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by Meng V. on 2013-04-19 00:16:08
"This gun is extremely powerful and is a scary beast. BUT as time went on, the trigger broke and always got stuck after every shot. So I had to use a rubber band to tie it so it will come back to it's ready position. The magazine also is a bit weird. After a while use, as I start to put gas in, the gas goes straight outside the other hole.


Full Metal
Blowback sounds awesome with metal clashing to metal
Terrifyingly Beautiful
Extremely Long Barrel (can be a con)
Super High FPS (can be a con for certain fields and can cause a lot of pain)
Accurate even without scope
Easy to take off orange tip (use warm water)
Excellent for price


Trigger broke
Magazine broke
Very complicated, tiresome, and a pain to put in bb's in magazine with the stick speed loader

Overall, before things started breaking itself from it's awesome power-fullness, it was a very excellent gun.
by Henrik K. on 2013-02-06 17:37:18
"I got this gun on Monday (it's now Wednesday) and after a couple days of use this gun is amazing. Right out of the box the gun come in two parts for shipping purposes but three screws later your good to go. As I said this gun is amazing but be warned YOU CANNOT SPEED RELOAD THE MAG EACH BB MUST BE PLACED IN INDIVIDUALLY I HAVE NOT FOUND ANY SPEED RELOADER THAT WILL WORK WITH THE MAG.
by Nathan B. on 2012-09-21 17:26:36
"I got this gun maybe a month ago and it has more recoil than a .22 and when i assembled the gun it was really sturdy but when i put the clip in it was really wobbly this gun chronoed at 580 fps so you won't be able to play in fields with this gun.Also i put maybe 100 rounds through it and the mag almost immediately leaked so something to beware about 'cause the other comment here this also happened to them and they don't sell spare mags.

-realistic wieght
-high fps (also a con)
-nice bolt lock

-too high fps too play in fields
-wobbly mag
-mag broke
-doesn't sell spare mags
by pedro s. on 2012-08-13 11:31:03
"Amazing gun!!
-realistic weight
-has nice recoil
-high fps (more with propane)
-well constructed
-really solid
-Long range!! (270ft max with .30g)
-Great Hopup unit
-great Blowback system
-it looks great!

-Have to lubritcate mag everytime you reload and shoot (not really a con because every blowback gun needs mag/gun lubrication) ... My mag doesnt work, forgot to lubricate it:/
-They dont sell mags for this Dragunov GBB

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)