Reviews: Emerson FAST Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet (PJ Type / Advanced / Navy Seal)


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Model: HELM-5668C
Location: Q5-008 WO10-T06

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by Darren D. on 2014-02-14 00:43:16
"A teammate of mine got this helmet only in ATACs camo to match his uniform. So when I was looking for a FAST helmet to match mine I noticed that the ATACs one was out of stock. I was then going to get tan until last minute when I saw this (I don't know how I missed it originally). So I ordered it.

Originally I was a hater of FAST helmets and I always loved the look of the MICH/PASGT designs. But when I put this on, things changed. I have a MICH 2000 but I love this helmet better.

When it came today I got adjusted perfectly in under a minute (my MICH is still not setup properly). Another nice factor is the helmet dial which tightens or loosens to fit your head perfectly. I can unhook the straps and the helmet wont wobble at all. *I have heard that this is made for people with smaller heads. I have a friend with a big head that cannot fit into my MICH but can wear this, so i don't know if that is true*

The camo looks beautifully and gives it a nice touch as opposed to plain colored FAST helmets, so you don't have to worry about painting it or buying a helmet color. It also works well in conjunction with the ATACS camouflage, but I believe it would work well with Multicam, Tan, and Woodland also, (any camo with brown or tan really).

Overall this helmet looks good, fits good, and has the ability to accept cameras easier than other helmets.

The only Con I have with this helmet is that the buckles connect on the lower left cheek. I am a lefty shooter so the buckle prevents me from properly looking down the iron sights. However with the adjustment dial that I mentioned before, I can unhook the straps and not worry about the helmet falling off, thus canceling the problem.

Coming from someone who was skeptical of FAST helmets at first, I would definitely recommend this to someone interested in headgear.
by Max B. on 2013-09-09 14:41:11
"Just came in today (9/9/13), our of the box it was very easy to adjust to my head. It is very lightweight and very comfortable. I look forward to using it in the field. Thanks a lot Evike!

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)