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KWA K120 120rd Polymer Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Set of 6

30 Customer Reviews

by Jacob G. on 11/04/2013
"I bought these mags for my Dboys M4 S-system and i can say that i am really quite pleased. the mags are very sturdy and ive dropped them quite a few times. If you want to run magpuls with these though, you have to take the baseplate off, slide on the magpul, then re-attach the baseplate. i run these magazines exclusively in my gun with .25 elite force bb's, they feed flawlessly and look amazing. 5 out 5 evike!
by Elliot H. on 10/20/2013
"These are BY FAR the best midcaps I have ever owned! And the pricing on the is pretty reasonable as well!

-Extremely solid construction
-Great look and feel
-Easily disassembled for maintenance
-Solid polymer sleeve covers the abs internals of the magazine
-Can hold 120 rounds
-Feeds almost every single round other than the last few bbs
-Works great in my G4

-Absolutely nothing!

Would recommend these to any Airsofter looking for great quality mags for a good price!
by Eddie B. on 06/13/2013
"These mags feed really well. I use these with the KWA CQR MOD 1 and they have only misfed about once or twice from the hundreds of times that I've used them. Honestly in my opinion they are really a bang for you buck. $10 a mag way cheaper than some regular mags.
by Gabi A. on 05/02/2013
"These mags are awesome! You should totally get these they are light and really hard to break. Very nice mags although i had only one problem and so did others. After a while of using them the spring may need to either be lubed or stretched out a bit because they dont feed properly but its a 10-15 minute fix and easy. I recomend these and buy these!
by Lisa H. on 04/19/2013
"I got one of these mags with my KM4 RIS from airsoftoutletnw and it is perfect. It fits the magwell very well with very little wobble. They hold 120 rounds which is pretty good for the look of a PMag but are much more affordable and look way better. The KWA logo on it was an awesome touch and really enforces the idea of the quality of the magazine. I highly recommend you get this mag and or mag pack A.S.A.P.
by daniel p. on 01/11/2013
"I'm using these with a KWA KM4A1, and they feed flawlessly. They fit the magwell very well, and are very sturdy. Don't let the "polymer" fool you, these are not your typical plastic mags. I would go so far as to say that these would probably hold up better than many metal magazines I've seen. Another thing, they are ranger plate compatable!
by carol m. on 10/08/2012
"wonderful magazines. they work great in my kwa m4 and they just look awesome. although they look like p mags they are a fraction of the price. i have all 12 of mine setup with real steel ranger plates and they work great.
holds 120 rounds
great weight
accepts ranger plates
p mag look for cheap
feed great
made by kwa

none at this point and ive had them for 2 months now
by Sam M. on 09/27/2012
"These are awesome, swapped the bottom plates with some real-steal ranger-style ones, works flawless. When I first got them the inner mechanism and the outer shell had SOME wobble to them, with the new plates they work fine. But before that I had to fill the bottom plates with some paper, otherwise the mag won't feed. Now they are perfect with my SR12 and my MTC3. Great mags, the KWA logo really makes them stand out. Get them as soon as you can.
by Philip S. on 09/19/2012
"These are the best mid caps I have ever used! I use them in my KWA CQR Mod 1 and they feed flawlessly.
Definately a must buy!
by Gabriel H. on 09/12/2012
"Solid magazine. feels great, feeds well, and looks good. 10 dollars a mag, not too shabby.
by Matt R. on 07/14/2012
"First off I would like to say these mags are AWESOME!!.
Feeds nicely,looks good,snug fit into my sr7 and are extremely durable.


by derek h. on 11/15/2014
"Great midcaps, but are a little big just don't leave them loaded or you'll be firing blanks
by Bradley M. on 07/07/2013
"The mags are well built and are awesome mags. I recommend them, but I have one con in the mags I have it has trouble feeding the last 5-4 bbs.
by Marcelo G. on 08/28/2016
"Very Durable magazines but if you run a high ROF and hevier bbs after several months they will not feed properly i bought two boxes almost all of them have a weak spring. the spring is very weak to begin with they are thin cooper so after several months you start getting miss fires.
by Matthew V. on 02/28/2015
"I bought these mags and the quality is great and feels amazing for polymer. Only downside is the would not feed into the combat machine mod 0. I just wish the fed into my AEG