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GET YOUR SPRING ON! - 25% OFF (exclusions apply, see details)   Use code: SPRING "Safety First" 39" Basic Rifle Bag - Black

5 Customer Reviews

by Armando C. on 03/24/2016
"It's perfect! It has plenty of pockets! I was able to put 8 m4's mags, and 6 batteries on the front. I have my chest rig, speed loader and bbs in the" secondary" rifle bag, got an m4, flashlight sling and of course an M4 on the big compartment and still have space for more stuff, for 20 bucks I really can't ask for more.
by Vonda K. on 12/29/2014
"I can fit everything I need for a day of airsoft in this and a backpack, its amazing
by Bryan B. on 02/27/2013
"This bag is very good! I love that is has 2 large areas inside because I used to carry my sl9 in the large area (with the outter barrel removed) and my p90 in the smaller area and they both fit with ease. This should definitely be something that you should get as soon as possible especially for those of you still carrying around your AEG/GBB in its original box....step up your game for only $20!
by cody h. on 08/19/2012
"not much to say... its a great bag.... 5/5
by Josh N. on 12/03/2012
"I'm super glad I have this bag, because it's perfectly capable of carrying all the basic airsoft needs (with a little extra). The bag can hold 2 guns (one long rifle and one sub machine gun), has two small pockets (for miscellaneous stuff), and two mag pouches. The zippers are good quality zippers, it has a little ID slot on it, and it's padded. Though the case is adequate, I do have a few complaints. 1. it has way too many straps on it. The straps are all super cheap quality, because they're very thin/non-durable and they don't have tabs on the end of them (if they slip, the strap will come off the plastic adjuster all together). 2. The backpack function is useful, but it's a little annoying how cheap the quality is. I don't understand why it has an adjustable straps on all for points of the backpack straps. (size adjusting on both ends of each backpack strap). To raise some more eyebrows, it has quick release buckles at the shoulder of each strap. Why? To add more annoying loose straps? 3. I'm skeptical about the durability, because the corner is ripping a bit. 4. It's long, which is usually a plus. But, the structure is kinda flimsy, so it folds onto your head when you wear it as a backpack.

2 small pouches
2 mag pouches
holds 2 guns
ID pouch

Numerous and cheap straps
Backpack function can be annoying
Flimsy structure.