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Condor VT MOLLE Ready Tornado Holster - Tan

4 Customer Reviews

by Ngoc T. on 03/27/2016
"Finally found a holster that can hold my Desert Eagle. I'm happy
by Scott D. on 08/10/2015
"Quick and dirty review - great for any pistol with a barrel under 7". Okay on to the real review. Wrap around design allows for under-barrel attachments without removing said attachments. Adjustable bottom retainer strip is adjustable, allowing for any type of pistol from a snub nose revolver all the way up to my 7" ACP 606. The top retainer is a two stage strap: one with a button clip and a wrap-around secondary velcro strap for added security. All in all this holster is a dream come true for people who have several sidearms and dont want to have several different holsters for each one. Just dont try to mount it horizontally, youll lose your gun

Wrap -Around design allows for all but the biggest guns
Dual retention straps for security
Up to 7" Barrel length compatibility
No need to remove LAM/Flashlights
Fits my Dan Wesson 6 inch Magnum and ACP 606

Quickdraw is NOT an option unless you practice
Vertical mounting only
by Noah H. on 05/20/2014
"I bought this holster so that I could keep my sidearm on my battle belt and it works great. I currently have a P226 and it fits great in the holster, I just had to adjust the holster so that it fit properly. This holster is great because you can use it with any kind of pistol, all you need to do is adjust it, unlike kydex holsters that are made only for specific pistols. This mounts great on molle and has great retention on the pistol. As for as quickdraws go, it isn't as great as an open-top kydex holster, but with some practice you can be just as fast. Overall, a great holster if you don't want to buy a separate hardshell holster for every one of your different pistols.

Universal holster
Retention strap over top of holster to retain sidearm when running and moving
Molly mounting is secure
Made from sturdy material

Only son is that this is not the ideal quickdraw holster, but with practice you will be fine
by Tommy E. on 01/30/2016
"Fantastic option for larger pistols, which was my main motivation of purchasing this holster. Fits up to full scale desert eagles, but also works with smaller models like 226s or M9s.

-Size adaptability

-Slower draw (although it is possible to only use the Hook and Loop retention to make faster transitions)
-Small problem with mounting, as the side that the pistol grip protrudes from overlaps about a half loop of MOLLE, so it makes it difficult to mount another pouch directly next to it