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Model: BOA-2012-06

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by Scott P. on 2012-06-08 14:56:18
"This was my first BOA purchase from evike! I got the foliage green G&P M4!! This is a beast of a gun, it feels very solid, and fires like a boss!! I could not have been much happier with my purchase!! Thank you so much Evike, I love you guys!!!
by William F. on 2012-06-05 18:38:19
"OK, so this was my first BOA. And wow, what a deal. I got the G&P Foilage green M4, an extra mag, and an "As seen on" patch. And of course the ball, pen, knife, aquacloths, barrel cover, and bag of bb's that everyone seems to get. Thanks EVIKE! Can't wait for the next one to come out.
by Christopher T. on 2012-06-05 13:08:54
"I have been anxiously awaiting my Box of Super Awesomeness for nearly 2 weeks; after my shipping address was reset to my billing address. After having my old roommates send it to me through Fedex and having it arrive a day early I am fairly pleased with my box. I was hoping that I might get a WE Tech M14 but, I received the Matrix Aim Top M4A1. The lack of a battery is a little disappointing, but I will be selling this now and trying to inch my way closer to the M-14. Overall I am happy with the Box of Super Awesomeness.
by Andrew K. on 2012-06-02 17:54:19
"I was very excited for my BOA to come all week. Ive been iching for a KWA gun. Unfortunatly I didnt get one. I got a G&P AK47. Its crazy looking, and awesome. The only bad part about it. It has a dean connector for the battery, and it did not come with a dean battery or a connector for it. Otherwise I got it for a steal basicly. Thanks Evike ill be happy buying another BOA. This box is all about luck... and really cool includes promotions. (ps I got the as seen on evike tv patch... I love it...)
by Matthew S. on 2012-05-31 20:25:24
"Overall, I'm very happy with this BOA. G&P AK 47 (Contractor version looks awesome), extra Hi-Cap CYMA mag (Don't want to run out of ammo), Evike Barrel Condom (Always use protection boys), Systema anti-reversal latch (Because only THE BEST anti-reversal latch will do!), blue EVIKE M16 pen (for intimidating the co-workers who steal my lunch), and your usual pocket knife, aqua cloths and BBs.

But alas, no As Seen on Evike TV patch. COME ON..... How many BOAs do I have to buy to get one! Just one more? You promise? Fine, I had better get one if you do a 300k facebook BOA. (or at least give me some gas blow-back gun!)

Thanks Evike, your BOAs are like Christmas all throughout the year.
by Sean T. on 2012-05-30 12:50:06
"Not bad! Not bad at all, Evike! I was rather disappointed by the 280K BOA Packaged, But salvaged with this edition! My BOA Included a KWA KM4A1, Aqua Cloths (Already had a tube from the previous BOA, but No biggie more is no problem as they come in handy on the field.), 500 Count 0.20g BBs (Same here, But I'm not one to complain about getting more ammo. Praise Bob and Pass the ammo!), Small Orange Evike stress ball, Unfortunately another Evike Swiss Army Knife (It's cool, I can give it to a friend.), Red Barrel Condom and Lastly an M16 Pen. My ONLY Quarrel is NOT getting an 'As Seen on EvikeTV Patch' I want one to wear on the field and proudly let people know where I get my Equipment from!

All in all, I have no complaints, I'm highly satisfied with what I got and for that, This Episode of the Evike Box of Awesomeness gets 5 out of 5 Stars.

I still have to get a battery and charger though... The M4 Didn't come with one, But oh well That's what the discount flyers in the box are for!


Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)