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Elite Force 140rd Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Dark Earth / One

14 Customer Reviews

by Michelle F. on 06/27/2017
"Everything arrived well in Brazil
comprei 4 mags e 1 para a glock e chegou tudo cert aqui no brasil em menos de 1 més recomendo
by Josh B. on 08/01/2015
"Well, a few people here seem to have some issues with these mags, but Not me.
I wish people who had issues would explain their gun setups, since some guns don't work well with some after market parts. Anyway, here's my honest review

I run 6 of these Elite Force mid caps for my set up & have had ZERO ISSUES with feeding or anything else. I'm using these in a G&G Combat Machine. They work perfectly. Tight fight & no wobble.
They are light weight, so it's not like you feel these when their full of bbs and are loaded into your tactical vest. Their made of a pretty strong plastic and don't feel cheap at all. I'm guessing the people who think these feel cheap, are used to handling the metal high cap mags that probably came with their gun.

Great price!!
Strong plastic
Feed great
Tight fit on G&G

by Gus H. on 09/19/2014
"First off, Yes out of the box they have feeding issues, but that is because they are bone dry with no lubrication (maybe for storage). I had issues with them not feeding the first time I played with them, but this is what you need to do. It only needs to be done ONCE after I did that these things work amazingly well for the past 6+ months.

Load 10-15 bbs
Spray a bit of spray silicone into the feed hole
Load the rest
Spray a bit more.
To work it in, eject the bbs into the speed loader, and reload until satisfied.

They fit and feed faster than any other magazine I had after that. And for this price, modifying the mag to fit things like the PDR or other guns is easy and stress free, just a little bit of patience with a file or a knife. It is definitely one of the best mags for its money.

Light weight
Durable for plastic
easy to modify
140 rounds of flawless fast firing
Cheap enough that it is no big loss if one goes missing
Have gone up to 35rps without missing a beat

Not heavy for those who like that
needs to be lubricated for first use
If you don't mind the weight and you do the lubrication prep NO CONS.
by Thomas W. on 06/26/2014
"these mags are super sturdy, affordable, they feed well, and I have had them for several months now and have not had a problem with a single one! great job elite force.
by Kevin R. on 06/01/2014
"I found these mid-caps to be very reliable on the field and affordable. I would definitely buy some of these mid-caps again.
by Mason L. on 11/15/2013
"I have the black version of these magazines but three in my group run these tan magazines. We all agree they look pretty fake, with the tan being much lighter in color than any of their gear. Even the black ones, for that matter, are obviously plastic, yet still quite handsome looking. The plastic Elite Force uses for these mags is very sturdy.

These mags feed flawlessly, are built solidly, and fit well in our VFC guns. The slight wobble in the mag-well is nothing to write home about and you'll have to work to break one of these. Very solid.

I did receive a lemon in my shipment, so just one of the ten magazines doesn't retain the BBs I put into it; A defect in the little tab that holds them in. Still, 9 perfectly good mags and an easy fix on the one. Still the best deal on quality M4 mags
by Daniel O. on 10/17/2013
"Made of plastic, but it seems to be pretty good quality. These mags are light and they feed well. Bottom line is you wont get any better mags for the price.
by Daniel O. on 08/05/2013
"Great price for some high quality midcaps. Made of good quality plastic. Mine miss fed at first, but this was due to the very wide mag well on my APS AEG. Not the fault of the mag at all. Once I put some tape on it it worked like a dream.
by Dustin S. on 07/24/2013
"I write very honest reviews. I don't hold back. And I will analyze the subject thoroughly.

I will add this before I get into it, I'm not the best on midcaps. I only recently started using them. So I can't really compare this to other midcaps. But anyway, This thing is built like a tank. I'm almost positive its made out of polymer. Its a VERY hard plastic. I can confidently drop these on the ground and they will not get hurt. It feeds perfect, never missed a bb yet. The question of the hour is obviously, will this fit into your gun. this fits perfect in my Echo 1 XCR with no wobble. It fits perfect in my friends echo 1 as well. This fits perfect in another friends CA scar. This mag however does NOT fit in my G&G CM M4. It's so wobbly it will not feed. BUT, this is the guns fault. Because not many mags fit in the gun to begin with.

-Probably the best midcap on the market price wise. If it fits, It'll feed perfectly.
-Amazing construction. extremely solid build, extremely strong Polymer.

-none. If this mag does not fit in your gun, do NOT blame the mag. It is the guns fault. All mag wells are not built the same.
by Mark F. on 03/13/2013
"Greatest mag ever. Bought four of them work great, and never had any feeding problems with them. You cant find a better mag for the price.
by jesse l. on 02/15/2013
"best midcap on the market.
by kirill f. on 04/15/2015
"For the love of god do not by this magazine. I was expecting a good mag but all I got was 3 pieces of trash.

1. lightweight
2. cheap
3.easy to load
4.look great
5.dropped one didn't break

2.feel flimsy

Don't be fooled by 4 and 5 star reviews these mags are horrible I will never buy any again. The mag that came with my gun was better.
by Reed W. on 10/13/2013
"If they weren't the cheapest mags on the market I would rate these 1 star. These are horrible mags, they feed bad, try to split in half when you try and load it. They fall out about twice a match(15-20 min) and are made of cheap plastic.
by Nick Y. on 07/27/2015
"This magazine looks good but when you go to use it it never feeds correctly and they are cheaply made. Do not be fooled by the price!