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Model: AEG-ICS-125

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by Sebastian Q. on 2014-03-04 19:42:58
"I've had this gun for about 7 months now and I really enjoy it. I originally bought it for ICS's split gearbox and durability. I've used it in 4 games, 2 being with all factory parts and 2 with a matrix magnum motor, Matrix 6.03 barrel 363mm, and an m120 spring. The gun shoots great with a 9.6v 2300mah battery and 11.1v lipo works well for me too. Iron sights are not all that great and I strongly recommend an optic . I wired mine to the external part of the rails to a PEQ battery box.

4 out of 5 stars because I did have to do some modifying to the rails on this gun by shaving/filing down the rails as they were to wide to fit standard fore grips and even now the fit is extremely tight. Takes a lot of force to put of or take off fixed mount rail accessories. Also not to big of a fan of the polymer rails. The split gearbox makes Upgrading a breeze.

All in all I like the gun and plan on doing more modifications soon.

Good solid ROF
Solid range FPS (before and after upgrades)
Durable internals
Decent weight
Easy upgrades
Spring tension release

Rails needed custom modifying
Front battery compartment is a little low on space
Flip up sights aren't all that great

Overall good gun and the few cons I wouldn't let make too big of an impact on your decision.
by Sebastian Q. on 2013-06-11 19:46:21
"Out of the Box:
Great gun but had some defects out of the box.It comes in Metal but the rails are ABS, Polymer type plastic witch was a bit disappointing, My bottom rail was a bit over sized and I had to shave the edges down to normal size to fit a grip. It took me an hour to get the rail shaven down to size. The dust cover is a bit small for the dust cover well and doesn't lock properly. when it does lock it takes little effort such as a touch to pop it open. The gun fires Far and fast out of the box. It shoots really far for a 199mm barrel CQB type gun. Everything is extremely Sturdy on this gun.

After Upgrades:
I upgraded the barrel to 363mm, added a Matrix Magnum Motor, and Change the Spring to an M120. I had lost the hop up spacer when changing the barrel and had to replace it with a small cut piece of the end of a pen since the spacer is not very secure but shot fine after replacing it. After One day war the motor and spring had worn down the piston being the stock piston is Poly Carbonate not metal teeth, now i must replace the piston because the teeth grind the gears now and it no longer fire. Easy fix though considering the Split Gearbox make it very easy and quick for upgrades. This thing runs through a 9.6 2000 and 1600 MAH battery like nothing so i definately suggest getting 2 to 3 of these batteries depending on how much you shoot.

Great Gun, Definitely recommend this gun to any Advanced or new players as for the split gearbox makes it easy for advanced players to upgrade and new players when the become more advanced they can upgrade. Preforms well out of the box with very high Rate Of Fire and shooting at 330 to 340fps perfect for CQB but the performance is almost as if it were at 380fps making it great for outdoors as well. Didn't expect the how it preformed and definitely pleasing.

- Shoots 330 fps but preforms at a 380 fps rate.
- Perfect for outdoors and indoors
- Easy to upgrade
- Compatible with 90% or M4 parts
- Durable
- Light for a metal gun
- ICS split gearbox
- Sturdy

- ABS, Polymer type rails
- Polymer Airnozzle and Piston
- Dust cover not a good size for the Dust cover Well
by Evan L. on 2013-01-07 14:25:23
"Great gun, it came shooting about 330fps out of the box and performed quite well. I upgraded the spring to a M110 and also added a longer precision inner barrel that I covered up with the zombie mock suppressor. After which it is now shooting around 390fps. Overall for the price you can't beat this gun. Full metal and ICS split gear-box is just an awesome combination. It says the recommended battery is a 9.6v nun-chuck which isn't true. I had to modify the battery compartment to fit a 9.6v nunchuck or crane stock battery, but that was very easy. Also, I got rid of the fuse and connections in the wire to covert it to dean's connectors which has worked flawlessly. I would recommend this gun to anyone, beginner or professional alike, because of it's accessibility and upgrade potential.
by Ramon L. on 2012-12-03 14:55:43
"This is an AWESOME gun: ICS internals, full metal M4, perfect barrel size for CQB and field. the polymer rail is great because it keeps the weight of the gun low and balanced. suggested addition to this gun is a grenade launcher, optics and the ICS custom handgrip. advanced optional upgrade is MOSFET if you want to go for higher RPS and a 6.03 tightbore for better groupings at 100ft. (use a different platform for sniping -- you will be a lot happier). total cost for all these upgrades is approx $150 (almost as much as the basic gun itself).

out of the box, I am shooting under 350fps -- so...perfect for CQB. because it is ICS mechbox, you can switch out to higher if you like, but because the barrel length is small, I would not go beyond 400 fps (385 to 395 with.25g is good). this is my fourth ICS M4 and I have extra mechboxes to accommodate different types of gameplay.

the cost of this gun is AMAZING for a high quality gun. this isn't just a starter package, it can definitely be a gun you can use for years. so..if you've never bought an airsoft gun or an airsoft M4 yet...this is a great deal for a great gun ($200 on 11/2012).

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