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VFC Heckler & Koch HK417 Full Metal Elite Airsoft AEG Rifle - Long Version

13 Customer Reviews

by Roland B. on 09/12/2016
"To start off; I bought this rifle while in Taiwan.slight changes were that it was the 16" barrel "13 Hours" edition. 3 months later I give this fully derailed review.
The externals are fare superior than any gun out there with all the HK trades. Mechanical wise it's the complete opposite; there was a massive air leak being caused due to 1/8" gap between the hop up and gearbox anytime a mag is loaded. This resulted in low fps and 175ft max range. This can be resolved through calling umerex/elite force or the prowin mod.

Things you will want to replace is the piston, gearbox and install a mosfet. Also switch to full type cylinder.
The first month my gearbox cracked, piston shredded, and the contacts arched. Thankfully it's compatible with m4/m16 except for the gearbox, cutoff lever and, wiring harness. Also thanks to Evike for having everything I need instock.

In order to make this a phenomenal rifle to out perform, you'll need to modify the Echo1/VFC XCR gearbox to fit, inatall a gate nano ssr mosfet, and full type cylinder, and have the hop up gap resolved.

My results was a 225ft +/-10ft edefective range with a prowin and flat hop with prommy purple bucking on a ghopped stock barrel.
The internals installed were the xcr split gearbox, full cylinder, gate nano ssr mosfet, matrix 115 spring, and a we tech piston. After these changes the rifle was no longer a paper weight and shot as beautiful as it looks. These results were done using .30g Jag Precision bb.

Overall Pros:
Compatibilty with m4/m16 parts
Accuracy/range after upgrades
It's a VFC
Easy disassembly

Overall Cons:
Price spent on upgrades
Stock internal quality
Can be heavy
Mags are expensive
Midcaps only hold 51 rounds.

All in all I would buy again despite the frustrations; it was a fun build that shoots amazing. It's also unique and a great dmr platform if you have the time and funding.
by Oliver B. on 05/03/2015
"Really great solid gun. I love it. I use it mostly for mid-long range. It shoots through heavy brush no problem.

-Solid full metal quality build
-High rof
-High fps
-Long range
-Heavy and realistic (weight may be a con for some but I like it)
-Trademarks are realistic, also has its own serial number
-Stock has a large battery compartment that could fit a variety of batteries
-Lots of rail space
-Iron sights are nice (I've always liked HK iron sights)
-Full metal gearbox
-Fairly easy field stripping

-Gearbox is complex if you want to upgrade it
-My first one had weak contact points I don't know if that was just a rare manufacturing issue or what but my second one is just fine

Overall great gun, worth it so if you're thinking of getting it just do it.
by georgie s. on 03/29/2015
"Ok, had this gun for a while now and its time for a review.

sturdy build
high rate of fire
high fps(430 Fps can be a con for some)
can be upgraded(uses version 2.2 gearbox so take that in mind)
good quality build material
mid-cap mags have "dummy rounds"
heavy(could be a con for some)
aggressive look
easy to use(especially if you use m4/m16s)
tons of rail space
can be converted to a dmr or sniper easily
unique mags
you will be the only one on your team with this gun(I've yet to see someone else with this gun on the field that I play on)

gearbox broke easily
trigger mech broke easily too(maybe bad luck I don't know)
weight can be a problem(especially if you run around for 5 hours plus hours with this thing)
replacing the gearbox once it brakes
internals not the best quality
had to sink a lot of money and man hours just to get it to work again
you don't have one

And for the people that said that this gun cant be upgraded or easily upgraded your wrong. I've upgraded this gun with the Matrix Godzilla Super High Torque Performance Airsoft AEG Motor, Modify Quantum Piston with Titanim Coated Metal Teeth, and a Lonex Aluminum Mushroom Type Silent Piston Head. I've also put the Matrix Military Grade 4x32 Range Estimating Rifle Scope and Spartan Doctrine Lightweight 40mm Airsoft Mock Silencer / Barrel Extension - (245mm) on this gun. I've also rewired it to tune down the rate of fire(made it a dmr build).
But if you take care of this gun it will take care of you.
by Garret S. on 11/11/2014
"This is an absolute gun.
The H&K 417 is perfect for those looking for the Mid range to DMR range of play.
The only thing I can tell everyone that is getting into this is
KEEP HOP UP BUSHINGS ON STAND-BY. This thing is chewing through mine, but that is just the nature of the bushings and so on and so forth.

high ROF
easy battery storage
very quick access to gearbox and hopup (SO NICE)
excellent range
excellent FPS(mainly for field if you don't want to go change some springs)
tons upon tons of rail space.

it is a bit on the heavy side (im not 100% sure on this modle i own the 150c which was built by a different company.)
High cap mags feed better than the mid cap mags. (odd i know)
mags are a bit difficult to store in regular holsters.
This gun chews the bucking in your hopup.

I highly recommend this gun to a seasoned player, I do not recommend this to a tech. I cannot find a reason to upgrade anything in this gun besides the inner barrel and of course buckings. The internals are great and will last. keep it lubed and youll be able to play for days :)
by tmdk t. on 01/07/2014
"This was the second AEG I've bought. And it is the second best one I've had(The first being my Tokyo Marui RECCE carbine) And I have to say. This thing is worth every penny you pay for it. Even considering that its market down $70 compared to other sites that sell it. Performance is good, it's definitely lipo ready. Now let's get to the pros and cons.

Good ROF. Especially on am 11.1v (Thanks captain obvious)
Accurate up to and slightly past 120 feet. (using .2s)
Top of the line finish. As expected from VFC.
Solid. Absolutely no wobble whatsoever. Not even the butt stock.
Full travel mock bolt w/ bolt catch. Because it looks cool and feels natural when you rack it. Although it doesn't have any effect on the performance it's great.
Unique, it's an HK417. One of the few 7.62 AR designs on the market.

Large buttstock and buffer tube. This makes it nearly impossible to find a aftermarket buttstock replacent and buffer tube sling mount. (I used zip-ties instead). Amd the large stock is a little cumbersome. Even IF you are a large person.

That's about it. Great gun. It's literally a steal if you buy it here than from any other site or store.
by Chris H. on 01/03/2014
"This is my favorite gun no matter what I say but I'm gonna go deeper into the problems i ran into while getting this gun. Still its a perfect gun.

I got this gun and packaging is great, quality is great, metal is perfect, no feeding problems or internal problems blah blah blah five stars.

Please note if you are getting this gun that there is no compatibility with this gun. There are no specified mag pouches unless you get the really expensive blue force gear ones. The mags itself are really expensive. You cannot customize stocks because of the bigger buffer tube, and if you break this gun or want to upgrade, some parts are only made for the hk417's size so parts will be hard to find. You must get a molle vest to attach the mag pouches since no m4 mag pouch can hold it.

Please if you get this gun, get a G3 mag holder. Its cheap and probably can fit it. Condor makes a nice one. Overall, superb gun quality and parts but know the effects of getting such a unique gun.
by Mason T. on 09/14/2013
"Let me start off by just saying wow I love this thing. I have have several different airsoft aeg platforms over my time playing airsoft and this one just destroys them all. The 417 is a amazing rifle in the real world and this airsoft replica live's up to the real thing in every way is can. The rate of fire is insane, I had a M60E3 for a long time and this rifle puts it to shame and that is using the same size battery I used with the M60. I recommend this to anyone look for compact modern battle rifle for field use the magazine's are large but the 500 round high caps will do everything you need any more.
by edriann m. on 07/16/2013
"Let me start off by telling you this gun is great! The gun is very sturdy no wobble what so ever, and shoots very well. If you are looking for a good gun that will last you a long time check out this particular model.

- Good FPS
- Very sturdy
- Just a great gun.

- Big buffer tube.
- Magazines are way bigger then any other m4 mag.

I would recommend this to anyone !!!
by Casey M. on 04/17/2013
"The gun actually shoots around 430 but the reason they say it shoots 340 is because as you can see in the video above when they chronoed the gun they accidently set the bb to .25 which screwed up the chrono. Just thought you guys should know that.
by Ryan T. on 12/22/2012
"Let me start off by saying this is the best gun I've ever purchased. With VFC, you can never go wrong

-good range
-infested with HK trades
-functional bolt release
-good hop up unit
-rail system is monolithic, no wobble
-bigger buffer tube(can fit bigger batteries in stock)

-mag pouches are hard to find
-says shoots 350 out of box, shot 440 which is way too hot for my local field
-only sling mount is located on stock
-bigger buffer tube(cant equip after market stocks)
by Aris G. on 10/25/2017
"Alright so I bought this gun around 3 Months ago and it is amazing but it has some fixable drawbacks.

High FPS
Full Metal (VFC)
Havy (Realistic)

Internals will have to be Upgraded

Im a begginer air softer and this gun is a gun for life i invested another 250 after something in the inside broke and was able to get it fixed and upgrade it so that i shoot 400 with .25s. I will soon invest another 200$ to make it an absolute beast can only recomand.
by Christian G. on 11/29/2016
The good.
The construction is perfect, as expected of VFC.
They took enough attention to detail as to even get the grip angle right....unfortunately this is why it doesn't use a standard v2 gearbox
The flash hider was super easy to take off luckily, just dipped it in super hot water for a couple minutes and twisted clockwise by hand!
Awesome di-opter sights (hope i spelled that right)
Correct markings everywhere!
They even added a mock adjustable gas system just in front of, and below the front sight.
Working bolt catch.
The bad...unfortunately theres ALOT more bad.
Large x screws on the right side of the rail pretty much prevent u from putting anything there.
The gearbox....oh man, rant time, is probably the WORST variation of a V2 gearbox EVER!, you can treat that thing like a queen and it will still find a way to crack and destroy ur dreams, leaving u with the expensive options of buying another gearbox, HPA'ing it or buying the RA gearbox shell, that also happens to be off-spec!
The midcaps....oh boy, they most certainly wont fit 120 rounds, more like 50-70 and considering you'll probably be using higher gram bbs with the advise investing in hi caps.
The motor, absolutely awful, no torque or speed at all, replace it immediately.
The piston.....replace it now!, looks to be made of glass almost (exaggerating)
Ive heard the gearboxes come stock with M130 or M120 springs, way too much for an already poopy gearbox to handle.
I really do like this rifle a ton, but the internals need an overhaul....and the price of 440 is ridiculous, tha ABSOLUTE MOST these things should go for is 400, and that is already a bit much.
by Gerard K. on 02/19/2016
"Well, had this for several months and used it maybe a dozen times....mostly back yard practice and once in the field for a game. Gear box is done already, and going to be sending it back to Evike for repair. The 45 days are up, no warranty, and it's going to cost me more $$$. Not happy at all.