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KWA K120 120rd Polymer Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black / Set of 6)

61 Customer Reviews

by Kyle F. on 09/30/2016
"Great mag! It's the best feeding mid cap mag I've ever used. And, on top of that, its reinforced polymer construction feels heavier than other polymer mid cap mags which seems to be very durable. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great, reliable, and long lasting mid cap mag!
by Alexander H. on 08/30/2016
"The only polymer midcap magazine that drops freely from my polarstar PDR-C. Its fitment and function are superior to that of short licensed PMAG that comes with the airsoft gun, which does not drop free mind you. Buy them while you can they are the best mid caps out right now it will be a sad day when they are discontinued. No filing or anything needed out of the box.
by Andrew N. on 08/02/2016
"Amazing magazine. Best mid-cap. No winding 90+ rounds I haven't even ran out on one mag.

90+ rounds
No winding
Solid build
Removable cover (different covers)
Never had a feeding issue

by Jeffery M. on 07/08/2016
"I saved a whole 5 cents buying this package, 5% of the way to a whole dollar
by Caleb K. on 01/31/2016
"These are pretty dang good mags. They feed amazingly in my KWA SR-10 but dry fire every 4-5 shots in my custom HPA m4. Fair capacity, good price, and a pretty nice weight. They feel incredibly solid too. I recommend it to all players
by Jacob M. on 07/19/2015
"Amazing magazine, it has an amazing build quality and looks awesome

-High Quality
-Changable Sleeve
-Mid Cap
-Nice KWA Trademarks
-Finger grooves (mainly for looks)
-Feeds flawlessly

-Picky with compatibility (Luckily it worked for my Classic Army but I have had friends with less luck with this mag)

by Matt S. on 06/12/2015
"Awesome. Just awesome.

Looks great
Feeds great
Quality great

Price, not so great
by Henry S. on 05/13/2015
"I have these mags for a long time now and not one of them has broken, cracked, or fallen out of my gun. I have the KWA km4 commando and they only come out when i release them. 120 rounds isn't bad either. Play outdoors and in doors and if your looking for nice mid caps for your KWA gun, buys these!!!

NOTE: THese mags Only work with certain KWA guns.
by Shane C. on 05/08/2015
"Got one of these with my KWA mod2, beautiful mag! Feeds better than all my other mags do in this gun including my HI-cap mags. This mag feels sturdy and looks great! Definitely worth the price, id suggest getting 3 or 4 to run with as they only hold 120 rounds. 3 of these should do you just fine for one round!
by Brennan G. on 04/06/2015
"These are the best mags I've owned. These mags are better than the magpul pmags. I've never had a problem with these in the 4 months I've had them.
by Tyler H. on 03/09/2015
"I bought a box of these with my kwa sr7 since my vest holds 6 mags and the sr7 comes with one of these as well despite what is shown in evike's image of the sr7. I used them at home this week to try the gun out and over the course of 2 days put about 3000 rounds through my gun. I never had a single problem with any of these mags. I even took one apart which was very easy. The base plate comes off (can be replaced with ranger plates) and then the actual housing of the bb compartemnt and springs and all that slides out the bottom. 4 screws hold it together. Unscrew those and (carefully so the spring doesnt fly and launch the follower) separate it into two halves. you can clean what ever you need too. I put it back together and still had no problems. The mags are incredibly durable. I wanted metal mags but i know kwa's are picky so I got these and I'd choose these over metal mags any day! if you have a kwa, these are your best bet.
by Tim G. on 03/02/2015
"Best and only choice for KWA . Well made mags , feeds perfect , solid built. Break them and should last a long time. Buy them it's a no brainer.
by Sam W. on 01/26/2015
"These mags are very high quality. They will get scratches but in my opinion they look cool. I use them in my Echo 1 and they fit in my G&G gr15 but dont feed very well.
by conner a. on 08/24/2014
"Buy this now!!!! It has PTS level & quality feeding but without the price. It's been flawless so far no jamming issues or misfeeds. The base plate is magpul compatible so if you have a P-mag ranger plate, it will fit on the K120. It's also easy to clean due to its complete disassembly.
by Alka S. on 05/26/2014
"Amazing mags couldn't ask for any better!