Reviews: Modify Accurate Hopup Bucking for VSR10 / TM HICAPA / M1911A1 / SIG / G-Series Airsoft Guns


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Model: HB-GB-05-62

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by Tyler K. on 2015-01-17 11:49:03
"I bought this localy, and had an interesting experience with this little rubber.
Had a WE L85 gbb shooting 360fps, added this only and got to 450fps. Shot amazing but quite quickly about 300 shots or so in, the internal air seal ring started to rip. Think this part would be best on a gun that shoots as little as possible to help minimize wear, like a vsr or bolt action.

Also do NOT soak or put too much silicone oil on this it will absorb and expand to twice its size rendering the bucking unless you decide to invent 12mm airsoft guns.

Huge increase in FPS
Huge increase in efficiencey
More consistant
More accurate
Same color as my goat

Durrability is questionable
Not reccomended for high rate of fire guns
Fairly expensive
Absorbs silicone oil
I doubt its aircraft grade rubber.
by George S. on 2012-07-27 11:18:14
"This hopup bucking is much better than the stock bucking in my 1911. It substantially increased accuracy and range when paired with a 6.01 tbb. I would reccomend this to anyone with a 1911 who is looking for better accuracy and range.

Pros: Increases range+accuracy

Cons: None

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)