Reviews: Echo1 MTC 3 Full Size (Modular Tactical Carbine) Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-E1-MTC3
Location: L6-054 L1-T14 L6-T5 L4-T9 L2-T10

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by Alexander K. on 2015-03-20 09:34:30
"All in all, I love this gun. the battery is insanely hard to get out of the stock. but that's about the only con about this gun. comes with so much its a great starter pack for me. the grip that comes with is actually really sturdy, had a bit of trouble putting it on. I really recommend getting this gun if you're starting out.
by Jon C. on 2015-02-25 04:12:11
"Just got this in yesterday, From what I have seen so far this is a good gun for the price.


Lots of rails

Foregrip included, (Foregrip is a single piece that slips over the rails and has a knob on the bottom to tighten it up, feels like it could break off if it was bumped too hard)

Popped my 9.6v battery in to test and it has an amazing rof

the two mags that come with it are nice and snug in the gun, no wobble at all

The low profile iron sights are really nice


foregrip feels like it could easily break off

battery compartment requires an allen wrench, (included) to access

Iron Sights are not adjustable

All in all, I think this will be a beast of a gun for my airsoft matches. The rate of fire with the 9.6 really surprised me and I reccomend swapping out the stock battery for one as soon as possible. The gun feels really nice and isnt bulky to hold or carry
by Joeseph B. on 2015-02-05 19:58:36
"Let's start this review off buy admitting to ourselves that this airsoft gun looks AMAZING! I have a pros and cons about this gun, but overall, I would say that I you are looking for something unique, reasonably priced, in a package deal, and gives you good, game ready performance right out of the box, this is your gun. It has both solid internals and externals.

The gun looks AMAZING and unique! You will definitely be recognized whichever field you play at. Looks KILLER with a red dot scope on top
It has a SOLID weight to it (can be a pro or con) yet it still remains evenly balanced despite having a full metal RIS on the front
This gun has rails on rails on rails to add literally everything you could think to add. These rails are both standard 20mm weaver rails AND are full metal for added durability
The response time with this trigger assembly is great for an AEG
Comes with a vertical grip AND 2X mags (useful no matter what level you play at) a battery and wall charger (good for beginners who want to get out and play!)
Well packaged in it's box
Great internals. I have shot thousands of bbs with this and haven't had a problem internally
I have had issues with both of my mags feeding into the gun (you will need to REALLY wind the wheel to get the to work. Other than that they work just fine)
The orange tip is not removable to my knowledge
Limited on what type of battery you can use (not a huge issue)
Quite a hefty gun (I LOVE this about it but I know others do not)
Iron sights are terrible (you WILL need to buy some kind of sighting system to use this gun effectively)
The hop up system doesn't seem to be working correctly (I have had a lot of trouble with this trying to patch it so that the bbs don't fly upwards)
No bolt catch. This makes adjusting the hop up tricky but not impossible

*I know that makes a very long list of cons, but I still gave this a 5 out 5 because even with those cons, this airsoft AEG is still a SOLID buy for beginners and experience players alike.*
by jonathan p. on 2015-01-02 13:46:10
"Got this gun for Christmas it is great and love it had a hard time fitting the magazine in at first but after awhile it slid in and fired perfectly. It doesn't come with instructions so if you don't know how long to charge the battery that can be a problem in which can be easily fixed with a smart charger. Fires amazing and is super accurate. I love the feel of the stock and the rails are very solid

Amazing look and feel
great rail space very solid
fires accurate and fast
comes with 2 magazines

Hard to switch between safe semi and auto
no instructions
magazines are hard to fit in at first
battery semi hard to get in and out of gun

All in all an amazing gun :)
by Steven W. on 2014-12-24 00:01:02
"i have had this gun for 2 months now and i have to say that i have to say i love this gun. This is my 5th gun i have owned and by far my favorite. I will say this mine came with two hicap mags and no mid cap. This was a little disappointing for me because i only use midcaps. The features of this unique gun i liked were that it feels great in your hands with the smooth RIS on the sides near the magwell. Also, very SOLID. It is made of a lot of polymer but I am not worried about it breaking.
Accuracy was very good for me, and the chrono shot at 368-379 fps. but i did not get the rps. the only problem i have had with this gun has to be the body pins and certain mags don't like to feed. (i haven't fixed this problem yet i think it is just the way it sits) Also as a side note i have a blankhawk l2a2 light fixed on the side and with the ris being shaved down the light is very easy to control. Also make sure you have some type of optic chosen because the sights are pretty much useless. And one last thing i noticed that when i got the gun on the stock there is some weird lines in it im guessing that these came from the production process they don't bother me in the least but i did want to bring it up for those who might care.

Pro and Con list:
-Solid construction, only con is the body pin that wants to try and fall out
-Good accuracy for it's relatively short barrel.
-I live in Georgia and all the fields i go to have a 400 fps limit so its perfect for me
-Enough rail space for anything and everything including a tactical toilet paper holder. :)
-M4 mags big plus

-Only a single sling point on the stock/receiver.
-The stock stinks but after a week or two i couldn't smell it anymore
-battery storage i don't have this problem but i can see where it can be if u get a battery and don't check it first.
by Alex G. on 2014-06-18 21:32:40
"I've had this gun for a bunch of matches and I must say it is my favorite, and has become my main weapon. It's great! I'll do what any sensible reviewer does and list the pros and cons. I got mine at $176 during a sale so this may effect my review some.

Feels amazing. Like a RS M4 receiver.

Accurate. Nearly as accurate as my G3 with half the barrel length

Madbull blue bucking

Getting to the barrel
by jake h. on 2014-05-04 08:54:42
"Got the is gun and used it for the first time in some games a couple days ago. Loved it. I would recommend this gun to ANYONE looking for a great AEG under $250

Pros: Shoots hard, Accurate, takes M4 mags, lots of rail space, bottom rail stops half way for comfortability, low iron sites, removable cheek riser, shorter barrel for peeking corners, 9.6 volt lasted me 5 hours of playing, nothing shakes or rattles on it, heavy, comes with grip, 14mm negative threading, huge battery compartment, ambidextrous fire selection, comes with 2 high caps.

Cons: Comes with a advanced hop-up bucking so with .20g bbs they still curve up (use .25s or higher!) Magwell pin got pushed out twice during a game almost lost it so i put a little tape over it, had to put foam in battery compartment so it didn't bounce around, you have to unscrew the stock to get your battery out our adjust the stock (time consuming). All of these cons are minor and or fixable. Nothing big to worry about.
by Jean H. on 2014-05-03 20:12:11
"Gave this gun a work out today. Put around 3000 rounds through it today. It has some feed problems. You need to make sure you mag doesn't move around or else you gun wont feed. Also the battery that comes with it is a pain to get in and out of the stock. Other than that its worth the money,
by Michael M. on 2013-01-21 14:23:16
"I purchased this several months ago, based mainly on the reviews, the look and the durability. I have not been disappointed. Out of the box, it shoots as advertised, with impressive accuracy. It does come with an 8.4v battery and cheapy charger. The internals are good.

So far, I've only upgraded the barrel (to a 6.03mm diameter, 310mm length steel), and added a 9.6v battery. No problems with jams, shots flying off into space, etc. It's fairly easy to maintain and disassemble. The barrel swap took maybe 8 minutes (mostly because I take my time the first go around to make sure I understand all the parts).

In regards to the smaller VN style mag, the notch on the side that locks it into place is about 1mm too low. If you bang it straight up, or pull it out in the direction of the mag release, the mag will slip into place. It's just a mistake on the mag.

As for the mag well pin falling out, that's DEFINITELY true. What I did was pull it out, spray it will a little LockTite, slide it back in from the other direction (insert from the right side of the gun, instead of the left), then cover it with a small (few inches) strip of black electrical tape (just in case). The only time you need to remove the pin is to swap the mag well type, or get at the internals.

The iron sites are very low, pretty much unusable. But that's okay, there's enough rail space for a site or scope.

Highly recommend. I love the way this gun looks and shoots.
by alex h. on 2012-10-13 06:26:55
"Ok so this is my third airsoft gun , I must admit its like futeristic ak 47 its been in damp humid rainy weather with mud thhat took days to get off my BRUS! ( battle ready uniform that's digital but not used in active service branch's subdued digital). I,m impressed with it I used a 9.6 volt 1600 mini nuncunk which will fit, also gave it a madbull black out flash suppressor. During this rainforest weather as stated above I stress tested dumping 145 rounds. (Mid cap) I did this 12 times not breaks I mean most guns would jam from this abuse . However it s no. Godlike weapon due to the fact the pin holding the rear part of the mag holder (were you but the mag in ), fell out and caused it to stop feeding and the NHS fell out just use some black ductape or super glue if you still have the pin. (Mine was lost in the field and had to do an on the sight repair hence the ductape! ;)

If you clean the barrel before you use it and use .25 s with a mid cap or box mag it will keep shooting until the ends of the earth.
No wobbles or loose parts. Pretighten before field use to ensure long term realiability
Accurate to about 120 feet , and will DOMINATE THE SUPPRESSIVE FIRE LMG ROLE
I recommend this for airsoft zombie walks just fire and forget ...
Futuristic will always have some attention as long as you don,t admit its by echo 1
MAG pin requires modification to stay in.
Your battery will FEEL PAIN! And fail before this gun will!
Hungry for souls and bb s ( could be a pro)
Maintenaince is keen. :3

Overall this is a steal for the quality and modularity and if you can fix the rear mag holding pin keep it clean and lubed
aisoft gun will serve ANY role.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
by Kyle W. on 2012-09-17 20:06:54
"Just received this and have to say...

This thing is great! Used it all day in the field on one battery charge, no jams, no problems.
Feels great in your hands with the smooth RIS on the sides near the magwell.
I put a standard m4/m16 barrel cover plate on the bottom for better feel since I don't like the feel of vertical grips
Also, very SOLID. No wobble. None. It is mostly plastic yes, but very strong plastic that I am not worried about breaking.
Accuracy was fairly good for it's length, and it chrono'd in at it's advertised 350-380 fps.
I absolutely recommend this gun for anyone who is a G36/SL8 fan!

Quick Pro and Con list:
-Solid construction, it's gonna be tough to break this.
-Good accuracy for it's relatively short barrel.
-Proper FPS for most fields out of box.
-Enough rail space for anything... seriously..
-Sharing mags with 90% of airsoft players is a plus.
-You're getting a ton of conversion parts for a ridiculously low price... no wonder it sold out!

-The solid stock with thumb hole is not for everyone.(But it's the main reason I bought it!) It requires a lot of wrist stamina to hold this gun all day... my arm is still sore a couple days later!
-Only a single sling point on the stock/receiver. Some folks don't like 1-Point slings, I got over it.
-The stock stinks to high heaven like a plastic factory! (When it's open.) Hope that fades...

Awesome Customer Service:
-When I un-boxed it, the 190 round mag WOULD NOT push into the magazine well... I called EVIKE and without question was sent a mid cap 190 round replacement. After using the mags that fit for a day, i must have worn down the magazine well, because now the half mag fits... Sorry EVIKE!! I'll make it up to you by buying more stuff!
by jacob o. on 2012-07-18 18:44:06
"this gun is amazing i got it from my local store and have already been upgrading witch you don t need to do unless you are turning it into a dmr like me but one thing i suggest getting for it is a tight bore barrel like an aim 6.03 363mm inner barrel or something longer like me a 6.01mm 460mm inner barrel and i plan to get a 500mm inner barrel but that will be later so i would recommend this gun because its a great aeg to buy it is great for outdoors and indoors so the pros and cons

great rof
lipo ready
easily upgradable
comes with 2 mags a normal and a 180 round one
fits m4 mags

short inner barrel for outdoors in my opinion
little to no iron sights still ok with me i got optics
orange tip is hard to get off but it wiil come off find that pin and pop it out and it will

not bad cons nothing that should send you away from this gun just stuff that i dislike but don t mind and its LIPO R E A D Y

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