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Guarder Stainless Steel M9 Magazine Catch

1 Customer Review

by Michael R. on 07/22/2013
"Great Buy! If the mag casings are metal, it makes sense to use a metal mag catch (in my own opinion).

As cautioned, some modification may be needed, but DO NOT BEND this piece, it will fit with filing ONLY; NO Hammering!- Think of this as a precision piece of metal, you can make the tolerances as tight as you want them. Just a lot of test fitting, filing, sanding and rinsing. Tiny files (flat and triangular), 230 grit or finer sandpaper and a dremel will help.

**Hold onto the old mag catch (for comparison with fitment) and tiny spring (can reuse this in the new mag catch)

I tweaked the mag catch a bit too to help make the mag sliding silky smooth. I filed the inner edges of the catch (2 longest edges that face the mag) to a rounded, ramp like shape to prevent the mag from being held up on them. I also tapered the bottom of the "tooth" of the mag catch, leaving the top edge (mag grabbing edge) of the tooth alone. This allows the mag to be put in without pressing the mag catch button and WITHOUT damaging any part of the airsoft pistol. Now with the tapered "tooth", as the mag is installed, it gradually pushes the mag catch over and locks the mag in by itself. The mag holds in solid (since the TOP locking edge of the tooth is left alone) and can be released normally by pressing the mag release button.

NO more Slipping Mags!

-Stainless steel
-Retains original original mag catch function
-Retains mag catch spring
-Adds a little custom silver detail to the KJW m9

-some of these may require some modification (filing) to fit and work properly