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Daniel Defense Licensed CNC Aluminum Outer Barrel (Length: 10.3" / Government Profile)

7 Customer Reviews

by Cody P. on 08/15/2017
"Fit and finish are great! Looks quite nice and realistic on the end of my G&G M4, even with the stock rails. Need a low profile gas block to finish it out, but works great! Definitely love it!
by Richard S. on 08/04/2016
"This outer barrel is awesome!! It's lightweight, strong, good tolerances,threads are beefy (tight tolerance) and has real markings on the barrel. Overall it's a great barrel! My two complaints about it is my outer barrel is not completely straight with my mk18 rail; It sits slightly upwards. But I believe it could be my receiver making the rail to not sit level making the outer barrel to appear that it is sitting flush. Second is the barrel is a little short to fit a thread on matrix suppressor. It's work but it rubs up against the rail when using a Daniel defense mk18 rail with it.


Tight tolerances


Only one on the market that is the correct outerbarrel for a Daniel defense mk18 rail.

Real markings (twist, caliber, etc)

Tad short for a suppressor when using a daniel defense mk18 rail. Works perfect with flashhiders

Little bit expensive

In my case the outer barrel is not straight with my Daniel defense mk18 rail.
by Chris R. on 01/11/2016
"I got this outer and it seemed to work great. No problems at all. I didn't have any wobble like the other guy maybe he installed it wrong or something?? Well it's great and would definitely reccomed it.
by cj k. on 02/19/2015
"Great quality, doing a mk18 build and it's exactly what your looking for if doing that build. I've had no issues with the finish rubbing off. Does seem to wobble a bit will have to disassemble to get a better clue as to what's going on with that.
by Kieran M. on 10/23/2014
"I have no idea what the guy above me is talking about. i have thrown this thing against a wall (not on purpose) and there is not a scratch on it.
Very well made.
by Michael M. on 04/06/2015
"My barrel didnt even come with anything to secure it to my m4, i am doing s mk 18 build so the mk18 ring holds it a little bit but the barrel is still loose, I must be doingsomething wrong
by Clayton M. on 06/16/2014
"So I just got this today for my Mk18 mod 0 build and as I was putting on the triangle front site the finish was practically rubbing off, now there are shinney spots where there is exposed aluminum. Needless to say I'm not very happy. Especially since its $41.00. The least they could have done is pit on a decent finish. It's cool that it comes with DD trades and whatnot, but you can't see them if you have a rail or anything over the barrel. And there are two set screws on the base of the barrel and mine came with them loose. Overall only get it if you are building a Mk18. Now for the pros and cons.
Licensed and trademarked by Daniel Defense
Milspec 10.3" long
Price, $41 is too high
Set screws were loose
Finish rubs off very easily.