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Evike Custom Class I G&P M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle - RAS-II / Foliage Green (Package: Gun Only)

5 Customer Reviews

by Cory B. on 04/12/2013
"I own this exact same gun, I am in love with it. great build, Superior accuracy. My mechanic took it apart yesterday to slow it down for CQB, he was impressed by the internals. It shot around 380fps stock on a fresh battery. I added a red dot and i can hit anything about 100 feet every time....very impressed!
by Ryan W. on 04/12/2013
"G&P sure knows how to make high quality guns. I have this exact same gun, it's just the barrel is about 70mm longer, and let me tell you this thing OWNS. Forget what others say about a crappy hop up system and delicate cords, every bit of this gun is rock solid. Hop up works perfectly fine and doesn't need to be adjusted again after dialed in. FPS and RoF are insane and much better than my old CA AUG A2, which is kind of expected considering the price difference. This beast has plenty of rail space and the included foregrip is top notch. The sights are really good too and work just like the real thing. The battery compartment is of course meant for the G&P battery and a snug fit, but definitely pick it up, Deans plugs are worth it, they create resistance which leads to a higher RoF and battery longevity. My only complaint is the magwell is kind of wide which allows for plenty of compatibility, but causes some wobble with G&P mags though I'm sure a little painters tape inside will prevent movement. Anyone looking to one up your friends and have the money be sure to check this out, or any G&P for that matter, all extremely well made, high quality guns. Kudos to G&P.

-375 fps (appx.) out of the box
-High RoF with 9.6v battery
-Full metal except the stock, included rail covers, handgrip and foregrip (high quality ABS plastic) but is all very durable
-Tons of rail space
-Very accurate (can hit 3" hole every time from 60 feet away)
-Easy to maintain and upgrade
-Compatible with almost all aftermarket parts

-Heavy (I find it a good thing though, personal preferences I guess)
-Slight mag and foregrip wobble, but nothing to get upset over
by Sulejman U. on 04/12/2013
"All i have to say is .. This gun is Grade A+. This is definitely a professional level gun even right out of the box. Out of the box with stock everything it shoots a consistant 400 Fps / 20.4 Bps (9.6v 2300 MAh G&P Crane stock battery). I've also put in a 6.01 MM Tight bore Barrel and this thing shoots dead on for ~200 feet before curving up/down. After also putting in an R-Hop system ($25 total) i've been getting nearly 300 feet of dead accuracy before the bb curves, WHICH IS A LOT!!!

- Extremely nice externals (Really look legit, weight is perfect and the design is flawless)
- Orange Tip is removable (Only do this if it's allowed in your state!)
- G&P Sells a VERY nice Zombie Killer Mock Suppressor that fits this gun, 14mm positive
- Motor is a brute! M120 Long Type this thing rips
- Deans connections - I cannot stress how much deans are better than tamiya - Less resistance, More FPS, better connection!
- Gearbox Internals are Grade A. Gears come pre-shimmed (I guess thats what evike custom means! :P), AoE is dead on perfect, Grease is applied perfectly, M120 Spring inside of it as well. 100% metal (other than tappet plate)
- Metal Upper receiver
- Metal Externals
- Metal Stock Tube
- VERY sturdy ABS Plastic stock (Where your battery goes as well)
- Handgrip feels great!

- Doesn't come with a barrel cleaner
- No manual for disassembly (Although its nearly 100% the same as any other M4 so you can youtube it :P)
- Motor height is tricky to adjust (Simple screw on the bottom but the noise is nearly the same all around)
- WARNING: If you adjust your motor / move it and it grinds, it WILL bend the teeth (Fair warning)

Other than that, this gun is 100% Worth it. At $300 it's a brute!!
by michael a. on 12/05/2012
"This gun is the best. The internals are very reliable. The people at Evike really helped me out because I bought this gun right before moving to Italy and it broke but they replaced it ASAP and I got a new one for free and I still have it in Italy and it hasn't broken or jammed since. best gun and the people at Evike helped me out really well and made my day by replacing this gun before me going to italy. So i give this gun and the workers at Evike 5 stars
by Brennan B. on 04/12/2013
"WOW! I got this gun today, and picked it up and the first thing I noticed was the weight. It's metal, and pretty heavy. So far, i love it
epic rof
mags fit well
rail is comfortable to hold
epic rof (eats bbs)
dust cover does not work :(
no rear sight :(
0verall, 8/10
Buy it
do it