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CYMA 55rd Magazine for VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle for JG Marui HFC Snow Wolf WELL CYMA

3 Customer Reviews

by Sara C. on 07/18/2014
"I got this mag for VSR-10 by JG yesterday and it works like a charm. Works in my Tokyo Marui VSR-10 as well!

High capacity (55 rounds)

by Breno F. on 04/06/2018
"I ordered 2 of these thinking I would not have the same problem that was reported in 11/03/17. Sadly I can't say that. The magazines are fine and good quality but I ran into some issues.

#Issue 1: The magazine did not fit in my Well Mb03 even thought it says in the description of the product that it does and I had to grind it's head, so it would fit.

#issue 2: After loading the magazine I counted how many bbs it would take and to my surprise, it was not 50. It holds 30bbs. I ran some tests with 0.2's , 0.36's and 0.40's just to make sure it wasn't an issue with the quality or weight of the bbs I was using.

Even thought I had some issues with this magazines, I do recommend it. It's made of a good dark clear plastic with enables you to see how many bbs you have left in the magazine,

Once modified, will fit nicely
Can see bbs inside

Doesn't fit out of the box
Have to modify the mags to fit
Does not fit 50 bbs
by Taylor S. on 11/03/2017
"First of all, I ordered 3 of these and none of them worked in my JG BAR 10 rifle without modification: either modify the gun to accept the mags as is or modify the mags to work with the gun. The magazines are too wide for the mag-well and the mag-catch in the rifle is too high, in relation to the notch in the front of the magazine, to click into the notch to hold it into the stock. I chose to modify the mags:

1. Separate the action from the stock
2. Slip the magazine into and out of the stock about 10 times
3. Use the lines that that appear on the sides of the magazine as a marker to grind down with a file so that it slides in and out easily (be sure to check fitment often)
4. Mate the action with the stock, but do not screw the 2 bolts back together
5. Check the fitment of the mag one more time
6. Grind the top lip of the notch in the magazine (on its front face) upward as uniformly as possible
7. Test fit often and file down a little more after the magazine goes in and clicks.

If you're not mechanically inclined, don't buy these for your JG BAR 10. If you don't feel comfortable modifying something from China to work in something from Taiwan, don't buy these for you JG BAR 10. If you're young and want to learn, have your dad show you how to do this.

Once modified, it's a snug fit
Mags will not fall out so they won't get lost in the game area
55 round capacity
Better quality than the mag that the BAR 10 came with

Doesn't fit out of the box
Have to modify the mags to fit
Plastic dust will get everywhere
You risk over grinding and it may not seat properly