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Model: GP-KWA-HK45
Location: U13-208 WO4-03

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by Roman D. on 2014-12-24 13:43:38
"This is an amazing pistol. It is full metal except for the outer barrel, you can power stroke it (pull the slide back while the slide is locked to load a bb into the chamber), it holds alot of bbs in the mag, very efficient(i can go through over 2 mag fils until the gas runs out, and i love the functioning decocker and saftey. All in all this is the best pistol i own and it has alot of kick, as well as the Heckler And Koch and Gambel trade marks all over the gun, even internally it has hk trades. Very accurate and easy to adjust the hop up. For the price its an amazing gun, in my opinion its the best gbb pistol out there. The only downside is that the slide can sometimes get a little bit stuck, so make sure to fully disasemble the gun which is very easy, just line up the square with the pin and slide the slide off, then pull the recoil spring out and the barrel, and you want to clean every inch of the gun with a q tip until there is no more black residude from the machines on your q tip, then oil everything that moves up with 100% silicone oil. also the decocker can be a little fidgety but not very often if at all. lastly, the only upgrade i did to this gun is replacing the barrel with a metal one from RA-tech.
by Stephan H. on 2014-12-07 19:56:32
"KWA makes excellent pistols, this is no exception.

I have had very few functional issues with this pistol. Gas efficiency is excellent, even in cold (40 degrees and below) the gun functions fine. Accuracy is great out of the box. I use .23g BBs with propane, and the effective range is comparable to some lower end AEGs. Despite the look, the gun feels great in the hand. While it is not recommended, I temporarily removed the orange tip (I can still pop it in the barrel, which I do when I transport and store it). It looks way better, and it fits in a Kydex holster for a real steel HK45. On the subject of looks, I think the finger rest extension on the magazine looks stupid because its a full frame pistol, but that's how the real gun is, so I cant really complain much.


Like other polymer frame pistols, the rear of the frame, between the trigger and the slide, is a weak point. The outer plastic tends to break off with heavy use. This was the same for their USPs. Not a big deal, since it doesnt effect function, and it can just be glued back on.

Magazines. The magazine that came with the gun (the only one I currently have) had some loading issues. The follower tends to get jammed, preventing the BBs from feeding up the magazine. This has been an issue when I pull my sidearm to get a close engagement kill, and it fails to load. I've tried cleaning the inside of the magazine, where the follower travels and the BBs sit. I dont want to file down the follower in fear that it may lose the ability to lock at the bottom. I hope this issue goes away with use.

Double action/ decocking is funky. Again, like a lot of airsoft pistols, decocking and double action are a little screwy. It is fine to shoot, decock, and use in double action. But, if you remove the magazine after decocking (or before), it needs to be re-cocked when the magazine is inserted. Not a big deal, just need to keep the magazine in the gun if you are going to carry it in condition 2 (round in the chamber, hammer down).

Front sight is also prone to sliding out, I glued mine in before I lost it.

The Pros:

The gun comes with a split style bucking, which is why KWA's pistols are so accurate out of the box. (Con: the HK45 hop-ups are semi-proprietary, there are no aftermarket companies making rubbers for them yet)

Super efficient. Close to 3 magazines of BBs on one fill (on a nice warm day, shooting at a calm pace). Also 28 rd mags.

Trades are quite nice. Laser engraved, so eventually they might wear off, but they look great.

Snappy blowback.

by Eugene Y. on 2014-08-01 01:19:24
"I'm a big Heckler&Koch fan, I have to say this is probably one of the best Hk airsoft replica. I carry this pistol as my sidearm to couple big games and countless pick-up games, so now I feel like It's time for me to do a overall review.

1. comfortable grip
2. mag holds 28+1 rounds. And also one gas fill will give you about 46-52 rounds.
4.Full HK trademarks
5.Can fit in P30 holsters, which is great for me.

1. It has a slide stop, not a slide release. So if you use it as a slide release it will damage the slide catch.
2.Mags are kinda expensive.
3.hop-up adjustment can be difficult on the field.
4.plastic outer barrel.
by andrew m. on 2014-05-30 22:02:48
"this is the best green gas pistol i have ever gotten. Has a great range (goes farther then my m4) It is great quality, its worth every cent, it is more money than other pistols but it will last so much longer with no problems at all. It looks way better than the picture
by Li X. on 2014-05-29 13:13:05
"Just took this KWA HK45 after got KWA USP MATCH two years later. Personally, HK45 is much better than USP series, not only the feeling, but also the performance. The hammer system seems get improved, safety and de-cocking operation feels better. And the recoil is also strong and hard.

Only two CONs, one is the white paint trademark slide and the other is the plastic outer barrel. But when upgrading them with CNC aluminum slide and steel outer barrel, it will be much more terrific and fantastic!
by Ryan S. on 2014-04-22 14:07:23
"I absolutely love this gun. I have owned it for about a year and I have to say this is my favorite gun, even tops my JG M4 any day. I recommend getting a KWA pistol to anyone, the price may be higher but you get a quality product, and it is cheaper than getting a Tokyo Marui which i feel you pay mainly for the name on it. This specific pistol has many advantages.

It is KWA
It feels great in the hand
It is accurate and the shoots good overall
Haven't had a problem yet with it
Looks really nice

Orange tip is flimsy and should not have a silencer on it
Magazines cost a lot, like all gas guns
Back straps are a pain
by Caedan A. on 2013-12-29 09:41:28

I was gonna get a kwa m9 but I wanted a tactical and those were pre order

Then I was going to get a usp but then I changed my mind and got this instead


Feels realistic

Looks awesome

Shoots great


Impossible to change the back strap

Sometimes the slide doesn't lock back
by Daniel S. on 2012-10-09 23:25:06
"This is by far the best GBB pistol on the market! i highly recommend it to anyone!
light weight
shoots great (i recommend .25 or .28)
crisp blow back
magazines feed well
great gas efficiency (one charge lasts about 2 mags on a 60 degree day)
very accurate
great range (has the range and accuracy of an M4)
Trademarks licensed from HK
very ergonomic grip, extremely comfortable to hold and shoot
easy disassemble and easy to clean

if you don't have it i feel bad for you son but i got 99 problems but the gun ain't one.

Overall this gun is the best handgun on the market by far, it out-ranges and out performs all other pistols. i love it.

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