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by Paulo L. on 2015-03-30 03:50:34
"Been using this beauty for about 5 months. It's by far the best pistol I've ever owned. It's unbelievably reliable, and it's so easy to maintain, not even kidding, a caveman could do it.

Ridiculously accurate (can hit a human sized target at 120 feet)
Very strong construction (mine has taken a beating and is still in perfect working condition)
Mine has approximately 340 fps (very good for a cqb pistol)
The extended flash hider can be easily removed
Disassembly is quite simple; it's just like a regular WE-Tech M9 (however, if you're inexperienced, I would still recommend looking up a disassembly video on youtube before attempting to do so yourself)

None that I've found.

I would definitely recommend this pistol to everyone from the well-experienced airsofter, to the brand-new beginner. It has a fairly high price tag, but it's honestly worth every penny.
by Dan K. on 2015-03-19 09:51:19
"My first Barry Burton custom, bought it because I am a fan of the Resident Evil movies, I also am an avid airsoft player. Perfect weight and shoots amazing. Using .25g bb's at 360 fps. only issue I see is that the balance is slightly off due to the heavy front end, but accurate not only on semi but full auto. Give this one a 5 out of 5.
by Kenneth G. on 2014-12-20 21:37:43
"amazing gbb
this is my first gbb and it is amazing. the only thing i might want to say is that when you put it on semi auto, i t usually still shoots full auto. It is perfect for cqb
by James B. on 2013-07-23 12:20:48
"My Barry Burton got a bit of a makeover after receiving it – MadBull 235mm tbb set, real steel wrap-around rubberized grip, a 150mm mock suppressor to hide the (now) ridiculously long inner barrel and matched it up with four 52rd extended magazines. It quickly gained notoriety on my local field as the ‘sniper pistol’ having the capability of accurately outdistancing even 8” CO2 powered revolvers. The odd sounding ‘kaathump’ of it firing tends to make heads go down in pistol matches.

Stock semi-auto firing is fairly accurate. Full-auto is more spray-and-pray, emptying the mag before you know it (about a 1ft cone at 35ft). With the 235mm tbb, semi-auto is dead accurate. This past field day I was challenged to hit a 1” steel pipe at 50ft and did so with 2 out of 3 shots.

The biggest downside is that the Ver 3’s still ‘explode’. Following a full clean following my last match, I made it through half a magazine on full-auto when the slide broke in to two pieces at the selector switch. The replacement slides that are available need minor machining to work with full auto (minor enough to be done with a Dremel if more suitable means are not available).
by Charlie P. on 2013-06-25 19:48:04
The full-auto version is a must-get. Not only does it shoot awesomely (yes, that is a word) but its crazy accurate. I think it actually might be more accurate on full-auto.

-Loud (not a con for me and most people)
-Can't hold sideways (incase you're a gangster)
-That's it really.

-Full metal
-Metal grip instead of wood (compared to the old S.T.A.R.S. Racoon Police Version)
-Comes with tool to tighten front compensator.
by edward c. on 2013-06-19 06:55:25
"I have had this pistol for a couple of months now, and it operates flawlessly. The extra weight on the front of this pistol greatly improves its accuracy. I paid full price on this, and am considering getting another one

Two points of advice on this:
Remove the flash/tac rail on the front and re-install using Loc-Tite on the threads. The constant firing WILL loosen these two screws.
MAINTAIN your o-rings at the fill port on your mag. They will crack and leak if you don't.

Great gun, very accurate, the blowback on this kicks like a .22, making it a great training tool as well.
by Mad M. on 2013-03-02 13:04:14
"This review is on the 2nd generation Full-Auto M9. Comes assembled exactly like in the photos above and can take a mock supressor if you wish to remove the compensator and rail.

-Full metal along with the extended magazine
-Weight is perfect, not heavy or light (maybe a little heavy once you add your flashlight/laser which is a plus)
-Nice strong recoil
-Unique design and looks amazing in person after switching grips and adding a flashlight
-Not as loud as these kids say, any co2 pistol is way louder
-Very solid build so nothing is loose or shaky with the exception of the slide release catch which is very flimsy
and sometimes doesnt catch the slide when out of ammo (i personally dont care about this because this is NOT a real handgun so no worries for me)
-Can use the extended 52rnd magazine for your full-auto firing pleasures
-After LOTS of lubrication (gun arrives very dry and stiff) this fires with a nice solid rhythm

-Any distance beyond 20+ feet is decent on accuracy
-Full-auto is straight mayhem (good luck hitting your target, but this goes for MOST GBB pistols)
-Hop-up takes a good 2 minutes from removing the compensator, the barrel, etc... then reassembling the entire upper reciever.
-Gold on emblem fades after use so priming the logo would be ideal before use
-Black paint scratches off almost right away so if your buying this as a collectors item i recommend you dont even fire this if your a perfectionist freak.

I really hate m9 models (im more of an m1911 fan) but the compensator and rail really gives this handgun a whole new look thats really making this one of my favorites so if you can deal with the lack of accuracy from a distance (CQB is ideal) then i say get this if you have the cash. This is a pricey replica because its a collectors item under the Resident Evil game franchise. If your not into Zombies or the RE games, then i say just move on. However if your a fan of what George A. Romero has created in any way whatsoever, this is a MUST own!
by Rory L. on 2012-07-31 17:17:45
"Just got mine, and I should warn you that some assembly is required. Basicly to get the orange tip on, they had to partially dissassemble the pistol. Once I got it all together though, I had one of the sweetests M9's to ever hit the market. The select fire is achieved through the safety being set at 45 degrees of standard for full auto, or a full 90 degrees for semi auto.


Great build quality
Unique Look
Full Metal
Solid (when assembled)


Some assembly required
No extra long mags (yet)

This will take normal Marui M9 mags as well. Not sure why anyone would want a semi auto version only, but it is $10 bucks cheaper. All in all a great pistol that I was praying that WE Tech would do.
by Wyatt S. on 2012-07-31 16:57:30
"This is the best WE pistol on the market! It comes with a 30 round magzine, it FULL AUTO, and constructed of durable, I believe steel, slide and frame.
Full auto
Markings etched are awesome
Selector switch is stiff as in it takes sone pressure to move( dont worry, its incredably strong)
Comes w/ magazine.
Cocking is a pain cause it locks halfway ocassionally
Catches ocassionally on magazine lip
Runs ammo out fast
I recommed this, that was being nit picky, but of course...
BUY MORE MAGAZINES ( I recommend the 52 round ones$
by Alexander W. on 2012-07-31 15:07:41
"I just got this gun today, and I have to say it more than surpassed my expectations. The externals alone won my heart I am a huge Resident evil fan; and the internals are phenomenal. It is built as true to spec as possible based on the "actual" Bio hazard from the RE series as in it will fire double action on an empty chamber but only when set to semi. However that being said when you flick the switch to Full-auto the sound that this gun makes as it empties its standard 26+1 round mag fueled by propane is terrifying and loud...I love it! One gripe I do have about the aesthetics however is that I would have liked to have seen caliber markings on the slide unlike the other bio-hazards that are based on the Beretta 92fs, this one is more based on the 96f a .40 S&W. Not a big deal but would have been cool. So lets round this all out in a good old fashioned pro's and con's list:
Full metal (sans the grips)
Heavy (pro or con depending on who you are but with the mag in it is very balanced)
Loud (once again pro on con depending I like loud)
uses all standard we-m9 mags (would like to see extra ones of the ones it comes with available)
Great price
and Its from Resident Evil

Heavy/Loud potential con I don't think so however
Have to attach the Comp and rail your self (takes about two minutes comes with the needed Allen wrench also requires a small Philips head that most any airsofter will have)
Lack of caliber markings, not a huge deal but I would have liked to have seen them.

PS: WE really needs to also make the Albert Wesker and Brad Vickers models, that would be cool to see.
PPS: Seriously Evike get on getting those extra grip extension mags...

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