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by Brandon L. on 2016-05-26 21:03:08
"This rifle has been problem after problem since day one. Upon opening the package and picking up the rifle, the pins fell right out, and I had to switch the positions and hold the handguard pin in place to stop it from falling out. Nextly, the forward grip broke immediately, as it is made of cheap plastic and is a plastic tube glued inside the main body. However, I did enjoy using it, and upon using .25g BBs I noticed the hop up all but vanished. However, this did not last long. The gearbox ate the battery in less than two mags every time, which is quite disappointing. The final issue, however, is the gears jammed, and when I opened the gear box the piston had two of its teeth eaten right off, and the motor housing was split on the side! I'll fix this gun if I can come up with the money, however I think I will be sticking to Gas weapons after this experience.

Fun gun to play with
Is actually pretty accurate for a low end gun

Bad part compatibility
Gearbox and motor are unreliable
by Anthony B. on 2016-05-17 00:30:29
"I recently got this gun about a month ago and I must say, its a very solid platform at the end of the day.

I at first wasn't a huge fan of the integrated iron sights, there's a lot of space in the sight profile between the rear and front sights, but after a while I got used to them and they end up working out well.

The receiver is just a Matrix magwell conversion kit, but they provide the parts if you want it to take G36 mags again.

You may want to make sure that all of your pins are installed correctly and are set in the gun well, mine has a few pins that appear to be broken off in the rail system and are stuck in the gun, also the pin to my receiver became very loose at some point during a game and decided to run away. (I'm currently looking for another pin if anyone has suggestions)

You can easily upgrade and mod this gun, specifically you can remove the hand guard and replace it for one of the G36c or G36e hand guards extremely easily and add another layer of customization to the gun. There's plenty of top rail space if you want to add a variety of optics.

Changing your battery can be a bit of a hassle, you have to completely remove the adjustable buttpad with an Allen wrench to get to the battery compartment, so quick battery changes aren't this bad boy's strong suit.

As stated in the video, the selector switch is a little awkward, but it's very easy to get used to and I ended up changing my selector the exact same way as demonstrated in the video (using my thumb on the outside to push the selector down and using my whole hand to pull it up).

The rate of fire on this gun is absolutely great!! You can get a ridiculous amount of bbs out very quickly. I'd almost suggest getting an auto winding drum or box mag for this gun if you don't like changing mags often or aren't a great shot.

The only other slight con about this gun is that it has a hard time with APS 190 round mags along with the full metal counterpart the Matrix VN/SPR 190 round mag if you run those like I usually do. Also, the Angel Custom SR-47 mags for M4s are a little tight in the gun, but offer an incredibly unique look to an already unique gun, almost making it a G36/AK hybrid, a beautiful combination that I would highly recommend.

It also advertises a 300 round mag along with a 190 round mag, I ended up with 2 300 round mags, one normal M4 mag along with a Vietnam style stick mag, this might have just been a fluke or something, but they both work great in the gun.

Even with its little quirks, overall I'm giving this gun a 5/5 because in the end it's extremely solid, easy to get used to, well balanced, and simply a fun gun to use. I probably just had a bad luck of the draw with the broken pins and yours probably won't have the same problem as mine.

GET THIS GUN. *mic drop*
by Matthew D. on 2016-05-09 05:52:50
"I received this gun from a Box of Awesomeness and i'm extremely impressed. The gun came with a full rail set up, 2 high cap mags, a fore grip, m4 magwell, 8.4v 1100mah battery, and charger. For a beginner it is a nice set up to get you started but some things can easily be added or changed to make the gun even better. First I got some new Midcap mags because the metal high caps had all sorts of feeding issues. Switched to a 9.6v 1600mah small type battery and almost get 20rps (rounds per second). Added a red dot because it's hard to use the iron sights with a mask since they are so low profile. Put a bipod foregrip for more stability when prone. Finally changed the inner barrel to a mad bull 6.03mm x 407mm barrel with a 30mm x 190mm mock supressor to cover up that extra barrel length. All additions were easily done because of how easy it is to take apart and all the included rail space.

With all the changes I made I was able to hit people out at 250 ft pretty consistently. I am shooting at about 410fps so definitely higher then what was advertised. But at the field I play it's fine, I just can't go full auto,

Looks really cool and unique
Very solid feel, no rattling parts
High rate of fire
Accurate at long range
Tons of rail space
Adjustable stock with cheek riser
Ambidextrous selector switch
Takes m4/m16 mags

Now for the CONS list, these are things I've herd of and were minor issues that didn't really kill the quality of the gun. Just should be noted but may not happen to everyone

CONS (sort of...)
Magwell pin starts to fall out. Never happened to me but seems to happen to a lot of other people
Battery compartment width is a little tight but can modified.
Charging handle can get stuck but was able to go inside the gun and file some things down so no longer an issue.
Really low iron sights. Just put on a sight.
Single point sling. I like it but could be an issue for some.

In conclusion I love this gun! It out performs a lot of other guns out there and is a great package for beginning players, great working gun for intermediate players, and a great platform for those who want to start modifying the internals. Sure there are some weird issues but those issues helped me learn about the gun and come up with pretty good solutions on my own. In turn this also helped me learn about airsoft in general. This gun has the range and accuracy to be a DMR but shoots fast enough to be a great LMG support type weapon. I highly recommend this to anyone, just be aware of potential issues and there really won't be any.

Also there is a great video on YouTube for teardown if you want to learn how to get inside and change some things around. Hope this reveiw helps!
by Barrett F. on 2016-03-13 20:36:08
"I am leaving this review about a year and a half later, This gun is good don't get me wrong but there are some issues. For a starter gun it's great and even as an intermediate gun. but here are the pros and cons

- Unique look, it's an m4 g36 hybrid from hell
- Good performance, it has a good use of battery life, good aim, good rate of fire
- Good polymer body and metal front reciever

- Hop up is kinda weird a lot of your bb's will spin up
- The fact that it's not designed after a real rifle might get some judgmental looks at milsim events

Overall I would definitely recommend this rifle but you could also get an m4 that performs better for cheaper, but you sacrifice style and unique features when you do that. For a unique player this is great!
by Richard G. on 2016-03-03 15:49:20
"Its a good gun over all. the battery could be a little stronger and the mag well pin falls out alot so just put a zip tie in and ur problem is fixed
by Alex D. on 2015-11-24 21:57:27
"Got this gun from a BoA. It is fantastic. It fielded well, and I was continuously surprised by its range. Only thing I do not like is the battery compartment. It is time consuming to get into and it is a tight fit. So you are limited, or you can try to mod it. In the end, this gun is well worth your time.
by Stephen V. on 2015-09-03 22:50:18
"Have two. Love em' both. Nice metal rail space and can heave some bb's down range. Comes with grip... (I added a giant red dot) - good to go! Locktight your pins people. Battery is impossibly tight unless you get it in just the right spot. I dremeled just a hair off my two stocks for ease of battery changes. No probs yet! :)
by Noah L. on 2015-08-25 23:55:42
"I've had this rifle for about a month or so, and I'm honestly loving it. I really recommend it to anyone who likes the H&K rifles but want something that sticks out a lot more than usual or wants a G36C with an EXCESSIVE amount of rail space,

- Nice looking and feeling. all of the externals look good and feel good. I'm especially fond of the stock with the thumb hole and the cheek riser. the metal rails are a bit uncomfortable on bare hands (but hey! it comes with a foregrip!)
- Heavy. This rifle has a lot of weight to it and it's lovely, could be a con if you want something light. And even with all the weight it's well balanced.
- Good Performance. I've yet to try it with a 9.6v (as it's in the mail still) but with the stock battery the rate of fire still feels pretty decent. I am able to hit a can repeatedly from about around 70 feet, a piece of A4 paper at 100, and a human sized target at about 150 feet. There is a noticeable deviation in bb trajectory at the longer distances, as to be expected.
- Really easy to disassemble and reassemble. Great for teching and adjusting things internally. echo1 has a good youtube video about it.
- M4 Magwell. This is a great thing about the rifle, a lot of mags are really loose in the magwell but it does enable you to mooch ammo off every m4 user on the field so you will never run out of ammo (as long as people are nice enough).
- Rail space. You will not run out. Ever. There's just so much of it.
- Metal Hi-Caps Included. Enough said, they are a fantastic feel and a good weight(one of mine broke though). The straight style one looks cool which is a plus.
- Compatible with JG G36 parts. I've gone back and forth between the default hand guard and a JG G36 handguard, the four holed one, it covers up the standard length outerbarrel and gives it a cool spacegun/laser gun aesthetic which turns heads. I've permanently replaced the outerbarrel with the longer G36 outerbarrel, it looks a lot better than the smaller barrel with the default handguard and allows a longer innerbarrel. And with the JG handguard installed with the JG outerbarrel makes it look like an assault rifle SL8!
- Almost fully ambidextrous. As a ambidextrous guy who shoots lefty this is fantastically convenient! The only down side is it's hard to get the mag release which is on the left side of the rifle.


- Way too much hop up out of the box. The hop up has a maddog nub which is rather stiff. It's easily solved by using either a different nub, if accessible, or using a small radial file to shorten the arm that presses the nub down (echo1 has a video showing this too!).
- Terrible Sights. They are essentially pistol sights on a rifle. A big problem I have with it is that you cannot use the cheek riser and the integrated sights at the same time. It definitely needs some sort of attached optic.
- Magwell pin is very lose. I actually lost mine and couldn't find one, if you have problems I'd recommend picking up a G36C handguard pin as they have a nice locking mechanism and they fit perfectly in the pin slot and is nice and stiff.
- Mag release kind of sucks. I mentioned it already but I realized it's not very comfortable to use even when firing right handed. Not a big thing but It's not optimal.

All in all the Echo1 MTC 3 is a awesome looking, feeling, and shooting rifle. I highly recommend it!
by Ryan N. on 2015-08-24 20:14:13
"I've used this for about a year and it's very cool.

Looks very cool and stands out from every gun on the field
Decent rof of 20 rds per sec with a 9.6
Changeable magwell to take m4 or g36 mags
Very comfortable rails system
Unique mag release
Low profile iron sights
Lots of rail space
Cool sl9 stock

Iron sights are very blocky; you can't make precise shots with them
Mags that come with do not feed well
Charging handle jams
Unevenly balanced
Crazy hop-up even on the lowest setting
The stock's butt is plastic so it's uncomfortable to shoulder without a vest on

Overall this gun is great for intermediate players because starters will have an unusual platform to begin with.
by jordan d. on 2015-08-05 19:30:14
"To start off, I've had this gun for about half a year prior to writing this review, but that shouldn't change anything.
Once i got the gun, i was hype for new gun, etc etc, it came with everything it said it would, a battery, 2 mags, the gun, and a foregrip. The grip itself is fairly poor quality, it doesn't feel secure to me on this gun, or any of my other rifles for that fact, but its ok because it comes with the gun.
My first time handling it was awesome, it has a solid weight to it, looks like a G36, but it uses regular STANAG magazines. First thing i noticed was the iron sights, they literally look like the front rail and back rail were raised and just had a notch removed from them, lime they're incredibly low profile and hard to use. I shrugged that off and just put a sight on it, because i had a spare.
I charged the battery, put the battery in the incredibly small slot, which requires an allen rench to get into, and fired off a few hundred rounds to get the hop up right and whatnot.
I took it out that weekend for my game, and it was durring the winter too, it started off rough, the mags didn't feed as good as my others so i left them in my trunk after 15 minutes. Then about halfway through the day i notice that the magwell is extremely wobbly, and the pin holding it together was half out, so i had to push it back in of course, then about 30 minutes later in the middle of a firefight, not my mag, but the entire magwell falls out into the snow. The pin fell out, and i wasnt able to recover it, so i had to tape the thing back together and i had even put a stick in it to hold it together.
All in all the gun looks solid, but im fairly upset with how it performed, with feeding problems and the gun falling apart midgame.
Pros :
Looks bad*ss
Solid weight
Fairly well balanced
Comes with a lot of goodies
Uses normal STANAG magazines
Magazines feed poorly
Horrible battery compartment
Foregrip is cheap plastic
Poor construction
Small irons (could be pro or con)

One last note is that it may have been my individual product not performing up to par, but i personally wouldn't recommend this.
by Alexander K. on 2015-03-20 09:34:30
"All in all, I love this gun. the battery is insanely hard to get out of the stock. but that's about the only con about this gun. comes with so much its a great starter pack for me. the grip that comes with is actually really sturdy, had a bit of trouble putting it on. I really recommend getting this gun if you're starting out.
by Jon C. on 2015-02-25 04:12:11
"Just got this in yesterday, From what I have seen so far this is a good gun for the price.


Lots of rails

Foregrip included, (Foregrip is a single piece that slips over the rails and has a knob on the bottom to tighten it up, feels like it could break off if it was bumped too hard)

Popped my 9.6v battery in to test and it has an amazing rof

the two mags that come with it are nice and snug in the gun, no wobble at all

The low profile iron sights are really nice


foregrip feels like it could easily break off

battery compartment requires an allen wrench, (included) to access

Iron Sights are not adjustable

All in all, I think this will be a beast of a gun for my airsoft matches. The rate of fire with the 9.6 really surprised me and I reccomend swapping out the stock battery for one as soon as possible. The gun feels really nice and isnt bulky to hold or carry

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