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Model: Mag-2279066x10
Location: L8-050*

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by Noah D. on 2015-03-10 08:08:15
"these mags are a great purchase if they fit in your gun they will feed nicely

but for those looking for mid caps for any g&G gun or hop-up unit look away these do not feed in g&G hop-up units at all no matter how much lube or time you put into it, plus the bottom cap is stupidly glued on and that's bad


nice finish
holds 140 rounds

does not fit in g&G hop-up chambers or there CM
week spring
needs time and work
by Cindy M. on 2014-12-28 20:59:27
"Mediocre midcaps at best. Horrible feeding issues and no way to properly maintain them.

Relatively strong
Fit in many guns

Cap for releasing spring for mandatory maintenance is glued on, made of the softest plastic I've ever seen, melts when you try to melt the glue and ends up ruining the mags
Constant jamming
Dirty from factory

Overall, poor quality and terrible manufacturing decisions bring these mags down. 4/10
by Derick B. on 2014-11-15 14:00:21
"Okay guys here's the rundown, I tried these mags in my G&G CM16 and they didn't feed at all so I put a patch of the soft side of Velcro in the front of the magwell to make them sit in better and bam, they feed perfectly. Just be sure to load them and unload them 3 or 4 times like with any other mid caps to break them in.

Main Points:

by Karl B. on 2014-11-08 08:39:00
"These Elite Force mags have been absolutely terrible. I run a Classic Army M15A4 and Madbull .20 BBs, and, at least with this setup, nothing seems to work.

First tried in the gun, only 1-2 BBs would feed, and then nothing. Got them out, tested them without shooting: still not feeding. The BBs wouldn't even eject out of the mag, they'd just stay stuck inside the mag. Tried lubricant, still didn't feed. Then thought maybe it was the spring, so I tried to open them up, and that's when the fun began.

Not only were the caps too tight, the plastic they're made out of is as soft as ice cream in a heat wave. Eventually, armed with a trusty over sized Flathead screwdriver, I just ripped the cap off, and pryed both of the halves of the mag off. Turns out the BBs just stay stuck in the last inch before feeding, probably because the spring is trying to get them in a single stack while the BBs are very firmly pressed in as a double stack in the mag.

Moral of the story: when a mag deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. If these worked for you, you must have some kind of awesome Karma.

So, to the listing!

They look pretty good
Heavy enough to serve as paperweights

The whole 10 of my mags didn't feed
Made of plastic
Are not smooth, sometimes they catch while reloading
Cannot be serviced (cap is too soft and tight)
Again, do not even feed.

So, final grade: 1/10. Just because they tried. But, trying isn't enough, especially when they cost 65$.

tl;dr: They don't feed, therefore, don't buy.
by Dylan S. on 2014-10-27 04:01:13
"I use many elite force products and I have a lot of respect for them but these mags are terrible. They don't feed right and they scratch easily. Don't buy these
by Erik W. on 2014-10-24 17:42:04
"Amazing product. Almost too good to be true. 10 mags for only $60? Crazy.

I've had mine for about 10 months now. They worked and fed great out of the box in my 416C, XCRL, and basically everyone that used them (considering I had 10, if people needed ammo I lent them a mag). Strong, sturdy construction. Mostly* made from high grade polymer. I would definitely recommend to the airsofter looking for a bunch of midcaps for a relatively low price!

Feed well (despite mixed reviews)
Strong construction


^ Until you need to clean/re-stretch the springs.

I'm no religious man, but I swear it must take the hand of God himself to take the cap to the spring off the bottom of the mag. Before I write any more, it must be said that I run a LOT of Elite Force gear and I love it all, so no harsh feelings. But what the HECK were they thinking?

For those of you reading this that are new to midcaps, one thing you're almost guaranteed to have to do at some point with any mag is to clean the inside, and re-stretch the spring. Its just something that needs to be done after a while. MOST midcaps have a little cap* or plug* on the bottom of the mag that takes a little twist and then out pops the spring! a little bit of compressed air and tugging on the spring and they're good as new.

The geniuses at the EF engineering lab decided that they wanted to superglue this cap/plug closed. Not a big deal usually. We've all done it; a little bit of boiling water and a sharp twist and whatever was superglued is set free.

* However, they decided to couple the superglue with what I can only describe as the softest plastic in the world. So attempt to beat the superglue and you soften the cap/plug so much that any attempt to twist just warps it.

Its as if they combined the walls of Fort Knox and hardened jello.

After attempting to re-spring all ten of my mags the results were 2 fixed (yay!), 5 ruined caps with no luck of ever being able to fix again, and 3 more that I didn't even bother with.

In conclusion: great mags until you need to do basic maintenance.
by Gus H. on 2014-09-19 12:53:05
"First off, Yes out of the box they have feeding issues, but that is because they are bone dry with no lubrication (maybe for storage). I had issues with them not feeding the first time I played with them, but this is what you need to do. It only needs to be done ONCE after I did that these things work amazingly well for the past 6+ months.

Load 10-15 bbs
Spray a bit of spray silicone into the feed hole
Load the rest
Spray a bit more.
To work it in, eject the bbs into the speed loader, and reload until satisfied.

They fit and feed faster than any other magazine I had after that. And for this price, modifying the mag to fit things like the PDR or other guns is easy and stress free, just a little bit of patience with a file or a knife. It is definitely one of the best mags for its money.

Light weight
Durable for plastic
easy to modify
140 rounds of flawless fast firing
Cheap enough that it is no big loss if one goes missing
Have gone up to 35rps without missing a beat

Not heavy for those who like that
needs to be lubricated for first use
If you don't mind the weight and you do the lubrication prep NO CONS.
by John B. on 2014-09-04 14:02:03
"I don't about the last few guys but these mags feed great for me. I use them in my L86 and my friend uses them in his 4CRS. They feed extremely well, made of durable plastic, and are very inexpensive for what you get. The only con that I can think of is the screw on the bottom plate has come undone but it doesn't come out so it just wobbles around. And for me personally, I like metal mid caps better but that is just my personal preference... 10/10 would buy again.
by Therese F. on 2014-08-21 19:58:51
"Don't buy these mags they feed terribly in my vfc 416. I bought them because i heard they worked well with the 416 which is know to have a finicky mag well. When i got them i filled one up and put it on semi and it feed fine. Then I put it on full auto and it shot about 15 BB's and then they stopped feeding but semi worked fine. Same thing with all the other mags they fed for the first 15 shots or so on full auto and then stopped but worked fine on semi. At first i thought maybe i had gotten a box of lemons but then i found out a lot of people had the same problem. Save your money and don't buy these.
by Beau B. on 2014-07-26 21:46:31
"these mags are extremly bad after about 2-3 months after i bought these they did not feed properley even after banging it on a wall during a game they did not feed so that day i went home and tried to clean all ten of them but after i was done cleaning the i had about 4 working/okish working mags and 2 uncleanable mags due to the screw not turning and i ended up stripping the screw or breaking the polymer screw at the bottom of the mag in order to clean this garbage of mags
Pro: Feeds nice until two months later, fits most m4/m16 aegs, lightweight
Cons: these are the worst mags ever spend the extra on metal mags
by zeeshan q. on 2014-07-18 00:13:13
"These mags are horrible. For me they came faulty. I was trying to clean them and the spring guide for the sprong inside wouldmt pop out in all 10 of them. I never had this issue with the single ones. Do not buy.
by Richard K. on 2014-06-13 18:00:24
"This is what i have to say about these magazines first of all they came in black not grey. Second they were too big for my magwell but some sanding did the trick, and third they do not feed correctly.

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