goes it'd be a good deal at $40 bucks instead of 56 or 70. The price on this vest even on sale doesn't really reflect what your paying for.