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Echo1 Red Star AK CSR Airsoft AEG Rifle

10 Customer Reviews

by trey p. on 03/19/2018
"New to air soft and have only used it for a couple of days, but this weapon is awesome. A very good replica and a great performing rifle.
When you hit someone with this you know it from their reaction, no need to trust they will call it. First time out with it hit multiple enemies over 125 feet away, longest so far was a head shot right under 280 feet, that's all I could see and exactly what I hit. Running a 11.1V 800 mAh LiPo currently from my RC car. The stock battery worked real nice but the trigger response is a lot better with the LiPo and not to mention a little harder shooting. Currently do not have any optics on this rifle so all hits have been with the iron sights.

Comes with (2) magazines
Comes with Battery and Wall Charger
FPS is awesome
Looks great
Hop up adjusts nicely
Great battery life

Wish kits included the sling (has everything else)
Seems to be a lubrication hog, if it stops shooting straight at all, lube it!
by Joshua D. on 01/15/2017
"probly my most favorite airsoft gun ever. Ive owned mine for quite some time now. Ive reshimmed, rewired, added a mosfet, changed the barrel to a 590mm promy(tried the madbull 650mm and works but promy is better),changed the motor out to a frankentorque and upped the spring to a guarder sp150. Running this off a 14.8v lipo and have great trigger responseand insane range i only run .36 bb's now. My only wish is I bought a wood version. To me this is a true EBR (evil black rifle)
by Brad R. on 01/17/2016
"So far this thing feels solid, no wobble or creaking. The two high-caps it comes with feed great, and my one complaint is the battery storage, because despite the claims, I can't get a 9.6v to actually fit, so it's time to do some grinding, but the 8.4v it comes with will definitely do the job just fine
by Daniel K. on 01/05/2016
"Ok so I didn't buy this gun from this site but I thought I'd still share how much I love this rifle. I bought this from a buddy of mine and it's the best decision I've made about airsoft so far. I used to have a spring sniper and I wanted to be able to put more rounds down range and with this you can. Make sure you use heavy bb's like .3s. In my last engagement, I scored 7 kills including my first ever "sniper" kill from a distance. This gun makes all the other players duck for cover.

High fps
looks BA
great for those who are looking into a DM role

gets heavy after running (attach sling and problem is gone)
by Brendon C. on 11/23/2014
"Fantastic weapon. Throw a pso-1 scope in it and you've got the deadliest sniper you can buy (in my opinion)
VERY HIGH FPS ideal fps for a sniper, and outranges seemingly everything!
Very high capacity mags (considering you're a sniper)
high quality build
battery lasts very very long
no mag wobble, feeding is perfect doesn't skip a single round.
CONS: hasn't done me wrong in any way (:

This gun is a force to reckon with.
by Brandon S. on 02/27/2014
"Love it.

The accuracy is good enough to hit human sized targets from over 300 feet away using .42s. Using .42s the FPS will crono at 330, very impressive for that weight.

The battery compartment is my only real complaint, It takes long stick type batteries
and getting them in can be troublesome. You'll definitely want a 9.6 battery or LiPo for it. Using lower can cause slow firing response or weird instances where you pull the trigger, it makes some noise, but nothing happens, you pull again and it fires near instant.
by shirra c. on 05/16/2013
"this was my first airsoft gun that I purchased for field airsofting. It is a GREAT gun, it only shoots semi auto but the gun makes up for it in range, accuracy and power. I used .32 high polished bbs and it could shoot way farther than any of my friends guns(mainly echo 1 m4s and another sniper) even on a dead battery, it also was spot on and left some nice welts. I highly recommend this gun to anyone looking at purchasing a sniper or for field use.
by Dylan K. on 09/26/2012
"the best svd ive bought so far. for starters ive hit a person about 300ft away straight out of the box with no modifications i think the range is incredible. does come with two mags not one and in my opinion the stock battery works fine but feel free to change it if need be. hop up worked fine on mine but ive heard some problems with having to loosen a screw to turn it up the whole way however, this didnt happen with mine. Mine shoots about 460 with .28g bbs over 500 with .20g. This does use the cyma mags sold here on evike not a&k or king arms, but its pretty much an upgraded cyma so thats to be expected. I have an airsoft pos1 and real steel posp scope both worked fine no problems attaching to rail. Just a little fun fact it does fit my real svd bayonet, however i dont recomend using it while playing.....but i do....just for looks... i would recomend this gun to beginners that want a really nice gun that doesnt need upgraded and even long time players. There is no wood kit but if you want one get the wood cyma and upgrade the fps and hop up yourself if you know what you are doing. over all very pleased with this one of my favorite guns ever

pros. shoots 460 with 28g over 500 with 20g (good for outside)
hits over 300 ft.
good right out of the box tops any other svd on the market so far
semi auto sniper
no upgrades needed
accurate i can shoot the head off a dandelion

cons. there is no real cons however some pros can be listed as cons
high fps for most fields
well thats it but id hardly call that a con just get a weaker spring for your field if need be
by Matt S. on 07/26/2012
"This is the best gun ever! Got it yesterday and i love it. PLEASE NOTE THAT MINE CAME WITH TWO MAGS UNLIKE SAID IN DESCRIPTION circa 07/25/12
Lets start out with pros and cons.

Pros: Supreme Accuracy and Range! (So far i have used .25s but i am going to buy Echo 1 .28s today), the semi auto is very nice and awesome trigger response and i am using the 8.4 stick battery that came with it. This gun is amazing!

Cons: NONE! Except that i had a little bit of a hard time putting the battery in but that happens with everybody's first try. Check out Brian from Echo 1 USA's video on the CSR and everything will make sense!

by Deborah A. on 04/13/2013
"Right off the back I can say this gun is amazing. This gun is extremely powerful and accurate, once you get the scope sighted in and the hop up dialed in you will be a long range semi-auto killing machine. I do however have a few gripes with it. The weaver mount I bought to place a scope on it ( I really didn't want to spend $120 on a PS01 scope) was off by just a bit. It was a fairly easy fix, I just put a small piece of plastic on the bottom of the scope right to lower the sight picture. After that it was perfect. My second gripe with the weapon is the hop up adjustment, not the hop up that's amazing, but the adjustment is a little finicky and tough to get used to. Lastly gripe number three is the battery storage. I understand that there is not many places to put a battery on the SVD but the way one needs to split the hand guard to place a stick type in is a little bit tedious. Do not let these little things steer you away from this gun, they are all minor and insignificant. I could go on for days about how good this weapon is, but I will just sum it up in the pros.

Dead on accurate
Powerful, defiantly and outdoor weapon
Metal construction is rock solid
Durable ( I have dropped it in the snow a couple times )
Looks so good and intimidating
Bolt is nice and crisp
Hop up is very good quality, accurate to at least 250 feet if not more

Mount I bought was off by a bit but was an easy fix
Battery compartment is a little frustrating
Hop up ADJUSTER WHEEL (hop up is perfect though)