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Elite Force 140rd Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black / Set of 10

37 Customer Reviews

by David A. on 03/07/2017
"works as expected in ICS m4, feeds well, does not jam.
plastic, but works fine even after several mag dumps.

all in all can't ask for more at this price point.
by Jonny R. on 09/14/2015
"I gotta say, when I first bought these I was kinda nervous as there were a good amount of bad reviews on these. Especially for using them with a G&G gun which is what I have them. Trusting in elite force, I bought them anyways and took the risk. I am definitely glad I did as they are great. I have had 0 feeding issues but there is a reason for that. As I was reading other reviews I saw that a guy had said to do this process;

Load 10-15 bbs
Spray some silicone
Load 10-15 more bbs

He said to do this because when you got them they are bone dry and he is exactly right. So I would definitely suggest doing that as it has helped me. Another thing that I saw was that people said it was going to be impossible to do maintenance on it as they had sealed the cap shut. This is true as it looks like they have superglued it. Reason for, idk. I believe that they will last you about a year though and at that point, you can buy some more or try to pry the cap off but maybe ruin you mag. Now let's talk about pros and cons

Polymer (feels like it)
Great feeding (for me)
(Low profile)

Cap sealed shut
You don't have them

Like I said, even though that you might read some bad reviews, I would definitely take the risk and buy them.
by Juan S. on 06/11/2015
"These Mas are freaken solid. I've had them for almost 5 months and are still going strong. Even though these are plastic they can still take a beating, I kid you not.

Super Solid
60 day warranty
light weigt

a little tight in the mag well at first
by Brenden T. on 05/05/2015
"These mags are amazing! They are plastic but very sturdy. Shake them and there is no rattling whatsoever! I have never had one jam on me yet, These are amazing and well worth the price.
by Derick B. on 11/15/2014
"Okay guys here's the rundown, I tried these mags in my G&G CM16 and they didn't feed at all so I put a patch of the soft side of Velcro in the front of the magwell to make them sit in better and bam, they feed perfectly. Just be sure to load them and unload them 3 or 4 times like with any other mid caps to break them in.

Main Points:

by Gus H. on 09/19/2014
"First off, Yes out of the box they have feeding issues, but that is because they are bone dry with no lubrication (maybe for storage). I had issues with them not feeding the first time I played with them, but this is what you need to do. It only needs to be done ONCE after I did that these things work amazingly well for the past 6+ months.

Load 10-15 bbs
Spray a bit of spray silicone into the feed hole
Load the rest
Spray a bit more.
To work it in, eject the bbs into the speed loader, and reload until satisfied.

They fit and feed faster than any other magazine I had after that. And for this price, modifying the mag to fit things like the PDR or other guns is easy and stress free, just a little bit of patience with a file or a knife. It is definitely one of the best mags for its money.

Light weight
Durable for plastic
easy to modify
140 rounds of flawless fast firing
Cheap enough that it is no big loss if one goes missing
Have gone up to 35rps without missing a beat

Not heavy for those who like that
needs to be lubricated for first use
If you don't mind the weight and you do the lubrication prep NO CONS.
by John B. on 09/04/2014
"I don't about the last few guys but these mags feed great for me. I use them in my L86 and my friend uses them in his 4CRS. They feed extremely well, made of durable plastic, and are very inexpensive for what you get. The only con that I can think of is the screw on the bottom plate has come undone but it doesn't come out so it just wobbles around. And for me personally, I like metal mid caps better but that is just my personal preference... 10/10 would buy again.
by alex o. on 04/18/2014
"first thing i got to say about these mags they are amazing.these fit with no wobble in my classic army m15a4 spartan version.these mags do carry around 140rds and feed perfectly.
by Justin L. on 03/20/2014
"Just loaded them up and shot them, these mags work GREAT!!!
Feed excellent
Very quiet
High strength polymer, also high quality
No need for breaking them in, they shoot perfect out of the box

Also I dropped one, loaded it again, and it still worked great!
by Matt K. on 03/01/2014
"Got this box of mid caps just in time for Op: End State 2 to run with my VFC HK416C. After initially lubing them up before play, I didn't have a single problem with these magazines, most of them feeding down to the last 2-3 BB's. Very impressive, and very light. They're durable, and will become my main magazines until I need to order more!
by Keith G. on 02/09/2014
"I have owned several mid caps and these outperform them all. They work flawlessly with my kwa, g&g and echo 1. I havent had a mis feed with any mag yet. They are light weight and a great price. I wouldnt buy any other brand. Yes, i said they fit my kwa sr 10 and feed flawlessly!
by Mason L. on 11/15/2013
"Work well in my VFC Baby M4. Very little wobble in the mag-well, nothing to write home about. Feeds flawlessly. Solid construction. Obviously plastic but are far from ugly.

9/10 work perfectly. Only one of these mags I got won't hold BBs. Some defect in the little tab that keeps them in. Still, 9 great working mags and an easy fix on the one lemon. Still the best deal on M4 mags.
by David R. on 09/14/2013
"I have had these mags for more than 9 months now and I have to say the work great! No rattling or anything! The only thing that you need to buy with it if you don't already have one, is a speed loader.
by Ryan M. on 08/12/2013
"These mags are great! I just bought them on Saturday, and already love them. I run them in my heavily-modified LT M4. They give you that stealthy advantage that you just can't get with high-caps. I gave away my high-caps today for 15 bucks, because I know I'm never going back.

Feeds Excellently
Stealth Operation
Great Value/ 10 Mags
Little Wobble

Almost all plastic (could be a pro due to low weight)
by cindy s. on 05/26/2013
"First of all these are amazing a little Loose in the mag well but nothing a little duck tape can't fix. Get these mags there amazing